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Kristoff Maduro Torpedo

The Kristoff is a cigar I’ve had list of smokes to try for quite a while now. I first heard about them on a Dog Watch Cigar Radio episode sometime last year. Dale and Bob spoke so glowingly of them, I knew I just had to give them a shot. But then, as is often the case, my plan to track them down got lost the events and cigar reviews of the week. Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago. I heard that an online retail was running a deal on Kristoffs. Oh yeah, I remember those, I thought. I was looking for something new and interesting to review, so I picked up a fiver.

I haven’t been able to find too much information about these cigars. What I do know is that they’re made in the Dominican Republic by Exclusive Cigars (try putting that in a search engine!), and that the maduro debuted in 2007. Reportedly there is a Kristoff with a dark Nicaraguan wrapper out there, but I’ve never seen it.

So was it worth the wait and anticipation? The only way to answer that is with a review. Let’s check it out.

Cigar Stats:
Size: 6 1/8 x 52
Wrapper: Brazil
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Smoking Time: 2 1/4 hours
Beverage: Water
Price: ~$6.20

The shaggy foot

The Pre-Smoke
The Kristoff torpedo is a pretty unusual looking cigar. It’s dark, oily wrapper comes to a sharp point at the end, and ends in a shaggy bit of tobacco at the foot. Instead of ringing this dark cigar with a flashy gold and silver band, the manufacturer instead opted for a pair of rustic, almost leathery looking, light brown bands. As is my habit, I always take a quicker look at the band to see if there’s any interesting quirks or mysterious symbols in the art work. I noticed on closer inspection that the band actually has a texture, almost like scales.

As I mentioned, the wrapper is nicely dark and oily, and I found no surface imperfections. The cigar’s feel varied in the three I smoked for this review. For the most part the cigars were fairly smooth, with a few larger veins. One cigar seemed to be a bit more veiny than the others, and another seemed to have a bit of a soft spot.

The scent of the wrapper was an interesting combination of sweat, chocolate and compost. Since it’s been a while since I hit the gym (so much for resolutions, huh), I’m pretty sure the sweaty smell wasn’t me! Only one of the cigars had enough of a draw when initially clipped to get a read on the cold taste. I tasted molasses.

The Burn
In stark contrast with last week’s controversial Don Lino Africa review, this cigar had a beautiful, but slow burn. The ash was solid, light, and very attractive. Ashes in excess of an inch were the name of the game. My only complaint with the burn is that the draw was too firm in the last cigar I smoked. The nearly plugged draw did cause that cigar to suffer in the flavor department, but fortunately it opened up in time for me to smoke the second half of the cigar comfortably.

Admit it, you’re jealous of my ash

The Flavor
The first third of this cigar is enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. It began with a rich sweet chocolate flavor and very quickly joined by caramel and a bit of coffee. As it moves into the second third, it becomes creamier and earthier. In the second third, I got pronounced tart citrus. In two of the cigars, this flavor was a bit much, but before very long it became smoother and sweeter again. By the time I smoked into the final third, I started to get a very interesting and enjoyable toasted coconut flavor. There was also a good deal of creaminess, earth and some leather as took the cigar down to the nub.

The Price
The price for these cigars seems to vary quite a bit. In a quick survey of the net, I saw stories of people paying eight or even ten dollars for this cigar. Ten bucks seems a little high for this cigar, but six to eight dollar range doesn’t seem too bad. It’s not a budget smoke, but it’s not going to kill your wallet either.

The Verdict
I really enjoyed this cigar. I liked the burn, and found the flavors to be very enjoyable. I also really liked the way this cigar seems to really encourage you to take your time. I have heard some say they found this cigar to be a little bitter or harsh, but I never had that problem, if you eliminate the nearly plugged stick. Though, I think I could see how this cigar may be a bit rough it you try to hurry it along.

Liked It: Yes
Buy It Again: Yes
Recommend It: Yes

Tower of Burn
Here for your viewing pleasure is my trademark Tower of Burn.

enjoying cigars since 1997

24 thoughts on “Kristoff Maduro Torpedo

  1. Joe(capnpff),
    Fuller’s Pullers was running a special for a week or two on all Kristoff fivers.I think it’s done now, but if you listen to the Dog Watch show, I think they might have a discount code. (I don’t remember what it is, and if they do, I forgot to use it!)

    Why thank you, so good of you to notice!

  2. Thanks for the review. I love that tower of burn idea. I hope you don’t mind- I’m going to steal that idea 🙂

  3. Thanks Troy,
    I don’t mind, but unfortunately the Stogie Review legal staff does! (Walt, are you the “legal staff” or is that me?) We can arrange for very affordable licensing of the Tower of Burn! LOL

    Glad you enjoyed the review!

  4. Hey guys i have been smoking cigars for about year. But anyway i was just wondering whats a good maduro that isnt a spice bomb? Im a big fan of medium bodied and even some full bodied cigars but heavy spice is just not a flavor i enjoy in a cigar. I have tended to avoid maduros for this very reason. So what is a good cigar that can give me that traditional maduro flavor without the heavy spice?

  5. This is presently my favorite cigar. “Presently” is the key word because I’ve smoked a few Cuvees and I really love those. All in all, a fantastic cigar! Love it!!!! Our local cigar shop can’t keep the sticks in stock.

  6. From what I’ve seen my local shop has trouble keeping these on the shelf as well. I tried this cigar for the first time and was very impressed with every aspect of this stick except the draw. It is a beautiful cigar, and burned very evenly but I dont think i’ll have a final verdict until I have another with better draw. Not much smoke or flavor came out this time.

  7. Gents, and a few Ladies perhaps, I just enjoyed my first Kristoff and I can’t imagine desiring another brand for a while. I had the Maduro Ligero Churchill. Let me tell you, it is pure bliss (and as a grown man, I never use that word). The pigtail is quite entertaining until it is cutoff, but then the voyage into supreme cigar smoking pleasure begins. The warm-easy-suptle smoke was divine! The burn was slow and delicious. The Maduro Ligero cannot be rushed. And may I recommend a creamy cup of coffee or better yet, sip on a coffee flavored liquer such as Kahlua.

  8. Smoking one now and thought I would look to see what others thought of it. My ash looks exactly like your photo in a slight breeze. I lov e a maduro and always stop by local shops to see what they sugest I got this one in Houston at the Cigar Emporium on Shepherd. It’s in my opinion idealy flavorful and a smooth relaxing burn I will try this one again for sure.

  9. I’m a bit of new smoker and am currently smoking this cigar now. And I must admit a little disapointment. It has a nice slow burn, needs a little more draw than I like but it was much milder that I was hoping. I was hoping for. But if you want a mile smoke, this is better than the Cusano Cuvee I had last Saturday. BTW McCoy in downtown Houston carries theseif you cannot find them..

  10. This cigar does have a nice complexity. I like the dark fruitiness with the coffee-cocoa flavor. The Brazilian maduro wrapper brings that nice sultry sweetness to play and then the fullness of the ligero tobaccos used adds that nice complexity. This cigar always burns perfectly for me too.

  11. Great review of a great cigar. On my way to a stag I wanted a cigar and picked this one. Now I crave them all the time and try other maduro’s as well. You are right on the price variance. The first 3 I bought were $12 at the local specialty store. I stopped by a general tobacco store and found the same one for $8. And got better customer service.

  12. The Kristoff Ligero Maduro is my #1 Favorite cigar. Its one of those cigars that is so smooth and creamy that I enjoy a slow exhale and burying my face in the smoke.

    Much to the displeasure of my kids when I kiss them goodnight….too bad… (for them). ; )

  13. I enjoyed on of those this past Halloween. I was a fantastic smoke. I think I picked it up in a Famous Smoke six pack. I’d definitely pick this one up again!!!

  14. I’m smoking this cigar at the moment. Discovered it by random chance at Spec’s Liquor in Katy, Texas several months ago.

    This, and the green label 601’s have become my favorites (although, admittedly I’m new to cigars, so take my recommendations cautiously).

  15. Freakin A-1 Awesome Cigar!!!! If you are a Maduro guy, this is the cigar for you. This is the most complex and complete cigar, flavor wise, that I’ve smoked in the last 15+ years. My only complaint is that I haven’t found these puppies until now.

  16. Discovered one of the churchills hidden in the corner at my favorite walk-in humi.. The earthy aroma drew me in for a test purchase. Strictly a maduro smoker 99% of the time, this is only the second stick ever that had the honor of burning my fingers as I was finishing its last inch. Definitly a steady, unrushed experience of almost 2.5 hours with easy draw and plentiful flavor from end to end. Burned evenly and patiently. I’ve selected 5 more churchills to season in my humi and am looking forward to the next one, perhaps tomorrow! Paid just under $10 a stick which I am rarely willing to spend on any cigar. I highly recommend to any smoker who finds savory memories of childhood pastures and fields appealing.

  17. One of my customers kept picking up Kristoffs for me. The
    second she’d enter the smoke shop an associate would steer her over
    to the Kristoff section. Why? The stinkers weren’t selling and he
    knew that most women wouldn’t know a maduro from a mudbath.
    Eventually I had to drop by the shop. I said, “Look, the next time
    this lady comes in the store, steer her over to the Patels. I’m
    sick of winding with your unsaleable merchandise.”

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