Serie C by Joya De Nicaragua

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Serie C by Joya De Nicaragua

Joya De Nicaragua Serie C

I’m back! Had a great time in Boston and this week I bring you the Serie C, the newest line from Joya De Nicaragua.

Video runs about 19:53 and I also talk about The Nub event I went to, my trip to Boston and request some help (again) on my journey to find a reliable lighter since my Mega Pump died. Back by popular demand, my regular music too.

Cigar Nutrition
Length: 6
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Connecticut by way of Ecuador
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $75.00(20)/$5.50(1)

Liked It: Very Much
Buy It Again: In a Heart Beat
Recommend It: Yes
Downloads (Right Click to Save As): mp3 (Audio)


23 thoughts on “Serie C by Joya De Nicaragua

  1. Jerry,

    Here’s a link for a torch that works well, holds lots of butane, has a nice adjustable flame without being too harsh, only costs $35.00, and is made to be used for soldering so it is well-built. The link takes you to all their torches but I am referring to the pencil-shaped one which, while low in the machismo department, is really handy. I have one and prefer it over my numerous other torches. In case you are wondering, I’m not biased 🙂 and am not in cahoots with NTX tools.

  2. Hey Jerry, are you looking for a lighter that you are going to use only at home or both at home and on the go? If this is a lighter that is to be used only at home, I’d go with any type of creme brulee torch. Go to your local Target or Walmart. They are cheap, hold tons of fuel and do the job. I’ve got a few that I keep in each car and in my usual smoking spots. If you are looking for a torch that will be used on the go, I’d go with this one…
    This torch uses a regular disposable lighter as it’s fuel sorce. Just open the torch open, drop in a full Bic-like lighter and your set. What makes this torch even better is that if you travel by air, you can simply take the torch with the fuel source and once you get to your final destination, just buy a disposable lighter and your set. I know Lowes carries this type of lighter but you can get it for way less on that link I posted. Good luck on your lighter choice.

  3. Forget to mention something about that 2nd lighter I mentioned. Some disposable lighters will let you refill them. The bottom of the lighter has a little notch that is cut out and gives you access to the lighter within for refilling. This lighter is great for both home and on the go use.

  4. In “Beginner Basics with Tom and Ed”, Ed recommends the Blazer torch. I seems like a good one, I am gonna try one out.

    The review was great as always. If I ever happen upon one of these JDN serie C I will give it a shot.

    Jerry, have you ever thought about growing a full beard? The stogie review needs a fully bearded staff member. : ) Maybe you, Walt, and Brian can have a competition?

  5. nicely done! I love these videos where you show your personal side its like hanging with a best friend.

    Can’t go wrong listening to Ed! Go get a blazer!

  6. hey jerry,

    im using the same pencil torch ace recommend, it shaped like a cigar so… it fits nicely in my 4 stick cigar travel case… and most important is its quite reliable

  7. Nub event sounds pretty cool…I like the cameo appearance of Sam. You guys should definitely do that while in Vegas.

    Is there a difference between wooden matches and cedar matches?

    Enjoyed the review!

  8. Jerry,
    Great review as usual! For a lighter, I misplaced my Xicar a while back and saw a Ronson torch lighter while in Walmart. I picked up three of them for $2.94 each, figuring they wouldn’t last long so I’d need a few. Well, here I am around a year and a half later, still using the first one I opened. I’ve also been using cheap Ronson butane to fill it since day one, and I’ve never had a problem with it!

  9. Jerry,

    Although I’m pretty happy with my Xikar dual torch lighter (for about 1.5 years), I too am looking for a durable lighter. the main reason is the Xikar runs out of fluid quickly, and I’ve had to have them fix it once.

    I’m taking Ed’s advice and getting a Blazer PB207. It’s the one designed for jewler soldering and has a ‘stay lit’ switch on it for that purpose. He spoke of it in the Beginners Guide/Canimao review.

    Once again, Ed made a lighter sale to me for the 2nd time on film.

    Oh, great review and re-cap of recent events.

  10. I have to Zikar lighters and i have tried some others, and i would never buy another lighter that was not Zikar. They come with a life time warrinty, but i have never had any problems with ether one of mine. Most of them are around 50 to 70 dollors.

  11. Jerry,

    As always great review and I tried to seek this cigar out today but ended up with the Punch Pita which was still a treat. I hope you have a great week as well!


  12. HEY JERRY!!
    great review but about the lighter…..
    if your looking to spend a little i say go the S.T Dupont X tend.
    even though they will run you about 130 bux they are well worht it.
    They last you a liftetime and i have had mine for at leats 2 years and havent run into a problem since.
    Anyway jerry hope 2 see that torpedo shaped head soon on another episode of stogiereview.

  13. Welcome back Jerry! Too bad I had to scroll almost halfway down the page to get to your wonderful review. Looks like things have changed around here since you left.

    Your review was golden and spot on. These are almost impossible for me to find in my area but I love the cigar and enjoyed watching you review it. Is there anyway to repair or get your mega pump fixed?

    I will now have to play catchup as I see you’ve been back for awhile now.

  14. Jerry! Maybe you should stick with wooden matches or wait for a freebie deal that includes a torch lighter. The idea from Carlos sounds interesting and I will have to look into it myself. Actually you should do a whole article/video on your search for a new lighter.

    I’ve never seen or heard of the Serie C. Famous says they are discontinued?

    Anyway, great video all around!

  15. Wow! Thanks for the comment love…where to start:

    ace – is that a pencil shaped lighter in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? LOL sorry, couldn’t resist.

    carlos – that maybe a winner…I like being able to use any old disposable lighter.

    tony – I’ve always wanted to grow a full beard but man, every time I’ve tried it gets to a point where I just can’t stand the itchy anymore. But you know, some kind of beard growing contest would be fun. Maybe who can grow the longest beard between now and Vegas!

    vic – check your DMs on Twitter.

    josh – join Twitter.

    nut – there has to be a better name for you other than nut? The pencil lighter looks like it could work and would be a conversation starter.

    mitch – cedar matches are a little different but same as regular wooden match as far as sulfur content.

    rocky – I got a couple e-mails about those cheap Ronson lighters from Wal-Mart. Nothing bad to say about them?

    tom – ed’s recommendation has been echo’d by a few people too. So many options.

    brad – Xikar is another option and their lifetime guarantee sounds good too.

    morgan – thanks! its great to be back! walt has done and continues to do a great job managing the site allowing me to just have fun doing my reviews.

    kirk – after all these recommendation here, e-mail and from Twitter, a video or something on my search maybe in order. Lots of great recommendations. Maybe our Lighter’s Direct advertiser can help me out with some models to test out.

  16. Hey Jerry,

    I gotta say again, it’s great to see you doing reviews. I had my first Series C last week and I must say I was pretty disappointed. Though I smoke about four Antanos a week and it was just too much on the mild side for me. I don’t care for the Celebration either. I was going to gift the other four but now I gotta try another one just to make sure. 🙂

    As for lighters, I’ve had good luck with the Xikar and it’s pretty cheap at Cigarmony. But the best lighter I have was a Chinese Blazer knock off that my buddy ordered from Hong Kong for the princely sum of $2. It has NEVER let me down and it’s probably on it’s 20th fill and it holds a lot of butane.

  17. Jerry,

    I can’t really say that there’s anything I don’t like about the Ronson lighter. Works well, last a long time between fill ups and the price is definitely right!!

  18. Jerry, I have been using the cooking torch that I bought at Costco years ago. It is solid as a rock, lasts forever, stands up, looks cool and won’t melt…ever. Its original use is to caramelize the sugar on top of a creme brule’ but it works for tobacco just the same. Great price too 🙂

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