Smokin’ Headlines: Nub Cigars

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Smokin’ Headlines: Nub Cigars

One of the biggest news items I’ve come across in the past weeks is the announcement of a brand new line of premium cigars named “Nub”. The new offering is the result of a partnership between Sam Leccia, recently a cigar representative for Oliva Cigars, and his fomer employer, Oliva Cigars.

In the official announcement on CigarLive forum (join it), Sam explains why he picked the name “Nub” for the new line:

[Why] NUB, you’re asking? Well not only is NUB an obvious industry term for a cigar you smoked to the end… but the definition of the word NUB is: The essence; the core; the best part. And this cigar is every word of that.

In a quick email exchange, Sam further told me: “Trust me the cigar I am making is NOTHING like ANYTHING you’ve ever seen or smoked… it is an innovative concept…” and explained that his cigars would be made purely from the “fillet mignon” of the tobacco leaf.

Additional details at this point are a bit scarce, but the new cigars may be available in a B&M near you sometime toward the end of the year. And rest assured, Walt and I will bring you a proper review of the new Nub cigar, just as soon as we can talk Sam out of a couple! In the meantime, plans for a brand new forum dedicated to the Nub brand will be opening up soon at

I don’t mind telling you that I’ve very excited about this new release. Sam has the passion for the leaf that isn’t often seen outside the families that bring us the fine hand-rolled cigars we enjoy so much. And with 100% backing of the brilliant minds that brought us the award winning Oliva Serie V (as well as the El Cobre I’m currently enjoying) I don’t see how this new offering can be anything other than a fantastic, runaway success!

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12 thoughts on “Smokin’ Headlines: Nub Cigars

  1. This certainly sounds interesting. Thanks for posting this here- my CigarLive account hasn’t been activated yet.

    I will be anxiously waiting for a review of these once they hit the market. Hopefully they make it here in Wisconsin.

    Long Ashes-M.J.

  2. M.J.,
    I don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling you might see a pre release review pop up here on Stogie Review.

    Having spoke with Sam a handful of times and being a friend of a friend, I am very excited about what I have heard so far (and it hasn’t been much more than this article entails). Knowing of Sam’s passion, I think his line is going to hit the market in a big way.

  3. I’m definately interested in trying these. I look forward to smoking one, and seeing Walt/Brian’s review. Yet another cigar to add to my list.

  4. I got to chat with Sam tonight along with a few of the members of CigarLive. Sam has quite a cigar on his hands, if it’s anything like he explained. I will let Sam and talk more about it. All I can say is, I can’t wait for the launch – it’s gonna be a great one!


  5. As Walt said, I’m hoping we can talk him out of a few pre-release smokes to give a proper review. My understanding is that a few very, very early pre-release sticks have been seen in the wild already. But at this stage, I think the intent for those is more for feedback on the aspects of the smoke than a review. I could be wrong though, I’m going on rumor here.

    Do tell! I’d love to know more details if there are any to know at this point!

  6. Quick update, according to information on now live forum, the official launch of this cigar begins in April. (A lot sooner than I expected!) Sam will embark on a 50 event tour to introduce the new line.

  7. The logo Leccia ultimately decided on is interesting, I think, because of the brand message and Oliva’s reputation. Oliva has some high-end offerings, and with the “smoke a cigar to the nub” message, I’m not sure if the red, white and blue logo they chose is sophisticated enough.

    Any word on the Nub’s different offerings?

  8. I tried NUBs yesterday in both Cam and Conn and I do have to say they are excellent. The compare favorably with the Serie V that I love and I have ordered a couple boxes to add to my humi.

    I strongly recommend you try them.

  9. Well I tried the Cam yesterday. I wasn’t impressed with the construction, before I had smoked half an inch the wrapper had split and fallen apart. I’m going to try the Conn that I bought tonight. Hopefully it will hold together better.

  10. I had a chance to try one of the new Nub cigars last night, not sure which Conn or Cam, however, it was outstanding! Started out with good full bodied smoke and spice, but really took off in the last third. This is really a powerhouse at the final! Very similar to some really good Cubans I have smoked. Vanilla flavors and POWER! My head was actually spinning and this was after a full meal. I haven’t had that reaction since I smoked the original LaGloria Cubanas Torpedoes. I highly recommend this cigar.

  11. Roger,
    I had a similar experience with some Nubs I had early on. Particularly the Cameroon. However, I’ve had a few more recenly, and they were great smokes. It’s possible you got a cigar from one of the “rushed” (quoting an unnamed source here) early batch.

    Joseph Wahl,
    It sounds like you had the Cameroon, if you got sweetness and spice with a bit of power. In terms of power, I’m told the cigars go Connecticut, Cameroon, Habano, weakest to strongest. However, I didn’t notice much difference myself, strength-wise, but I think I like the Cameroon best in general.

  12. NUB HABANO IS ONE OF THE BEST CIGARS NOW ON THE Market,try a few and enjoy a good hour + of great smoking pleasure. they will make up my asenal for now on, joe roe malone ny

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