Marylanders Debate Tobacco Tax Increase

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Marylanders Debate Tobacco Tax Increase

So a local story from here in MD…the video focuses on the additional $1 (making it a total of $2) tax per pack for cigerettes, the tax would also affect cigars too adding an additional 25% in taxes to cigars. The video points out that a tax increase will force people to quit smoking and save their life. But no one answers a tough question…who will make up the difference when people stop smoking or go outside the state for purchases? Its an easy answer, all my fellow Marylanders who are saying “why should I care? I don’t smoke” will have to make up the difference:

To our Gov.’s defense, he just trying to clean up the mess left by fiscal irresponsibility of previous administrations. I voted for him too but if my memory serves me correctly, he only addressed smoking bans during his campaign saying that they should be a County issue and not a State issue.


12 thoughts on “Marylanders Debate Tobacco Tax Increase

  1. “the mess left by fiscal irresponsibility of previous administrations”

    “Previous”? Seriously, you’re kidding right? Please, for the sake of reason, go here:
    Very simple, no reading required (it’s a graphic timeline of the US budget from 1960-present). The only fiscally responsible adminstration the US had was under Clinton, who actually balanced the budget.

  2. BobB – My comment was directed at the State of MD and has nothing to do with anything at the Federal level or with any President. I’m talking about The State of Maryland.

    The two previous Govenors of MD (first Paris Glendening a Democrat) screwed things up and then the next guy (Robert Erlich our first Republican Gov in over 60 years) couldn’t fix it and made things worse leaving our current Govenor (a Democrat) with trying to fix things.

    Not sure how you got anything about me talking about past or current Presidents.

  3. Yeah not sure how you got on the topic of presidents, but Bill was a great man and a great president! He had his share of cigar dipping too. LOL.

  4. One of the great difficulties Maryland faces in raising cigarette taxes is that, as a small state, with numerous states and D.C. on its borders, virtually every Marylander can drive to another state to buy cigarettes at lower prices with little inconvenience. Even now, my guess is that Maryland is among the top states in which cigarette smokers purchase their cigarettes out of state.

  5. So would this extra 25% cigar tax be along with the whole $3 SCHIP thing (assuming the President vetos it and Congress has the votes to override)? Or is this part of that? Sorry, so many taxes i and laws in the news I’m starting to get confused.

  6. Jerry I think you might want to follow your own rules and leave out the political commentary and just stick to the current topics of how the government is trying to screw us out of more money.

  7. I’m sorry but I don’t get why some of you are so sensative? What exactly did Jerry say that was “politcal commentary”?

    What does happen when the State can’t tax tobacco users anymore? Whose next is a legitimate questions.

    Jerry pointing out whose responsible for the budget shortfall in his state? How is that political commentary?

    Really guys…relax. Keep up the great work Jerry.

  8. Oh well…not sure exactly what I did or said to turn this into anything other than another tax increase for tobacco users.

    Since I know most of you don’t live in MD I thought giving you some background on why this tax is being proposed would help.

    Anyway, my apologies if my comments offended anyone’s political affliation. It was not my intention as most of you know, I stay clear of debating politics and religion.

  9. jesus , can they keep there hands out of our pockets?well, smoking is bad! no shit , but as a grown ass man i think if i want to smoke the dirty sons of bitches should at least grant me that right. VOTE Jerry & Walt in 08′!!

    Seacrest ..OUT!

  10. what I don’t get is… why does the government think it’s right to tax only one group… if the problem is budget shortfalls why not raise taxes for everyone… sales tax, income tax etc… I don’t get why smokers have to pay for it… oh well, I never really understand this crap anyway.

  11. I lived in Baltimore city for years and O’Malley left the city in shambles and talked the talk breaking promise after promise. He is actually one of those stereotypical sleazy politicians. There is so much slime in this guy’s closets it would take a cement truck full of bleach just to clean the first layer. I gave the guy a chance, but he really is a slimeball- and this isn’t a Republican/Democrat debate. He dooped the rest of Maryland into voting for him (just shows how un-educated the Maryland voters are) and he’s gonna stick it to us- just watch. I’m planning on moving out of this socialistic cesspool.

    Great site and reviews Jerry! (sorry for my rant!!) 🙂

  12. This tax increase in lucrative-people arent going to quit smoking their going to buy there cigarettes and not feed their children, or not be able to heat their house-its the children of smokers that your punishing

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