Camacho Corojo

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Camacho Corojo

I originally planned to do a video review of this but its been raining the past few days here in MD, so I’m falling back to doing a episode of The Stogie Voice. In this episode of The Stogie Voice I bring you the Camacho Corojo 07/05.

My brother and I celebrating my 30th at my parents in Upper Marlboro MD

Camacho Corojo 07/05


13 thoughts on “Camacho Corojo

  1. Happy birthday Jerry…audio quality is much better than your first two Stogie Voice episodes. Must be the MacBook eh?

  2. Happy 30th Jerry!

    I agree, great quality on that voice review and great pic with your bro… that’s what cigars are all about, kicking back with great family and friends.

  3. Happy birthday Jerry! Its been a great year for you between getting promoted at work, having your baby and of course the success of the site. Keep up the great work man and for God’s sake…take a day off.

  4. Welcome to the 30s Jerry. Happy Birthday. As always another awesome review. Glad to see you celebrated with your family. After work try to kick back and relax with a nice stogie. Oh yeah, I think you forgot your catch phrase so I’ll say it to you. As always…long ashes.

  5. Gentlemen- I tried the Camacho Corojo on Halloween in South Beach. The party, beach, surf and sights were wonderful. The cigar sucked! Hard to light. Hard to keep lit and was too much work. I will be reviewing this smoke later this weekend.

  6. The Camacho Corojo is the best Corojo cigar out there. The reason the previous fellow gave for the trouble lighting it is nonsense. This is the most consistently constructed smoke I have ever had. The wrapper doesn’t burn even on any Corojo! Its a thick, and oily leaf if it is any good. Want an even burn smoke a Connecticut wrapped cigar…

  7. I miss you Jerry! I think this was your last review and while the site has carried on you are still the man! We don’t talk as much as we use to but I hope life is peaceful for you brother.

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