Herfin’ Heads: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Muestra de Saka Nacatamale

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Herfin’ Heads: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Muestra de Saka Nacatamale

A lot of people have asked us when we were going to do another Herfin’ Heads cigar review video. The answer is today. The technical terrors have been tamed (knock on cedar coffin), and we have a joint video review of the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Muestra de Saka Nacatamale ready for viewing at your convenience.

We cover most of the pertinent information in the video below, but here’s the official word from the Dunbarton website, followed by the standard cigar stats, and then the main attraction:

Muestra is the humble, common word for “sample” in Nicaragua that takes on much more important, sometimes reverential meaning when used in a handmade cigar factory. A muestra is the vision of the ligador and torcedor realized, it is the promise of a new experience and possibly the key to financial success for the fabrica. Muestras are horded and coveted by not only their makers, but by the cigar smokers who seek to catch a glimpse into the cigarmaker’s soul within their smoke.

Muestra de Saka is just that. A line of unique blends and vitolas made in extremely limited quantities that reflect the blending machinations of myself. They include many different expressions and are often crafted of leaf I am less familiar with or not even a particular fan of to create something of worth beyond my own previous experiences. To smoke a Muestra de Saka is to embark upon a journey with me in which I greatly welcome your companionship.

All Muestra de Saka are packed in individual cedar coffins in a 7-ct box.

Cigar Stats:
Size: 6 x 48
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Source: Mix of samples and purchased cigars
Price: MSRP $15.95

If you have a cigar you’d like to recommend for a future episode of Herfin’ Heads, let us know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Herfin’ Heads: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Muestra de Saka Nacatamale

  1. Greetings gentlemen, great way to start out the new year. Glad to see your doing another video and happy you chose the Nacatamale. I ‘ve only smoked one and while I enjoyed it very much, I was challenged to identify the various flavors, so I was curious to hear your thoughts. It was nice to find out that it wasn’t so easy for you either. I think you were able to get to the flavors I was experiencing. Like Ben, I have never had sherry either so that might have helped.

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

      Sherry is an interesting drink and varies considerably in flavor. It also happens to be inexpensive, even for the higher end stuff. Worth giving a shot some time if you’re interested.

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