Camacho Liberty 2007 (Guest Review)

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Camacho Liberty 2007 (Guest Review)

Once again, Tom and Ed provide us with an informative and entertaining video review. This time they smoke the Camacho Liberty 2007.

As always, they put on a great review and I’m looking forward to the next one. Take a look at what Tom and Ed thought of the Limited edition Camacho cigar.

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9 thoughts on “Camacho Liberty 2007 (Guest Review)

  1. Great review gentlemen and good discussion on smoking in a cigar shop. I always kind of wondered about that heh. Many shops they are humidors as well as shops or even if they have a humidor, they often keep some cigars out on the shop behind the counter.

    I do notice that some have filtration systems particularily here in California so perhaps it’s less of an issue but I’m sure it’s still somewhat a problem.

    I smoked recently inside of a shop here in Sacramento at the Tower Cigars shop ( but they have a large humidor on one wall so probably not an issue for them.

    By the way, if your looking for those hard to get cigars and have plenty of spare cash floating around, you can see what we in CA have to pay LOL. However, for a CA store, their prices are extermely hard to beat.


  2. I want to clarify a bit on what Phil said in Episode 1 of Las VegASH TV. He means that if your cigar is lit and you walk into the humidor, he is not going to yell at you to leave the humidor. He does see a big deal with it. Now if he had 20 people smoking in there, I think it might be an issue. Most people just take a few puffs from their cigars if they are in the humidor anyways. I know I try not to take a puff unless I have to.

    Great review gentlemen! Keep it up.

  3. Justin-Glad you enjoyed the review. Thanks for the clarification. I took his explanation as if he didn’t mind at all under any circumstances. It sounds like his policy is similar to Ed’s. You won’t get kicked out for walking in with a smoke, but if too many light up inside the humidor/store that’s a different story. Either way, it boils down to the owner’s preference, and it makes for a good debate. BTW looking forward to Episode 2 of LasVegASH TV. I’ll add a correction in our next vid. to set the record straight.

    Dave – Glad you enjoyed the review. I think the general consensus is no excessive smoking around naked cigars. In moderation it probably doesn’t hurt them at all. A lot of smoking bars/lounges generally have a closed off humidor.

    My only problem with the Liberty is the price. But for a special occasion smoke, it is great. I think it holds up to other high dollar smokes and out does more expensive ones (like the Opus X). I’m still on the fence about the pre-embargo cuban tobacco. It just seems strange that this tobacco was simply lost, and then found 40 years later.

  4. Good stuff guys! Now you got me wanting to dig out one of those liberties I have have sitting in the bottom of my humidor.

    How do you think the ’07 compares to previous years?

  5. I smoked the Liberty 2007 tonight at a Camacho event. Everything Tom and Ed said was true. A smotth, consistent cigar. A real treat to smoke. Is it worth the $15.00 I spent on it?????? Yeah I think it is. A special occasion smoke but I find myself now wanting to make up an occasion. I don’t know about Pre-embargo but definitly cuban inside very smooth with strength. This one will not disappoint

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