Indian Tabac Split Decision Double

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Indian Tabac Split Decision Double

ITC Split Decision Double

Happy Monday! Here’s to hoping everyone has a good week. This Monday, I bring you a review of the Indian Tabac (ITC) Split Decision Double. Back towards the end of March, Brian Hewitt reviewed the Quad version of this cigar.

The first time I smoked the Double, I didn’t think it was that bad. Unfortunately, every one I’ve had since, has gone downhill. Its really pretty sad. If CAO can make the CAO America and Arganese can make the Double Wrap, both of which are great cigars in the barber pole style, why can’t Rocky Patel?

Again, I want to say that I’ve been a staunch, long time supporter of Rocky Patel but this is starting to get ridiculous and I hope Rocky turns it around fast.

New this week (by demand) is an MP3 version that you can download. Download (Right Click to Save As) is available here or in the Cigar Facts area. My review runs 12:21 and I talk about some upcoming trips I’m taking in June and July. Also, I’m working with Mike in WV on a fundraiser to raise money for SIDS research. Nothing too complicated or time sensitive but more details to follow.

Have a good week everyone…long ashes!

Cigar Facts:
Vitola: Toro
Length: 6.00
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Habano/Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua/Dominican
Price: $10.00

Liked It: No
Buy It Again: Joking right?
Recommend It: No way
MP3 Version: Available Here (Right Click to Save)


21 thoughts on “Indian Tabac Split Decision Double

  1. “That sucked, Dude.”

    Lol. Great Review. Great Idea to add an MP3 version onto the post too.
    Keep it up!

  2. Jerry nice review! Ending was very funny…any idea why these things are so expensive? Does it take that much more work to roll it this way?

    Anyway, I want to encourage anyone in Boston or Vegas to definitely have a smoke with Jerry. He’s an awesome guy to smoke with!

  3. Brian and Jerry in Vegas…. Hmmm I’m kind of envisioning a prolonged “Night at the Roxbury” type of adventure. LOL

    Wow, so they really don’t get better when you remove the other two wrappers huh? I couldn’t agree with you more on the shabby appearance. I kept thinking “dirty newspaper” when I looked at the wrappers on mind. Definitely not as pretty as it is in the pictures online.

    Great review man.

  4. To revive your feelings about Rocky Patel, try a ITC 10th Anniversary. Don’t waste your time or money on the decade.

  5. Hi Jerry,
    First of all, great review and I’m really glad for your sake this didn’t turn into another Equus. if you’re looking for good barber pole style cigars, I’d like to suggest the Felipe Gregorio Dos and Tres Capas. The Dos Capas has a Connecticut and Sumatra wrap and the Tres Capas has the same combination with candela added. I wasn’t a fan of the ITC split lines either (I’ve tried all three). I consistently enjoy the Tres Capas though, you may have some minor burn issues but it’s a really good smoke IMHO.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Jerry I’m really hooked on your reviews. I spent some time on Saturday watching some of your older stuff and you’ve opened a whole new world of cigars for me. I think I’m going to take the plunge and start smoking more than a few times a year.

    Enjoyed the review greatly!

  7. I haven’t listen yet, but thanks for the MP3 version Jerry! The online Flash games I play tend to break the sound in the videos on SR for some reason, so I think this should work better when I’m playing games.

  8. Good review Jerry, sorry to hear it was such a disappointment. I wonder what’s been going on with RP. Maybe they’ll get to seeing your reviews and get their act together!

  9. Too bad RP’s been letting you down these days. I haven’t tried his latest blends other then the Decade (which I enjoyed).

    I agree with Luke… The dos and tres capas are nice mild smokes with good taste.

    Anyway, great review. Keep em coming!

  10. Hey Jerry, will you and Brian be recording any of your trip to the RTDA in Vegas? I think everyone here at Stogie Review would find it very entertaining to see how the trip goes. Maybe we could see you guys talking to some of the cigar makers and checking out some of the new smokes. You guys could document the entire trip and possibly become the next Harold and Kumar. (Hopefully without the nude scenes). .lol.

  11. Nice review Jerry. Too bad you wasted your money on this cigar. RP really needs to step it up man.

  12. Jerry enjoyed the review. Are these really $10 a piece? Any chance that maybe you palate changing?

  13. Thanks everyone for another review with so much comment love! Its really great to get feedback and input from our fans.

    Luke & Tom – I will have to track down some of those Felipe cigars. Tom does Ed carry them? I may have to send him a check for a few.

    Clint – I’m sure @brianhewitt and I will have some coverage. I’m not really sure what exactly but like always, it will be fun and informative.

    MP3 Peeps – Glad you enjoy the new feature. You can thank Cliff for submitting the request via the Contact Form.

    david h – Yeah, figure I’d show off my style sense…next week I’ll show off my crocs. LOL

    Mitch – That could be a possibility but I really think its not me but Rocky. 🙂

  14. Great review Jerry. Too bad the ITC split decision double wasn’t that great. I was wondering if you’ve ever smoked a cigar that was disappointing for the first half but really turned around in the second. I can’t think of any in my somewhat limited cigar experience that have gone from bad to good, but would like to know if you think there are any cigars out there that shouldn’t be tossed before half way even if they are not that great initially.

  15. heh, great review Jerry. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the RP Vigalante. I’ve smoked one and wasn’t impressed although it’s a much cheaper cigar so I’d give it a plus for being priced better 🙂

  16. Jerry,

    You should ive the Taboo cigars Twist a try, they are imo one of the best double wraps on the market. The guys over at club stogie convinced me to try them and i was very impressed.

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