Episode 21 (Segment 1) – Your Questions, My Answers

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Episode 21 (Segment 1) – Your Questions, My Answers

One of the comments I received when I asked for feedback on how we could make The Stogie Review better was to offer YQMA in segmented clips so its easier for folks to pickup where they left off. That sounded reasonable like a reasonable request.

Walt and I are back for Episode 21 of Your Questions, My Answers. In the first segment of Episode 21, Walt and I discuss the following:

* The biggest issue(s) facing cigar smokers and the cigar industry (we came up with 3 but I bet most can guess 2 of them).
* How we find out about new cigar releases.
* Is the unviersal straight cut the best cut for all cigars?
* Do our best to provide flavor characteristics of certain wrappers.

Segment 1 is 22 minutes and some change…Segment 2 will be posted once I’ve finished editing, encoding and uploading it.


19 thoughts on “Episode 21 (Segment 1) – Your Questions, My Answers

  1. Hey Sean…could you elaborate more maybe either here or using the Stogie Review Contact form? What about the QT format don’t you like?

  2. its just one of those players i dont like , along with real player. both seem almost viral and not very user friendly. for whatever reason i can hear the audio, but the video doesnt show, and no amount of updating seems to fix it. maybe you guys could just keep the youtube pages updated for those of us with technical difficulties ?

  3. Funny thing about iMovie on my MacBook it allows me to auto upload to YouTube and takes care of making sure the file size if below YouTube’s 100MB upload limit.

    Until I can figure out why QT is giving folks problems (its not just you Sean) I’ll post the YouTube version. What good is better quality on blip.tv if not everyone can view it?

  4. Weren’t all of the blip.tv files up until your mac flash or wmv format?

    Can you publish the video out to wmv and upload it?
    I forgot just how bad the quality of You Tube was until seeing this clip.

  5. LOL…I keep forgetting the following we have on YouTube until I started publishing there again the past couple weeks and have gotten a lot of feedback.

    There is a plug-in/software that I can buy for iMovie that allows me to export to .wmv so thats what I’m doing now.

  6. Okay…I moved it back to the blip.tv version…the key is for me to wait until blip.tv finishes the flash conversion and then post the flash version and not link it to the source file (mv4).

  7. Great stuff, guys.

    The best production value of any episode ever! Finally, the audio is level between the dialog, the music and when switching between both of you.
    I’ve had no problem with either video or audio this time but I am on the Mac.

  8. david23 – I like he Vintage 1999 but I feel I get a better money deal smoking the RP Connecticut (from CI). The Vintage 1999 is a bit smoother but the base flavors are the same.

    Greg – The song is “Almost” by Bowling for Soup.

  9. I missed the distinction between a ‘torch’ flame and a ‘jet’ flame for lighting cigars. I have been using what is probably a jet flame for years, big culinary torches like Walt described that can even be used for soldering (and I’ve used them to solder joints on antenna wires). They’re especially effective on the golf course if you remember to shut them off before throwing them in the bin up front when you’re done with them (don’t ask!). I haven’t seen a problem with the results. One has to be careful, of course, but I still think total toasting with the lighter beats sucking all that hot air into the stick to start off the experience. It’s nice to start the cigar off cool.

  10. Man, I’m really behind the times!

    Speaking of the Dickman cut, I’ve never seen anybody use it on anything other than a torpedo. Recently I went to a Graycliff event in the area, and the rep there was smoking his torpedo with a Dickman cut. He told me he does it because it gives you more smoke, as you mentioned, but also it helps direct the smoke where you want it. (Tongue, roof of the mouth, or whatever.)

    Anyway, I’ve gotten in the habit of smoking my torpedos that way since. I find it’s particularly useful for ones with a really abrupt taper. And it kinda looks cool.

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