Special Session for MD House (Tobacco Tax)

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Special Session for MD House (Tobacco Tax)

A Special Session of The Maryland General Assembly has been called to discuss proposed tax increases including the proposed tobacco tax. This will add an additional $1, making the total tax on a pack of cigarettes to $2. The price to cigar smokers will be an additional 25%. And where does the money go? Health Insurance for kids…now I’m not against the idea of health care for kids but if its so important why not tax more than just tobacco? And still, lawmakers don’t address the question on who pays for the bill if this new tobacco tax doesn’t bring in the revenue needed?


2 thoughts on “Special Session for MD House (Tobacco Tax)

  1. That really ticks me off. Why not tax potato chips and other salty high fat snacks? How about soft drinks? Spread it out instead of attacking one demographic. What about fast food? I’m all for health care for needy children, but how about making it fair.

  2. All I can say is, hope the federal tax increase fails and buy over the internet. You’ll learn to love online cigar buying.

    Viva California taxes which send CA dollars to Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas.


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