Davidoff No.2 Pantea (Guest Review)

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Davidoff No.2 Pantea (Guest Review)

This week our guest review comes in the form of a video submission. Take a look at what Nathan had to say about the Davidoff No. 2 Pantea.

Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Natural
Size: 6×38
Price: $12-$14

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12 thoughts on “Davidoff No.2 Pantea (Guest Review)

  1. What a charming review by Nathan. It’s great to hear this southern gentleman’s eloquent take on his favorite cigar.

    I really have to compliment the Stogie Review staff for their variety of entertaining cigar review videos. It keeps me coming back for more. Keep up the great work guys.

  2. Great review Nathan. you really made me want to try one. The only Davidoff I have ever had was the Millenium.

  3. Nice review Nathan. Very well spoken. I agree with Jon, I need to find one of these. Are you sure you dont work for Davidoff 🙂

  4. Very nice review indeed Nathan. You’re a natural infront of the lens.
    I don’t believe I heard you mention what cigar brand you were reviewing? LOL

    Hope to see you in the video review rotation.

  5. Thanks folks. I don’t work for Davidoff, but I sure do enjoy their work (most of the time)

    I appreciate the comments.

  6. Very well done, Nathan. My parents retired to the Knoxville area of TN, so I was able to “feel” a little bit of that front porch experience that you provided. I’ll be visiting them in July, when the porch is a little more sweltering 🙂

  7. tcr– I was on mine tonight enjoying a Fuente Sun Grown, and it’s beginning to get there now. Much warmer tonight than what we’ve had this Spring so far.

    Glad to bring ya home a little bit =)

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