The Charlotte Herf In Pictures

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The Charlotte Herf In Pictures

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking isn’t this the day you usually write a cigar review? Right you are. But the thing is that I have this unique super power. It’s the uncanny ability to come down with the cold or the flu on any holiday. So like clockwork, only short hours before I planned to go out and drink some green tinted beer, I was nailed with a fast acting head cold. So no cigars for me for the past day and a half.

Actually this works out nicely. I was planning on putting up some pictures of the herf I went to in Charlotte this Saturday, but the sooner the better! By Saturday, this would be border-line old news, and I would probably would have forgotten the names of the other half of the attendees. (I’m so good with names, it’s stunning.)

But before we get into the pictures, due to a family emergency, Sam Leccia of NUb cigars had to cancel. We were all a little disappointed, and hope that all is well with the Leccia family. So that means that not only did we not get to smoke us some NUbs, we didn’t get to see Walt’s rolling table in action, as I teased earlier.

Fortunately, good to my word, I brought down the the boxes of Arganese cigars that Gene Arganese generously donated to our herf, so there were plenty of smokes to go around.

Charlies Tobacco Outlet in Charlotte, the scene of the crime!

The Arganese cigar spread

James examines his cigar while Chris (CeeDee) gives us his “Oh! Face”

Zack and Chuck attack the tasty spread

The group hangin’ out in the front room

Bob and Brian’

I’d like to thank Larry Good, owner of the Charlie’s Cigar Outlet for opening his shop up to us, and providing a great spread of tasty food and contributing some nice lighters to the raffle. And of course, thanks again to Gene Arganese for the abundance of cigars, and cool swag!

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6 thoughts on “The Charlotte Herf In Pictures

  1. Buaaaaaahhh! “My OH Face”! Brian, that is the funniest pic of Me that I have seen in a looooong time brother! Thanks for that. No really. Thanks. A lot. 😉

    Man, what a great herf that was and thanks to you and Gene Arganese for being so generous to bring 4 boxes of SUPERB Arganese Cigars! That was really top notch and a helluva gesture!

    It was great seeing people from far and wide and putting faces to names finally. It was all over too quickly. The night before at the “Hoot” with Bob, James, Umah, You Brian and myself was also fun as hell. I know why you married her man, she is funny as hell – plus she’s a HUGE Football (soccer) fan too! Top notch! 😀

    Great pic Brian and a neat little article too – can’t wait till the next one… 😀


  2. Glad you liked it the picture Chris! You gotta admit it’s pretty funny.

    Thanks for the kind words. My wife made me read this to her twice. I think she wants me to take note of something, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what. LOL

    We’ll have to do it again sometime soon!

  3. I arrived late and missed out on the smokes from Arganese and the nice spread laid out by Charlie’s gang — But it was nice to meet up with a bunch of fine B & SOTL . My wife & I was looking forward to meeting Sam and trying the NUB–Drove 6 hrs. to see the ER first for my wife and found out San had an Emergency himself. I will be at one of the events in June in hope’s then to try the NUB both my wife and I. This drive will be only 2 hrs. and look forward to trying the smokes everyone that is raving about.

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