The Griffin’s XII (2006 Special Edition)

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The Griffin’s XII (2006 Special Edition)

Wow! That’s what I have to say about this cigar from the Davidoff family. From construction to flavor to aroma, the 2006 Special Edition Griffin is an awesome stogie and is limited to only 7,000 boxes of 10 for $90.

Now I’m not sure on what kind of wrapper. I’d say Connecticut but other places I’ve seen say it’s an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper so if you have any info please correct me.

Video says it all and runs 8:51

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Review of The Griffin’s XII (2006 Special Edition) by Jerry from the


6 thoughts on “The Griffin’s XII (2006 Special Edition)

  1. Looks like an awesome cigar. I like Davidoffs, don’t like their prices much but I do like their cigars. I also smoke Private Stock and enjoy those too.

    How was the ending to that cigar Jerry? In the video you stopped at what looked like the half way mark, just curious to see if it changed again in the end.

    One last thing, I’ll be in Germantown Maryland after xmas and was wondering what’s a good place to pick up some smokes? I’m out in California so I rarely buy any smokes out here, mainly stick to the online retailers.

    Thanks man

  2. Devin it was a great cigar. Towards the end it changed back to the rich tobacco taste experienced in the beginning. So it ended like it started and the middle parts with the sweet caramel taste was amazing.

    As for places near Germantown I’d check out the following places that have locations near Germantown or in DC:

    Gaithersburg –
    Bethesda –
    Rockville/Bethesda/DC –
    DC –
    DC –

    Between Davidus, Bethesda Tobacco and Signature Cigars you will have a great time. Let me know the dates you will be in town and maybe I can treat you to a smoke.

  3. you are bang on with your “slow starter” comment regarding the perfecto shapes, I have the same experience, great review Jerry.

  4. Jerry, that’s very kind of you! Thanks for the offer man. I’m not positive quite yet, depends on the GF, but it looks like I’ll be in Maryland after Christmas and will be there till New Years. We’ll be visiting family and the Capital, it’ll be my first time there so I’m pretty excited!

    Thanks for listing all those stores, I’m looking to stock up before returning to the Socialist Republic of California.

  5. Nice review, Jerry. I have a soft spot for Griffin’s because it was one of my first regular smokes – it’s a fantastic mild cigar for new smokers, if a bit pricey. But that’s Davidoff for ya. Your description of this cigar is mouthwatering though, so I’ll have to give it a shot if I see it in the shops. Maybe after I get my tax refund! Thanks bro!

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