La Vieja Habana Cameroon

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La Vieja Habana Cameroon

LVH - Cameroon pre-light

I’m back again with another of the new La Vieja Habanas, a Rothschild Luxo Cameroon at 5 x 54. This was the last of the new wrappers I’ve sampled. I’m a big fan of the line and grabbed boxes of the originals the last couple of times that Famous put them on sale. With the word that the line would be re-introduced with new wrappers, bands, cellophane, and a higher MSRP I was worried that these might fall off of my value-smoke list.

Much to my satisfaction the price at my local B&M only went from $2.10 to $2.40. And while I’ve seen a pretty big fluctuation on the box prices online, they can still be had for a few dollars more per box than the originals. So not only are these still on my value-smoke list, I now have a choice of four different wrappers.

The Cameroon wrapper on this Rothschild Luxo was silky smooth with a single medium-sized vein running right down the middle. The cigar had a firm feel, with just the right amount of give when squeezed. The cap cut cleanly revealing a somewhat firm draw but well within the bounds of what I call acceptable.

The light is quick and easy and the first draw yields more smoke than I was expecting from the firm draw. Within a few puffs the draw opened up to match the volume of smoke that was being produced. The ash produced is much different looking than that left behind by the Connecticut Shade wrapped variety, being a much lighter gray and not quite as firm.
LVH - Cameroon first third

The flavor profile again is similar to the originals but the Cameroon wrapper adds just the slightest bit of throat-spice that I associate with a Cameroon wrapper, admittedly less than I expected but it is definitely there. The spice disappeared shortly into the first third yielding to the familiar LVH Fuma flavor profile which remained through most of the cigar.

Just after the transition into the last third the spicy Cameroon flavor returned with abandon, kicking up the spice feel in the back of my throat. The only burn problems I had were in this last third requiring one relight. After the purge and relight the next few draws had a pronounced salty flavor to them that faded out only to be replaced by the spice again.

I am still of the impression that the new LVH line gives a fantastic opportunity to see the difference each of the offered wrappers brings to a cigar. I find myself without the storage space for a box of each but I’ll definitely be keeping a handful of each around.

LVH - Cameroon ashtray


5 thoughts on “La Vieja Habana Cameroon

  1. Thanks for the link George, that’s not the best sale price they’ve had on them but still cheaper than you’ll find them anywhere else.

    Get ’em while they’re hot!

  2. Famous must really be trying to get rid of their remaining stock. They had a sale a couple days ago for 15.95 per box (via

    I agree with Brian, the current “One day only price” is a little high compared to what they have sold them for in the past.

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