El Centurion by Don Pepin Garcia

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El Centurion by Don Pepin Garcia

El Centurion

Good Monday Stogie Review Fanatics! This week I bring you a review of the El Centurion by Don Pepin Garcia. The El Centurion was released at the 2007 RTDA/IPCPR and was limited to 850 (some places say 600) boxes per size (3 sizes all together).

The El Centurion maybe hard to find and you’ll pay a nice double digit price when you do. Trust me though, if you see it, pick it up! Its that amazing!

Video runs 19:23 and along with the review I share some of the newer websites that I’m visiting and think you should too. Enjoy and as always, long ashes!

Cigar Nutrition
Length: 6.5
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan Criollo 98 and Corojo 99
Price: $215.00(20)/$14.20(1)

Liked It: Amazing Cigar
Buy It Again: Won’t Think Twice
Recommend It: Yes
Downloads (Right Click to Save As): mp3 (Audio)


20 thoughts on “El Centurion by Don Pepin Garcia

  1. Jerry,

    Another phenominal review. I love this cigar as well, even though the price is hefty, it is a good treat smoke. As far as boxes, Holt’s has the best prices from what I see, followed by Cigars International and both places seem to have boxes in all sizes in stock. Holt’s robusto size is about $204/box.

    In the review you mentioned criollo tobacco and stumbled with the word. It is pronounced Cree-Oh-Yo.

    By the way thanks for turning me on to your new blog as well as some other websites. So little time so many sites. Keep up the good work.

  2. Fine review of a fine smoke. You have a way of making your reviews “personal”, somehow more real than some others. Nice work!

  3. Bravo! Very wonderful review!

    One thing, maybe a Spanish 101 class before Vegas? You totally butchered Criollo! LOL

    Nonetheless very enjoyable review as always. Agree with you on labels adding curb appeal that gets overlooked.

  4. Thanks for the new links! Your personal blog looks really good and I’m excited to see what all you talk about besides just cigars.

    Happy belated Father’s Day to you man…It probably wasn’t an easy day for you but the way you talk about JJ makes you one of the best Fathers I know bro.

    Has anyone told you that your music rocks! Where can one find the full version of it?

    LOL looks like Mike is a better web searcher than you…still $200 in todays economy is two weeks of gas for some of us.

  5. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

    LOL awesome review! You can tell when you REALLY like a cigar because you can just hear the excitement and enthusiasm in your voice like in your Partagas Black review.

    Don’t worry about the Criollio thing…I think 90% of people would miss pronounce it too. You know, that would be a good website idea. A site to help cigar people learn the language of cigars complete with how to say them correctly.

    I know the real reason you like Stew’s site…you’re both bald! Signed up for Cigar Jack too…

    My vote is for the CI Legends Orange, the Rocky Patel.

  6. Jerry ! I love it! Great review as always! I haven’t had the chance to smoke this cigar yet 🙁 but hopefully soon =)

    PS: thanks for the love as always!

  7. Yo! Enjoyed the review and will now have to track this bad boy down.

    I vote for the CI Legends Purple…also, you’re one step closer to that free drink from Cigar Jack.

  8. Jerry,

    Great review as usual!! I just might have to look one of these up, but at that price, it will be for a “special” smoking time.

    Speaking of the price, do you think these “Limited Edition” smokes are due to tobacco available, or a selling ploy to generate interest and allow these prices?

    In reference to the bands, I noticed that the bands aren’t that important when I’m purchasing cigars (mostly online), as I know what I want to buy in advance. They are important when I get ready to smoke a cigar because I normally don’t know exactly which I’ll smoke in advance, and it seems that the band that attracts my attention first is the one I smoke.

    And finally the word “toke” sneaking in, that wouldn’t be a word from your past coming back to haunt you would it?? LOL

  9. Great review of a great smoke! I checked out your other blog, and it looks good. I like the head shot and appreciate the link love to my little cigar diary, I mean JOURNAL.


  10. Hi Jerry, Atlanticcigar.com has boxes of the El Centurion for sale. I believe they add a free five pack to every box purchase so your looking at probably just under ten bucks a stick when you buy a box.

    I actually got one as a freebie with an order I made there, and thanks to your glowing review I will have to smoke it sooner rather than later.

  11. Jerry,

    Man what a surprise to see my blog site advertised! “Thanks my good cigar smoking friend!”

    The review was great and I have to get my hand on one of these babies! Maybe we could do a bald guy cigar smoke off together for a review which could be posted on both our web sites (LOL) Ok only a thought!

    Until your next review, as you always say “Long Ashes!” and as I always say, “Never smoke a shitty cigar, life is too short!” ~ Thats a wrap!


  12. Jerry just wanted to point out that these are more available than you said in your review. Like others have pointed out as well.

    What happened to the Java Wafe? I’d really like to see your take on that cigar but I’d vote the CI Legends Purple. I don’t think many people know about the Graycliff.

    Finally, you should be applauded for finding a balance between cigar information and providing entertainment. I take the notebook out on the deck and watch your reviews while enjoying a cigar. It really is like if you were just there.

  13. Thanks everyone for the comment love…keep em coming.

    Okay so I didn’t do that much research on the availability of the El Centurion…obviously. It actually consisted of just 2GuysSmokeShop and some local shops in MD & Boston.

    Rocky – Hmmm, interesting question. I’d say a little of both. I think the marketers of cigars know that if they say “Limited Edition” that it grabs our attention because no one wants to miss out on owning a piece of history. I also think that tobacco harvests change all the time and you never know if you’re gonna be able to create the cigar again which is why I have a lot of respect for the RP Vintage line on keeping their blends spot on. I will neither confirm nor deny how I know about the word “toke”.

    Stew – I’m a big fan of any cigar site that tells it like it is and adds some personal flare. You rock!

    Craig – I need to give a little more time for the Java. Brian reviewed it back in April so that seems a bit too recent for me to review it.

    Based on Twitter and here, it looks like the CI Legends Purple by Graycliff is next.

  14. Hey Jerry. About that lighter dilema. I went to Home Depot and got a hand held mini torch by bernzomatic for 24 bucks. Whats great about it is that its not too hideous and its durable as hell. I even take it up up north camping with me and its never misfired. It has even been rained on. You got to check it out if you don’t find the idea of getting your lighter at a hardware shop instead of a cigar shop.

  15. Great review Jerry. I’ve been on a DP kick lately and haven’t tried this one but I’ll have to see if I can pick one up.

    I bought the Xikar Eris lighter. My only complaint is it’s got a small gas resevoir but it has enough for me and my constant outside relights 🙂 Love the lifetime warranty and so far haven’t had to use it heh. I like that even more. But I do get a lot of failures to light on the first press. So that is a downside. But overall, it’s a good lighter.


  16. Jerry,

    Thanks for the great review. I talked directly to Don Pepin about the El Centurion. He claims that it was a one time shot and that all the Tobacco needed to make the blend is gone. He used it all so that even if he wanted to make more he has no raw materials. Its not that he wanted to make it limited…

    When they are gone they are gone!

  17. I was actually given this cigar as a gift and I wanted to read up on it. I wish I hadn’t found this review because now I can’t wait to smoke it. This was a very informative review. I will probably save it for a special occasion however considering it is limited edition.

  18. I’m smoking one of 5 I just picked up at my local b&m. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the box! There were 9 belicosos staring at me! I thought it would be weak of me to snatch all 9 so I grabbed 5 of them and they’re even tastier with almost 4 years on them. I also agree Jerry, the band is killer. Sad they’re no longer but having said that, there’s quite a few corojo/crilollo blends out there. This one is a definite classic in my book.

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