La Vieja Habana by Drew Estates

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La Vieja Habana by Drew Estates


Honestly, this is probably the worst video review I’ve ever done. Quality sucks because my camcorder isn’t working and the pocket camcorder doesn’t play well with my professional lights. Then the cigar I had planned on reviewing got all jacked up. Then I was confused whether I was smoking a newer or older version of the La Vieja Habana. Mass confusion probably best describes this video review.

Anyway, video runs 16:44 and the MP3 version can be found below in the cigar stats area.

Cigar Facts:
Vitola: Rothschild
Length: 5.00
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Corojo
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: N/A

Liked It: Very Much
Buy It Again: If they still sold this same blend
Recommend It: Yes
MP3 Version: Available Here (Right Click to Save)


24 thoughts on “La Vieja Habana by Drew Estates

  1. LOL…maybe not your best work Jerry but its always enjoyable just to see you smiling, laughing and having a good time.

  2. Note to self, don’t buy the Aiptek camcorder. Weird the first time you used it wasn’t that bad.

    Like Mitch I still found the video to be a good watch. You know no one actually watches you for cigar information (we get that from Walt & Brian) 😉

  3. That’s too bad about your RyJ Limitada, I have one that’s been sitting for a while that looked good last time I looked at it still. I hope that doesn’t happen!

  4. Good review. I too used to like the original release of La Vieja Habana. Then they changed the blend and released them in a few different wrappers and it went downhill for me at that point.

    the correct way to pronouce the word Vieja is


  5. The vid being washed out was probably the cam not being able to handle the pro-lighting. But I’m not complaining, at least he has a back up cam to keep the review’s comin.

    The review was great, and click2riff’s sponsorship is awesome.

  6. Jerry,
    I bought those on clearance for $14.00 per box when Drew Estates made the change and went to multiple wrappers. I don’t know if the blend has changed from old Corojo to new Corojo as I haven’t purchased the new ones.

    This is a great inexpensive smoke and I only wish I would have bought more then 3 boxes when they went on clearance.


  7. Jerry –
    I bought a box of these in Corojo for $21 at CigarBid approx. 5 weeks ago.
    I must say, right outta the box, the one I had was terrible. The only thing that came to mind for flavors was harsh dry oak leaves. I kept an open mind and figured it would improve as the stick progressed but never got better.

    After taking all the rest outta the box, I discarded the cheap box and tobacco leaf packing then placed them in an empty spanish cedar box. That box now sits at the very bottom of my coolador. I’ll try another in a few months to see if they improved.

  8. I bought a box of these about 6 months ago in Corojo…for the price, pretty reliable smoke! Great review Jerry, all technical difficulties aside!

    Thanks to Dennis and Tom for the kind words regarding the fundraiser. I am positive any of you would do the same thing, especially for JJ!

  9. Hey Jerry,
    Thanks for posting the MP3, I can’t watch the video at work (firewall) but the MP3 came through no problem.
    I don’t know if it difficult to create the MP3 but it is a much appreciated effort.
    Vieja (Vee-A-Ha) directly translated is an old woman, but I think it basically translates to “The Old Havana.”
    Looking forward to YQMA.

  10. You guys are too kind…

    JB – Its just a check box we have to check when uploading our videos. does all the work. I’m also working on a download version of the video but I’m not sure how having an MP3 and a downloadable video counts as a view or not.

  11. Jerry – first time commentator here and I wanted to say that I think your review was fine. I find your reviews the most enjoyable to watch and I’m glad you’re back.

  12. Jerry I just watched this again and honestly, it wasn’t bad at all. I think if you move your lights back a bit, it would be perfect.

    When do you normally record your reviews? Have you ever used ustream or stickcam so you can have a live audience when you record? I think that would be a lot of fun.

  13. Don’t want to dampen anyone spirits but; I thought the whole idea of the comments section was to post a comment toward the cigar reviewed, not video quality or vehicle of review.

    Lately It seems like we’re missing the mark where viewers are critiquing video and audio quality as opposed to the cigar spotlighted.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this comment makes me as unpopular as a republican in Puerto Rico.

  14. Man, I’m still playing catchup here on all this content.

    Jerry – Enjoyed the review. I wouldn’t mind seeing you review some other Drew Estate stuff like the Java Wafe. One question though:

    1) What determines how fast a cigar burns when its resting?

    Paul – Its all good and you’re right to an extent. I think most see the comment section as interacting and showing Jerry some love. Its strange but I think most people tune in to watch Jerry and the cigar comes second.

  15. Fast burn, cheap wrapper, mild taste, 4 out of 5 cigars poorly constructed. I don’t think agging could improve this mess.. Keep your money for the real cigars guys !

  16. IMO, these are the best $1/stick out there…I won a box of the cammies for $16. For that price, they’re darn tasty. Also, if I want to smoke but it’s raining or I’m working outside and am worried about wrecking a good cigar, I can grab one of these and not worry about it.

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