Episode 4 – Your Questions, My Answers

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Episode 4 – Your Questions, My Answers

In this episode of Your Questions, My Answers, Jerry and Walt answer questions about butane fuel, make a correction from Episode 3, cigars with a bad draw, drinks they enjoy, how they decide on what cigars to buy, advice to beginners, along with many other questions including The Doc from StogieFresh.com stops by to answer a question about 70/70.

Be sure to listen to Episode 101 of The Dog Watch Social Club to find out who won the box of Tatuaje Series P.

Full Video (49:00)

Part 1 (27:00)

Part 2 (22:00)


5 thoughts on “Episode 4 – Your Questions, My Answers

  1. Great video!!!! You guys just keep getting better and better! I really appreciate the information on cigar humidity and I’ve got a few more questions but I’ll toss those into the contact form heh. Have to feed you guys cigar topics and since I’m such a nOOb, I’ve got loads of questions and observations.

    Oh, by the way, that davef loser was me from work 🙁 Ya, couldn’t remember my log in name and Brian’s comments were great on “strength”. Have to admit, still struggling with the whole body, strength thing. Have to smoke more I think and get more experience.

    Also, Walt linked a great response from the Doc to me on a reply earlier about cellophane. Of course, the answer came just as I’d tossed all the cellophane from my cigars but I’m storing new ones in with the cellophane on. Mostly since I’ve about 80 with no cellophane and I’ll smoke them first and let the ones with cello sit and preserve til I get around to them.


  2. What a weekend! Kicked it off with the Tatuaje Series P review, then moved to Episode 4 and just finished listening to Episode 101 of the DWSC. All of which were great! You guys really know your stuff and you can just hear how much passion and enjoyment the two of you have for cigars. The DWSC episode sounded like such a good time! You guys sound different though.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Just catching. Like Kirk its been one Stogie Review episode after another. I really thought I had the hookup for the Tatuaje box.

    Great episode…when you guys were talking about the draw tools, it would’ve been great to actually see what you guys were talking about and maybe a small demo. I enjoy every episode and you guys were too funny on the DWSC!

  4. In response to helping someone break into cigar smoking. I usually ask the person what kind of coffee they would order at Starbucks to get a feel of what there pallet is use to. For example if someone like a french roast coffee with no cream and sugar I would recommend a maduro cigar vs if someone would order a white chocolate raspberry carmel mocha I would go with something extremely mild. I love your videos…

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