CI Legends Purple (Graycliff)

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CI Legends Purple (Graycliff)


Happy Monday! Back again with another review and boy what a stinker I have for you. Until a month or so ago I had never heard of Graycliff cigars until I was rearranging the humidor and came across a couple of the Graycliff Red and Blue Labels that were gifted to me awhile ago (my apologies because I don’t remember who sent them to me). I thought the Red was good and the Blue was a damn fine cigar. Then my joy turned to utter shock by the price tag on Graycliff cigars when I went to go stock up on the Blue.

I thought I could get that great Graycliff flavor without breaking the bank by turning to the Purple Label from the CI Legends Series…boy was I wrong.

Video runs around 15:38…stay tuned after my usual “long ashes” as I follow up the cigar with a treat that is off the chain!

Be sure to check out I have a nice cigar rolling video from the Nub Cigar Event I went to as well as a little opinion piece on Cigar Rights of America & Web Security. Last but not least, you will find Stogie Tunes, a playlist I like to listen to when enjoying a smoke. Long ashes!

Cigar Nutrition
Length: 5.7
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Indonesian
Binder: ?
Filler: Dominican/Nicaragua/Brazil
Price: $59.95(20)/$20.00(5)

Liked It: No
Buy It Again: No
Recommend It: No
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26 thoughts on “CI Legends Purple (Graycliff)

  1. Jerry-
    Sorry the Graylcliff CI Legend sucked. I’m glad you smoked this so we don’t have to!

    The “cigars in the bakery section” part of the review was hilarious! I love the little quips and bloopers!
    Keep on doing what your doing, cuz it’s awesome!

    -Mj “Emjaysmash”

    p.s. Please make lots of video from IPCPR, Interviews, overviews whatever! I like it all!

  2. WTF is going on here? It seems like companies are putting out bad cigar after bad cigar these days. I’ve had more bad smokes in the past few months then in the previous two years.

    Anyhoo, great review with halarity towards the end. Thanks for the props, and I vote for the RP decade to be reviewed. As for IPCPR, I think interviews, a big round table review(s), whatever is going on there footage, would be great.

  3. Great video, you were dead on. that CI Purple Legend blows. I found that all of the regular Graycliffs are overpriced for what they are.

    As far as the “cigar” cookies, they look damn good. Thanks to your wife for clearing up what you were attempting to mumble with a mouth full of cookie.

    Keep up the great work!!

  4. Will your wife (or her voice) be a new usual for your reviews Jerry. It be nice to see her smack you on the back of the end when you get your words all twisted and turned around. Great ending! LOL!

    You and Brian have been saving us lately from cigars we should avoid. Its great to know that you guys are smoking good and bad stuff.

    I vote for the RP Decade too…

  5. Jerry, there’s nothing better than watching you get annoyed at a bad cigar, other than watching you eat those f—ing cookies! Dude, you are hilarious! As far as the cigar, I’m gonna vote for the Fillipe Gregorio, because I just got a five pack of the “power” line which I’m not too impressed with, considering the price point & I’m curious to hear more about their other blends.

  6. I agree 100% about the Purple. I am also convinced that it is short or mixed filler.

    I would vote for the Dos Capas as well. I have had a couple and have some strong opinions about them and want so see what you think!

  7. LOL…enough links in that post? Love that you published your Stogie Tunes playlist.

    I agree with others, you should have your wife do these videos with you more often.

    Also, I liked the usual opening where you intro the cigar before smoking it. I don’t think anyone cares how long your videos get because they are always so entertaining…like the cigars in the bakery section LOL!

    Great stuff as always!

  8. Dude those cookies look so good!

    Will you be doing a recap when you are done with the legends series? This one is an obvious dud! Very informative review. I now know what causes that amonia taste in cigars. Is young tobacco the only reason?

    I’d like to see the Dos Capas next week and interviews at IPCPR mainly like to know more stories behind cigars.

  9. Thank you, thank you for all the comment love thus far! I actually felt bad about how this cigar went so I had to throw in something to pick up my spirits.

    Tom – you and I have had a tough streak as of late with cigars that are FTL! I’m not sure what is happening…are we becoming snobs? Are the cigar gods punishing us? I don’t know man but I hope we turn it around soon.

    Carlos – We all know I struggle with spitting out words and often get tied up so it was great having my wife there to help me out.

    Kevin – Nothing annoys me more than a crappy cigar…maybe the people at McDonalds who don’t know what they want annoys me more but its close.

    Zig – We discovered those cookies last week and when we went shopping this week, we made a dash for them and picked up two packs this time. LOL…they are so good!

    BCL – Good thought…I wonder if it is a mixed filler cigar. I mean, something has to give if Graycliff is making these at half the price their normal cigars go for. Interesting…

  10. Jerry,

    I can’t believe it was a thumbs down on this one. I have not tried the legends series yet and was thinking about buying an assorted box just for review purposes. We seem to share the same opinions so just by your review alone, I want to skip this one! Anyways, I give your review a thumbs up!

    Great Job!

  11. Jerry,

    Nice review. Never had the purple label yet and it looks like I am glad I didn’t buy any yet. I love you reviews, keep up the good work.

    On a side note, try and watch how many times you say “ahhh”. It is a lot, you might just want to be aware of it in the future as it gets kinda distracting after watching for 5 min or so. I had the same problem as I have made some video’s in the past and my way of stopping it was to just pause and speak slower. A little silent pause never hurt anyone;) Keep up the good work my friend. Love you website…the cigar rolling video was awesome!

  12. Ty – I think Jerry just gets too excited when doing these videos that his mind can’t keep up with his mouth. Jerry does this in person too. In fact when I met Jerry I teased him that the “ahhh” sound was like the sound a hard drive makes when its trying to access data. LOL!

  13. Cigar Spy – LOL

    Ty & Vic – I went back and watched the video and other videos and you’re right, “ahhh” is probably the most used sound in all my videos LOL. Its really the nerves. Even though I’ve done what seems like a million of these videos, the nerves still get to me and unless I totally FUBAR a scene, I rather work thru it than re-tape it…but you’re right, I’ll see what I can do to keep the “hard drive” quiet.

  14. Jerry, the cookie recommendation was awesome. I be making a side trip next time we go to Safeway. I just re-watched the end of the video to get the name and I’m still cracking up!

    Thank you for reviewing the CI Graycliff. I had a Profesionale and LOVED it. Now I know I can’t just buy the CI purple… That Joe Cigar guy has a deal on 5-packs of Graycliff 1666s. That might be worth checking out.

    And, I love the slightly FUBAR scenes. Your videos are truly a unique “product!” 🙂

  15. Jerry,
    You have stumbled on to something great….if a cigar sucks then you should give us a recommendation of something that does not. Let’s say the cigar blows then you can let us know about a good beer,movie,or COOKIE , so we could still get something positive out of the review and some laughs!!!!

    GREAT JOB!!!!!

    I always look forward to your reviews! THANKS!

    Next review should be the RP Decade.

  16. oh no!!!! A bad Grayclif cigar. Fortunately the Double Espresso from them is quite awesome!!!


  17. We need to do a great big video with the Stogie Review Guys, Las VegASH TV, DogWatch and who ever else is their. That would be fun.

  18. As with any cigar…if you don’t like it the first time, let it rest a while and try it again later one. I suggest that you guys try this Purple again after 6-months to a year and you’ll think it’s a different stick (because they ship these way too early).

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