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Casa Fuente

Its Vegas baby! Well I’m reminiscing about my trip to Las Vegas by smoking the house blend from Casa Fuente, aptly named, Casa Fuente.

This is the Corona Gorda size coming in at 5.75 in length with a 46 ring gauge all wrapped together in an oily Cameroon wrapper and its secret blend. I wanted to wear the spiffy Casa Fuente polo shirt the good folks (Thanks Casa Fuente) at Casa Fuente who were nice enough to donate to me but I just didn’t have time to go out and get a lighter colored background and the wife wouldn’t let me have access to the linen closet.

The best I can describe the Casa Fuente is by saying it’s a lighter version of an OpusX. Great natural tobacco flavors, very smooth smoke. I really love how attractive the cigar band is. I honestly think the Casa Fuente is worth the $18 price tag. You have to smoke one at Casa Fuente and then bring some home and relive the moment. It’s truly a unique cigar smoking experience.

Video runs around 13:30 and please disregard my few seconds of “loser” moments as I get down and do a duet with Harry Belafonte , show off my “white and nerdy” side and me talking about nicknames for my unborn child.

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16 thoughts on “Casa Fuente

  1. Jerry…you need to take your show on the road bro and you need to stop watching South Park…”hella smooth”. Whats next, “hella cool”?

    Sounds like you had a good time. I’ve never had an OpusX before so I really can’t relate to your review.

    Entertainment value is a 10/10 but your choice of cigar 05/10. What happened to the Jerry of The People? The Jerry who chose a cigar that every man could go down to their B&M and grab? I like when you pick cigars that don’t cost double digits.

  2. Vic beat me to it. I gotta agree with Vic. I loved the entertainment value of the review. Seeing you get down to “White & Nerdy” was definitely a good laugh.

    Like they say on American Idol (wife watches it), “bad song choice”. Bad cigar choice bro. I understand why you smoked it but bring back reviewing the “blue color” smokes like that RP Connecticut you did was the best review ever. I know I’m waiting on the CAO Itialia like the Canadians are.

    Great review…bad choice of cigar.

  3. Glad the review at least had some entertainment value. I understand your points. Its not like you guys can pick up a Casa Fuente at your local B&M and try.

    Looks like I need to rebound strong next week.

  4. Another great and entertaining review Jerry. I know you had your concerns with length and content- my thinking was why the heck not add some humor to these vids? If we wanted just info we could just read the reviews. In all seriousness, cigar smokers have a ton of resources to go to for information and the reason why I think SR and DWSC is so popular is because of the personalities.

    Keep up the great work to you, Walt, and *cough*”Brian”*cough*, I’m loving every video and review.

    -the ruse it up man, we all know “Brian” is an alias you made up to throw your wife off track so that you can buy, smoke, and review more cigars. Sorry man, had to call you out. I guess you can call me a Cigar-blocker. lol

  5. Great review and great cigar. I have smoked one a few months back and guess what…??….I got it from Cigarbid. You may not be able to get the Casa Fuente from a local B&M but you can get it online. Keep up the good work Jerry.

  6. Usually I refer to those cigars as Casa Vaseline because of their price but if it got you dancing like that then they must be worth the money! LOL… great review Jerry!

  7. Jerry I meant no disrespect on your review bro! If it wasn’t for you, my Blackberry Enterprise Server would be toast and I’d be unemployed.

    Here is my typical Friday. I check out and read what your review is on. At lunch I go out to my B&M and pick what you reviewed up. I get home and smoke the cigar while watching your review. Its like a ritual for me and I was just disappointed that I had to go to my B&M today and have no idea what to buy for tonight.

  8. Jerry, don’t forgetthat part of the money you spent on the Casa Fuente goes to their charity in the DR, or so I have been told. That should give us all a warm and fuzzy. Also a nice tax deduction if you smoke a few boxes a year ;-).
    Jerry, I’ll bet that Randy, Simon and Paula would give you a “You’re goin to Hollywood baby” gold ticket if you tried out or AI.
    Your almost a cult hero, dude………almost.
    Burn down a Partagas 150 for your next review and that will seal the deal.

  9. i enjoyed the review. i’m guilty of smoking/hording the pricier cigars and especially such a hard one to come by. i think most of the fun is finding those elusive sticks everyone else is smoking. i get a feeling of accomplishment if i score a few VSG’s or an Opus. which brings me to your question.

    my wife and i live in the upstate of south carolina and we often visit charleston which is on the coast. there is a little shop called the smoking lamp right off the main drag and around the corner from where we usually stay. they always have an unusually large selection of Padron’s, Davidoff’s, Fuente’s and Ashton’s. i always stop there after we have checked in to grab a hand full of sticks. i’ve found my fondest memories are capping the charleston nights off on the small balcony with an Ashton VSG. it’s kinda turned in to a tradition. the balcony has just 2 chairs, so my wife and i watch the busy streets and kick back with a fantastic stogie. the view is unbelievable, the old church tower in the background, hearing the horse-drawn carriage rides clodding thru, and just taking in the town. it all fits together.

    sorry i took up so much space, but for a southern boy like myself, “it don’t ‘git’ no better’n that!”

    thanks….BTW…Walt those Liberty’s are on the way!

  10. one more quick thing, i found the Ashton Estate Grown’s there this past week. the first place i’ve even seen them. they are the milder version of the VSG. they sound very similar to the Casa Fuente you just reviewed.

  11. Excellent review Jerry. Man, now I have to go and find one of those Fuente’s somewhere. Viva Las Vegas!!!


  12. Stephen,

    I’m not sure where you are from but Holts also has the ESGs… and probably for a lot less $$$s. I believe MSRP is $17.50 for the robusto extra and $18 for the Churchill… way too rich for my blood.

  13. thanks for the info. they are pricey. and probably slightly over priced. they are approaching the Opus ceiling and these aren’t quite that good. probably should be around $12 to $14. thanks again!

  14. The same size in the Opus is the Fuente Fuente… which carries an MSRP of $9.50… so the Casa is roughly double the price.

  15. Thanks for the review Jerry. I plan on being in Vegas next month and for sure I need to try one.

  16. Great review. I’m new to cigar smoking and still learning but this was a great smoke. I have a friend headed to Vegas under strict orders not to return without a some Casa Fuentes to age in my humidor.

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