News from the Manufacturers

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News from the Manufacturers

As July and the IPCPR trade show grow nearer, we find ourselves coming into more and more information of new cigars to be released. Below you will find two of the recent announcements to hit my inbox.


Sunrise, FL – Espinosa y Ortega (EO Brands), distributor of 601, announces their new brand, Cubao.

Using the Taino word for “fertile soil,” Cubao reflects the best of Cuban flavour achieved from the finest Nicaraguan and Ecuadoran tobaccos

Containing 100% Nicaraguan filler and binder, the cigars, which will be available in six (6) sizes ( No.1 7-1/8 x 49 – No.2 6-1/8 x 52 Torpedo – No.3 7-1/2 x 38 Lancero – No.4 4-7/8 x 50 – No. 5 6-1/8 x 50 – No.6 5-1/2 x 52 ) are finished with an exquisite Ecuadorian grown Sumatra wrapper.

Currently being produced and aged, at Tabacalera Garcia in Esteli, Nicaragua, the company intends to introduce them to retailers at the IPCPR (formerly, the RTDA) in La s Vegas, July 14th thru 18th.

The introduction of Cubao follows, by two (2) years the successful launch of EO’s 601, which comes in four (4) distinctive blends: the same Nicaraguan filler and binder overlayed with a wrapper leaf of Connecticut (black label), Habano (red label), Maduro (blue label) or Oscuro (green label).

With a different flavour profile from the 601, the company believes they will not be competing with the flagship brand, rather it will compliment it. Espinosa stressed that “…a true cigar smoker needs variety, and will embrace the new stick, knowing that Pepin and EO can be counted on for the consistency of their product.”

News from Camacho
in regards to the Liberty 2008

We are proud to announce that this year’s Camacho Liberty will begin to ship in June 2008. As with each issue, this blend is also different and very intricate. This year’s Camacho Liberty will be a medium bodied, box pressed, “Barber Pole” cigar. In stores late June 2008.

We will be offering only 2,000 Limited Edition numbered chests totaling 40,000 numbered coffins and cigars.

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10 thoughts on “News from the Manufacturers

  1. No offense these announcements hit everyone’s inbox and if they didn’t then they are on every cigar blog there is. I thought The Stogie Review was the leader and not just another “sheep” that does what all the other cigar blogs do.

  2. My first time being back to the site in a long time and I have to scroll halfway down the page to get to a cigar review and thats after having to bypass the same news story everyone else is publishing. If you’re gonna publish the same news story at least be first or put your own spin on it or add your own commentary.

  3. Tim – No offense but I’ve come to find out that there are many people who the only cigar site they visit is Stogie Review…I’m not sure how that makes us a “sheep”.

    Morgan – Welcome back to the site. Like I said to Tim, there are many people who get their news from only us.

    Kirk – I’m not sure but that 40,000 number sounds like the usual number. Maybe Walt or Brian can confirm.

  4. Morgan,
    If scrolling for content is soemthing you would rather not do, there are a couple of alternatives

    Subscribe via RSS and have the headlines delivered to you. Simply click on the one you want, solving your scrolling problem.

    Click Cigar Reviews under the Catagory heading (Upper left portion of the site). The result will be a page listing only reviews.

    I seem to remember seeing something like of 40,000 on the coffins the older ones have come in. I think the release number is standard but I could be wrong.

  5. Guys keep up the good work with the breaking news even if its in everyones inbox or on most of the blogs. This is the first place I come in the morning these days and I’m finding me self spending less time on the forums.

    Thanks. 🙂

  6. This is basically the only place I come for cigar news. so, guys, I appreciate the update. sorry that it is bothersome for others, can’t please everyone all the time, but you are pleasing me today.


  7. Ahh, new cigars!!! Thanks for the information. Although, I’m finding I like to wait a year before trying a new cigar. Seems that in general the price drops a bit heh. Not always the case as in the Illusion cigars though. But if a cigar lasts, it’s worth waiting for heh 🙂

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