Smokin’ Headlines: Help A Brother Out

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Smokin’ Headlines: Help A Brother Out

It seems our very own Walt wasn’t content with the stash of pre-release NUb cigars he wrestled away from a local cigar rep. Word has it, it was quite the scene. The good news is that the rep was released from the hospital the same day, and will be walking just fine in a day or two.

So when Sam Leccia, the man with the plan behind the new NUb line of cigars set up a contest to win some more NUbs and a custom lid, Walt was all over it. To win, contestants had to create a video explaining why they should should get such coveted pre-release cigars. Walt “The Blender” as he is known by some (well, just me for now), attacked this task with the same subtle, old time Sicilian-esque charm he used on his his area cigar rep. Check it out:

Why do bring this up? Well first of all because it’s funny as hell. Secondly, because “Mubsy” has told me that if he doesn’t win this contest, he’ll help me remodel my smoking room (a.k.a “The Manastery”). He mentioned that he’s as good at interior design as he is at blending cigars.

So won’t you please help a brother out? Save the Manastery, and vote for Walt’s video! (Oh yeah, you gotta register first. Trust me, you’ll want to so you can keep up to date on this new cigar phenomenon!)

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9 thoughts on “Smokin’ Headlines: Help A Brother Out

  1. Walt, you are a genius. You should put more of this stuff in your YQMA episodes, lol. I am voting for you. Oh yeah, I was just wondering what those unbanded cigars were that fell victim to the boltcutters.

  2. Walt your video was hysterical, but my vote went to Sergio.

    P.S I love that cutter, I have to get me one of those.

  3. Chris & Fishbound
    I think I picked the cutters up on sale at Lowes for about $10.00. They are no Xikar or Palio, but they get the job done… lol

    The unbanded smokes were something I got about a year ago on sale at one of the large online sties. They are just no named cheap smokes that I should have know better than to buy at $13.00 or so per bundle.

  4. This is great! LOL!

    Walt, you should market the Mub, I’m sure many of us can donate our “dog rockets” to the cause and all be stock holders…yikes!

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