Indian Tabac Super Fuerte maduro

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Indian Tabac Super Fuerte maduro

Indian Tabac Super Fuerte maduro pre-light

This week’s Wednesday review is of the Indian Tabac Super Fuerte mini belicoso (5.5×52) with a maduro wrapper. Walt reviewed it last year and I’m taking my shot at it now. It had an attractive appearance with a dark and silky wrapper and a nice semi box-press. There was little give when squeezed, while still not being hard, with no soft spots to speak of and a very easy pre-light draw. This cigar was received in a sampler and had been in my humidor for several months. I’m not sure how old it was when it arrived but the cellophane was already starting to pick up a nice yellow tint.

The foot toasted quickly and began producing rich, dark flavors typical of a maduro, but not quite as full bodied as the Rocky Patel marketing had led me to believe this would be. It started on the mild side of medium bodied where I was expecting a rather full body based on the "Super Fuerte" labeling. The burn was not even but corrected itself with regular rotation and stayed close enough to need only the occasional touch-up.

Indian Tabac Super Fuerte maduro first third

The burn left behind a mottled, dark gray ash that was not too flaky and held firm for just over an inch and a half. Every draw produced lots of cool white smoke. The standing aroma was pleasant but not too strong and the body built a little at the half-way mark to a strong medium.

Indian Tabac Super Fuerte maduro second third

The burn didn’t get any worse, but it never kept a nice even line for more than a few minutes. It seemed to burn the best when being smoked at a fairly constant rate a little faster than once a minute. It managed not to heat up even when smoked faster than I normally prefer. The flavors were not very complex and no real change to speak of during the length of the smoke but were very pleasing to my palate all the way through. I never had a problem with it producing any harsh or bitter flavors which I have found in the higher priced Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 and 1992 lines.

Indian Tabac Super Fuerte maduro last third

Based on the appearance of the cellophane, I imagine that this cigar had been sitting for a while before making its way to me. The couple of extra months in my humidor certainly didn’t do any harm either. I’ve probably pulled this cigar out and replaced it back into my humidor a dozen times and now I wish I had smoked it earlier. Even if it required significant aging to get them to this point I think it would be worth it compared to the prices charged for the 1990 and 1992 lines.

Indian Tabac Super Fuerte maduro ashtray


7 thoughts on “Indian Tabac Super Fuerte maduro

  1. Hey Brian, what flavors did you pick up from this cigar, I have smoked 2 of these, and both times they were between at least 2 others, and stupidly I basically wasted them as my palate was fried by that point, so picking up any specific flavors was null and void for the most part.

  2. Not a whole lot of flavors as it wasn’t a real complex cigar, but the rich cocoa and roasted coffee-like flavors typical of a good maduro were present and enjoyable.

  3. Brian,

    I find your review right on for this cigar. This is a standard for me and always keep a few on hand. I find that CI almost always has some kind of special going on the Indian Tabac line so the price is generally reasonable. A good smoke to add to your rotation if you like the classic maduro flavors.
    And no, it is not really “fuerte”. More like medium body to my taste.
    I also agree that with you that the RP Vintage line is kind of hit or miss. I have found that the construction and flavor does not live up to the prices I’ve seen advertised for these sticks. Of course that is just my opinion.

  4. yeah, i just smoked one of these a couple days ago as well. it was quite nice, i did enjoy it, although i would say it was not the most complex smoke, not a whole lot of depth of flavours, but whatever flavours there were enjoyable. i too kept waiting for the super fuerte to kick in…but alas it never did. i’d say it was about medium body and strength imo.

  5. Extra Fuerte is definitely a bit of a misnomer with cigars like the Joya de Nicaragua Antano on the market. Overall an enjoyable cigar and very fairly priced in my opinion.

  6. Got a sweet deal on these on a daily special from CI. It was an impulse buy at less that two bucks a stick after shipping and PA tax. I have to say I am a huge Rocky Patel fan. I am enjoying my “quest” to search out his lesser expensive offerings to fit my budget. I am half way through this mini belicoso bundle and I have just “learned” to enjoy this cigar. I rushed the first few sticks which produced only bland bitterness. Last night I slowed down and searched for some complexity and found it! If you don’t rush this cigar, you will be pleased.

  7. I found the IT Super Fuerte maduro to be disappointing, especially compared to the natural wrapped robusto size. The natural actually has richer, fuller flavor than the maduro!

    Also, the draw on the maduro is a bit tight and the flavor is one-dimensional, with not much of a finish. The maduro is an OK cigar for smoking with friends or during some other activity. But if you want a lush, saisfying experience, go for the Indian Tabac Super Fuerte robusto. It beats the maduro version.

    I’ve smoked several of the robustos and you can see the various reviews at

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