Bolivar Cofradia

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Bolivar Cofradia

Thanks to my buddy from up north, Jabba, for kicking my butt in gear and telling me to do a video. We all need that occassional reminder from our friends to get back to what pays the bills around here (well if we made any money that is). So I’m back with a video review of an old stand by of mine, the Bolivar Cofradia.

Now I mentioned the Bolivar Cofradia in my Stogie Voice episode on the Dominican Bolivar. The Bolivar Cofradia in this size, Cuban Corona, has been a long time favorite of mine. When I discovered the Tatuaje Series P in the Cuban Corona size, the size brought back good memories of the Bolivar Cofradia and at about $70 for a box of 25 you really can’t beat the value of this cigar.

I’m not sure how good (or bad) the video turns out. It was my first video recorded and produced on my new MacBook which I’m still getting use to so cut this switcher (the term used to describe a Windows user moving to a Mac) a little slack.

In the video I talk about cigars that I put in the Old Stand By category (cigars that have been around for 3 plus years) and cigars that I put in the New Stand By category (cigars that have been around for less than 2 years) leave a comment and let me know what cigars are in each category for you.

Have a great weekend and good luck to everyone this week in Stogie Bowl 2007. Long ashes…


6 thoughts on “Bolivar Cofradia

  1. Glad to have a new video from you Jerry. Get better lighting or get your camcorder up and moving again. Video quality was maybe a 6/10 when its normally a perfect 10.

    I don’t think I’ve been smoking long enough to have an Old Stand By list by your definition but some of my Go To Cigars are:

    Fuente 8-5-8 Maduro
    Partagas Black (Thanks To You)
    H.Upmann Vintage Cameroon

  2. Did you use iMovie to edit?

    You can use the MacBook screen for lighting. You want to have something open with a white background. I recommend opening text edit and making it full screen. This should shine some light on your face.

    Let me know if you need help.

  3. Vic – It was refresing to do a video. While The Stogie Voice is fun to do, nothing gets the blood pumping like a video.

    Justin – Since the MacBook was supposed to be for work purposes I’ve been focusing on getting the Mac to play nicely with our Windows network, Active Directory and Group Policy. So I haven’t had a lot of time to experiment yet. I just filmed everything thru iMovie but didn’t play around with transistions.

    YQMA #21 that Walt and I recorded last night will be my first full editing experiment so cross your fingers…

  4. Nice Jerry, thanks for that cool backyard review!

    My old standbys are…

    Padron Londres Natural
    RyJ Belvederes (Cuban)

    newer standbys…

    Don Pepin Black Label Perlas
    Any of the Cuban JLPs (these are like Tat P2, Cuban Sandwich style, short and medium filler)

    I hope you, the wife and JJ are all doing well, take care.

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