Smokin’ Headlines

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Smokin’ Headlines

It’s time for another round up of the latest, breaking news from around the cigar world. And this time, we’re doing it National Enquirer style: Don’t ask for sources, and don’t scrutinize our shocking photographs, they’re all true, we swear!

Walt in hospital after an evening of extreme nubbing!
As we all know, Walt White is famous for smoking almost every bit of a cigar (and usually the tooth pick he’s holding it with too). Well in a recent admission of compulsive nubbing, Walt admits to defying the laws of science and nature in an attempt to smoke a Partagas Serie D No. 4 down to the cap.

Mr. White is currently being treated for 3rd degree burns in an area hospital. It is expected that he will make a full recovery, but doctors tell him he may never be able to grow a goatee again.

Jerry to return to the Stogie Review?
In recent weeks there has been a lot of chatter on the ham radio frequencies. But we don’t really care about ham radio nerds, because we’re cigar nerds. Anyway, the word on Peachtree Street here in Atlanta is that Jerry may be making a guest appearance on the website he helped found.

One man, who we woke up for questioning by knocking on his cardboard box said “Jerry and I go way back. Way back. To ‘Nam, man, ‘NAM!” When asked if he thinks Jerry will once again grace the new pages of the Stogie Review, he replied “Oh yeah man. You know it! And when he’s president, Elvis will come back out of hiding. Hey, can you spare any change?”

Brazil Cigars Sued By Dona Flor Manufacturer
In the possibly only real news item of the day, I have it on good word that Brazil Cigars, the distributor of Dona Flor, Alonso Menendez and other Brazillian-made cigars is being sued by the manufacturer of those cigars for contractual reasons. According to a letter written in broken English that arrived at local cigar shop via registered mail, future purchases of Dona Flor cigars will need to be made directly with the manufacturer.

What this means for Dona Flor fans is not clear at this point. But here’s another interesting tidbit: It costs 9.60 Brazilian Real (or $5.71 USD) in postage to send registered mail from Brazil.

Walt White, Stogie Review master craftsman, makes cigar rolling tables for Sam Leccia of NUb cigars.
In news that I picked up from a source who likes to be paid in bottles of Jack Daniels, Sam Leccia will be rolling cigars at NUb launch events on the tables that Walt built. The word is that these tables, which Walt made by hand with nothing more than a butter knife and sand paper, break down into three parts for easy transit from one event to another.

Walt’s cigar rolling masterpiece

Calls made to Walt and Sam to verify this information weren’t actually made.

Arganese cigars coming to Georgia?
In news that’s possibly only important to me, and a handful of Stogie Review readers from Georgia, the rumors have been circling that Arganese cigars will finally be infiltrating the peach state. The word on the street is that well known shops in Buckhead and Alpharetta are in a dead heat to see who cracks open a box of Maduros first.

Charlotte, Brian’s bringing the goods.
And in related Arganese news, Brian will be bringing four boxes of Arganese smokes generously donated by Gene Arganese to the March 16th herf at Charlie’s Tobacco Outlet. The really big news about this herf is that Sam Leccia of the new Oliva-supported NUb cigars will be there. And rumor has it, he may be rolling cigars on a table made for him by our own, slightly singed, Walt White. If you’re reading this in time to make the trip, drop by, say hi, try an Arganese cigar, and see Sam roll some NUbs!

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9 thoughts on “Smokin’ Headlines

  1. Wow this weeks Smokin Headlines really caught my attention…

    The Serie D is a VERY nice smoke. Perhaps my favorite of ‘those’ types of cigars. I’ve almost had injury smoking them as well.

    Jerry returning to SR? I’ve heard these rumblings too. I hope it’s true!

    I love Dona Flor cigars. I hope this news isn’t true. I’ll have to look in to it.

    That is a very nice rolling table. It is similar to one I saw last night at a Felipe Gregorio event, although Walt’s is nicer (or at least newer).

  2. I need to sign up for Twitter…I have a feeling thats where all these Jerry rumors are happening…I hope they are true.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys!

    You definitely should sign up for twitter. There’s a lot going on on it these days.

    Jon W.,
    Walt had the same reaction! lol

    The word on the street is still saying Jerry will make an appearance. I don’t know anything more about the Dona Flor story, but I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

  4. Good to see Jerry stopping by. Hope he makes a habit of it.

    As for Dona Flor – They mailed Ed some info, I just gotta get over there and read it. Since he has “The sickness” going around, I’m avoiding him for a day or two.

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