Catching up after my short break

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Catching up after my short break

For those of you that weren’t following along last week, I announced that I was pre-recording my video and getting posts up ahead of time so that I could take some time off and attend a slew of events. Now the 4 days of back to back events are over I’m feeling a little run down.

I smoked somewhere in the neighborhood of 22-25 cigars over those four days and as a result I’m going to skip my video review for this week and give my palate the week off. I’m going to push my scheduled review of one of the Pacific Cigar Company cigars out to 5/16/08 followed by the El Titan de Bronze the week after.

The attached video goes into a little more detail as to how the events went.

THANK YOU to everyone that introduced themselves as a fan during the events. I really appreciated it.

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11 thoughts on “Catching up after my short break

  1. Brian,
    I have a few pictures to post and plan on doing an event wrap up around this time next week.

    Due to the events I have some stuff in the works as well, hopefully it will all pan out 🙂


  2. Just started the video, Walt. Would you mind also letting us know if you feel any withdrawal effects from the week off cigars your going to take? I’m assuming there shouldn’t be much, but I was just curious to see what happens.

  3. Jon,
    Sure, I’ll be happy to pass that info along. The last cigar that I smoked was on Saturday night (around 1:00 AM) and since then I have felt perfectly fine, no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever.

    I would imagine that if I were to have symptoms I would have been feeling them by now.

    The reason for the break is just to relax my palate. Smoking as many cigars as I did, everything was beginning to blend together and I wasn’t able to detect as many flavors as usual.

    I doubt I’ll experience any withdrawal effects but I’ll be sure to let you know if I do.


  4. Had to stop midway in the video and I’m continuing it now. I noticed it the first time I started the video, and I notice it again…but you sound different than usual Walt. The tone of voice I mean. Maybe it’s cause you don’t have a cigar with you, but you seem different.

    Just an observation I thought I might comment on. Nothing big.

  5. Jon,
    I was exhausted when recording that video. When I played it back I realized how it sounded but was way too tired to try re-recording.

    After that long weekend (Wen – Sun) I got home from a long day at work and mowed my lawn, which is probably what put me over the edge.

    I’m feeling much better now that I’ve had a chance to relax a bit. I would have never thought attending a few cigar events would have made me feel so drained.


  6. Wow, sounded like a fun four days. Damn, that’s a lot of cigars in a short time. I’ve done 7 in a day but couldn’t imagine doing it two days in a row.

    Well, those Equus should just about be there to help with your palate. 😉

  7. Great to meet you there and you are right the day was a blast. Nice to see a fellow Pa person doing so well.

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