601 Blue (Guest Review)

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601 Blue (Guest Review)

I was browsing the Fan forum just the other day when a couple of reviews caught my eye. Solid is a regular poster on the Fan Forums and has commented here on the front page numerous times as well.

After reading his thoughts on a few cigars I thought those that do not visit the forums may enjoy them as well.

Posted by Solid:

EO 601 (Blue Label)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Length: 6 1/8″
Ring Gauge: 52
Price: 7.00

Every EO 601 I’ve had has been a very consistently good high quality cigar. Made by Don Pepin Garcia the cigar is semi boxed pressed with a very smooth dark wrapper. The cigar was firm to the touch, very well constructed cigar, and has a very easy draw. The tobacco is very peppery at first then smoothes out, once lit the cigar pumped out tons of bold thick smoke. The initial flavor was of spicy black pepper, charcoal and strong espresso, and a little of that Don Pepin flavor signature. The cigar had an excellent burn with no touch up required, after smoking past the first third, the flavor smoothed out even further but remained bold. The cigar produced a very strong ash and the burn just kept on going. Once I reached the halfway point of the cigar the flavor had a bitter undertone, but the cigar was still quite enjoyable (nothing that a Diet Coke can’t fix!) Once I reached the final third the flavor pretty much remained consistent with the predominant charcoal/espresso flavor. Overall a great cigar, which looks good, tastes good, and is not high maintenance. The cigar does taste very similar to the DPG Series JJ Maduro, and the San Cristobal, but the good thing is that it has the lowest price point of the three. I would also recommend trying the EO 601 Connecticut (Black Label) which is another great smoke. Cheers!

Posted by Solid:

Ashton VSG Robusto
Wrapper: Sungrown Ecuadorian Sumatra Wrapper
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Length: 5 ½”
Ring Gauge: 50

Here is my second attempt at a review. I was going to smoke the Gurkha Black Dragon Churchill, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to smoke this monster (7″ x 56), but I can always find time to smoke a robusto sized cigar! So in the morning I had a VSG robusto with my morning coffee, hey I needed that extra little kick that the VSG is known for. Therefore when I got home and settled down I was in the mood for another VSG so here it goes, Pre-light: the cigar is semi boxed press with a very dark somewhat “toothy” oily wrapper. The cigar was kind of spongy in some areas to the touch along with some veins, but overall it’s a very well constructed cigar. The cigar cut well with my Xikar cutter and had a very easy draw. The tobacco definitely had a peppery taste to it. Upon lighting it the cigar did take some effort to start, but once I had it going it pumped out tons of bold thick smoke. The initial flavor was that of spicy black pepper and charcoal with a bit of a floral taste mixed in and a slight dryness. The wrapper started to run on one side which was do to the cigar “tunneling” (see picture.) Once I past this point the burn some what tried to correct itself, but still remained a bit uneven. After smoking past the first two inches or first third, the charcoal and black pepper flavor smoothed out a bold herbal semi-floral taste. The cigar produced a very flaky ash and no touch up was ever required; this thing just kept on going. When I put the cigar down for a moment and walked away to grab a drink the distinct, and pleasing VSG aroma filled the air. Once I reached the halfway point of the cigar the flavor was smoother and much more “harmonious” though some dryness was still present, therefore I would recommend drinking coffee or a dark tea as an appropriate pairing, heck I even went for my usual libation Diet Coke! I guess the sweetness offered a pleasant twist to the flavor by helping offset the boldness of the cigar. The best way to describe it would be bitter dark chocolate, hazelnut and cinnamon with earthy flavors coming through. Once I reached the final third the flavor pretty much remained consistent with the predominant herbal/floralesque bold flavor. The Ashton VSG robusto may not be everyone’s cup of tea especially if you’re used to mild cigars, so mild cigar smokers beware! This cigar just simply pumps out bold flavors and doesn’t stop; with some strength definitely being present but not overpowering while remaining cool all the way through until of course you reach the nub. I would definitely recommend this cigar after a hearty dinner or for that extra kick in the morning with a strong coffee or tea. OK now I’m tired! Until next time Adios!

Ashton VSG - 1

Ashton VSG - 2

Ashton VSG - 3

Ashton VSG - 4

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3 thoughts on “601 Blue (Guest Review)

  1. Good reviews Solid.

    I think ace has some good reviews over there too, especially for the Edge Sumatra that would be great for a larger audience. 🙂

  2. Hey Solid, you finally made the front page! Well done sir. You’ve never steered me wrong when it comes to recommending a cigar or with any that you have sent me. Keep the reviews coming bro!

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