Maria Guerrero (Guest Review)

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Maria Guerrero (Guest Review)

For this weeks guest review we have Nathan back once again. This time around he gives us his thoughts on the Maria Guerrero.

If this is your first time seeing Nathan’s guest review, check out his first video on the Davidoff No.2 Pantea as well as his An American Front Porch.

Company: Altadis
Vitolo: Toro 6×56
Wrapper: Cam
Binder: Nic
Filler: Hon/Nic/Peru
Price: $6.00

Like? Zzzzzzz
Buy another? No
Smoke Another? No
Good for? Putting young children to sleep at night, or those looking for a beginner Cameroon cigar.

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6 thoughts on “Maria Guerrero (Guest Review)

  1. Nice review Nathan. I hope that you will be put in the regular video review rotation. Enjoy watching the reviews……. Central Illinois here so kind of feels like home when watching you on the front porch.

  2. Hey Nathan, checked out a few of your reviews and am really digging them. I like the sense of humor and personality you bring to them. Looks like a sweet porch you got there, maybe we can get a complete shot of it sometime?

  3. Brett & Tom: Thanks a bundle. It’s a pleasure–

    Clint: Thanks for digging in. I’ll see how I might give ya a tour. Be watching for our podcast (coming soon hopefully) on AFP.

  4. Was the lawnmower that I heard starting up in the beginning of the vide a bit of fore-shadowing for the grassy taste? : )
    This review sounds like a review for the regular line of La Aurora….quick sweetness, sour on the tip of the tongue and slight harshness in the back of your throat….only, the La Aurora is $2.65, not $6.
    Nice review, keep up the good work!

  5. Nice review — your experience was similar to mine for this rather large toro — in fact, imo it is way too large a ring for a cameroon wrapper — the binder just overwhelms what I like best in a cam wrapper — the sweet and spice.

    I find the corona size in this brand to be a perfect match for this cigar with a good balance of the cameroon flavor and the rest of the blend. I still have some of the toro of this brand, but never pull one — the coronas went very fast.

    Keep up the work.

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