CAO Brazilia Samba (Sunday Supplemental)

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CAO Brazilia Samba (Sunday Supplemental)

Since I had so much fun shooting my follow up video review for the San Cristobal Clasico a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d do it again. But I wasn’t sure what to review. I considered revisiting the quirky Felipe Gregorio Icon Einstein that I smoked earlier this week, but it seemed too soon to revisit it. (I definitely will though, you can be sure of that.)

So I decided not to decide. Why decide when I can ask Twitter and let it guide me? In just a few short moments, the answer was made clear. People wanted to see me smoke the CAO Bazilia. I was a little surprised though. Surely we’d done and redone the Brazilia in the past, right? Wrong. Though Walt did review the Brazilia Gol! back in 2006, it was before the video reviews. We’ve never done a video review of the Brazilia! I’m about to correct that now. Enjoy!

Stogie Nutritional Facts:
Size: 6 1/4 x 54
Wrapper: Brazilian Cameroon
Binder: Nicaragua
mebeliFiller: Nicaragua
Smoking Time: 2 hours
Beverage: Coffee, Beamish
Price: $107.95 a box (You can also get the Samba in the CAO Sampler)
Original Review: CAO Brazilia Gol! 7/1/2006

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13 thoughts on “CAO Brazilia Samba (Sunday Supplemental)

  1. Aw shucks, you mentioned me twice in this one! Good review. I espeically enjoyed the cigar porn music, and the pic of you in the background ;-P

  2. Good eyes McLovin (Tom)!
    I was wondering if anybody would notice my “Stogie Review Rocks” picture.

    Going forward, the main question I’ll ask myself regarding any decisions in a video review is, What Would McLovin Do? LOL

    David H,
    I agree, I always cut my torpedos that way. Thanks for the link to the chart, that’s a great little resource!

  3. Could this be the end of the tower of burn (lol)? Very nice review, Brian. You’re a natural for the video.

  4. Brian,

    Great video and I agree with you fully on this cigar. I myself smoked a ITC 10th Anniversary – by Rocky Patel today and wished I smoked the CAO instead.

    Hey is the label still stuck to your head?

    As always “Never smoke a shitty cigar, life is too short!”


  5. Brian can I get a summary of flavors? I watched the video, but miltitasked at the same time, and I had trouble paying attention. That and I’m lazy 🙂

  6. Nice review B, keep the video’s coming, you add something that the others don’t. Can’t put my finger on it but …..

  7. The cigar band on the forehead should be a requirement for all video reviews on
    stogie review. I want to see one on Jerry’s head!
    Good stuff Brian!

  8. Wow, look at all the comment love! Thanks guys.

    As you’ll notice in my latest review, tcr, the Tower of Burn is alive and well!

    Nah, Joel, the cigar band finally fell off. But it day stay on for quite a while! I agree with Tony, it should be a requirement for videos going forward.

    Jon W, you weren’t paying attention?! You’ll just have to watch it again! LOL

    Thanks guys!

  9. Nice review about a good cigar. My first Brazilla was the Pirahna (The Fish) I was concerned about the deep almost black color. I thought this was going to be a strong smoke. Wrong! It was smooth and very easy to smoke. The Brazilla is now one of my favorite cigars.

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