Nub 460 Connecticut (Guest Review)

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Nub 460 Connecticut (Guest Review)

This week we have Nathan of An American Front Porch back with us again to share his thoughts and opinions in yet another cigar review. This time Nathan fires up a Nub 460 Connecticut.

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15 thoughts on “Nub 460 Connecticut (Guest Review)

  1. Nice to see that you gave the cigar a shot and then ended up liking it, very cool.
    I found that the connecticut was my least favorite NUB. The cameroon and habano are way better.

    The theatrics were great, although the video quality was not.

  2. Tony,

    Yup…I just record these vids with my laptop’s mic and built in camera, and have been playing with the settings ever since I started doing the reviews. It gets closer every time, but in this case I didn’t want to throw away the epiphany I came to with the Nub just because my computer was up to its old tricks.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Anyone know how many reviews it takes to become an official member of SR?

    Lol. Nate, awesome review. Very entertaining!


  4. Nathan probably just has to get the votes, I’m sure Jerry’s vote can be easily bought, all Nathan has to do is send him some Memphis style ribs and Jerry will do whatever you want him to do. LOL

  5. This review was great, halarious, and had a tiny bit of creepy (the funny kind). The beginning skit and ending plea did in fact make me laugh.

    Good stuff. Look forward to the next one.


  6. Yes yes I can be bought by food…Nathan I like all BBQ as long as its pork ribs. I’m not a fan of beef ribs. LOL.

    Nathan are you using a macbook or something else with an integrated camera?

  7. I love the style of this review Nate! Kind of reminds me of “Good Eats” with Alton Brown meets cigars (its a compliment). Keep up the good work. Now you just have to go one step further and review another marketing juggernaut like C.A.O. vision or something (just kidding).

  8. Tell ya what Patrick….if a Vision comes across my desk I’ll gladly (and honestly) review it. I’m your huckleberry 😉

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