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Reyes Family Premier

Back once again for yet another entertaining and educational review, we have Ed Nazare and Tom Adcock sharing with us their thoughts and opinions of the Reyes Family Premier.

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15 thoughts on “Reyes Family Premier

  1. Nice job, Tom and Ed! Your videos are getting better and better! Keep it up!

    Sorry to hear that the smoke was a downer. Hopefully the OpusX will be better!

    Thanks for the review, and again, great job!
    -M.J. “Emjaysmash”

  2. great review guys! im not a big fan of Reyes cigars, so it will be interesting to see how i feel about this one!

    cant wait for the opus x review 😉

    keep it up!

  3. Thanks MJ – I look forward to the Opus review for sure!

    Dennis – I like their other lines, but the Classic and Premier just turned out badly.

    Marcian – We smoked a Premier the day before, and I enjoyed it. Ed did not like his though. Ed and I agreed to disagree on the smoke. But then the one I smoked during the review turned out to be bad. I really wanted to disagree with Ed on this review, but the cigar prevented me from doing that.

  4. I have smoked a few of these and I have to say that they are a disappointment. I tried some of the early samples, and they were great, but these final sticks just really was not there. I really had high hopes for this one, but it was not great. I loved the shirts though, I got one, and it is great!

    I did a review with some of the guys in the area of these, and the scores out of 100 averaged about a 70. I felt bad but I guess the company needed to hear that honest feed back. Did you think they were salty? Some of the guys got that.

    Well, maybe they will get better with some age.

  5. Now that the audio issues are worked out, I must learn to proof read the credits. “Equforian” Sumatra wrapper. Duh! Good times…

  6. Ed and Tom as always another fine review. I have never tried this line of cigars so I have no comment on them. I think I will stay clear of this one though since you both gave it a big “Stew” thumbs down!

  7. Nice review. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the Opus X one. I’m definitely in Ed’s camp as far as those go. Really interested in seeing how it turns out.

  8. Gentlemen,

    Thanks for an honest review, it is a pleasure to watch your reviews. Unfortunately, not every cigar can or will be great and that really needs to be reported accurately.

  9. Another fine review. You guys make for a good video review as always. It’s always a bummer to spend the time “not enjoying” a cigar. My lunch hour today was spent just that way leaving me wanting to fire up a good one but I was out of time. Oh well on to the next one. Thanks again guys.

  10. I have tried the premier and the classic i really liked the premier better then the classic they both have to rest a while in the humi But frankie from reyes is a great guy so give them another try after you let them rest a few

  11. Thanks all for the comment love. It’s always good to hear feedback.

    Jam- I agree, The Reyes Family are a bunch of great people. I really enjoy their other lines. That fact alone made if difficult for me to say bad things about the two new lines (Premier and Classic). I really wanted to disagree with Ed and give the smoke a thumbs up Brian pic at the end.

    The previous premier I had was OK, but both of Ed’s were bad. I will give them another chance though.

    If anyone had other experiences with them, of course we’d love to hear about it.

  12. I have long been a fan of of Rolando Reyes Sr and the tasty cigars he produced. Sure his big Puros pyramids have been likened to “sucking on a 2″ PVC pipe”, but I like the flavor. Also his Cienfuegos and Cuba Aliados (especially the diademas). Was looking forward to something really great with the Reyes Family Premium Perfecto. What a letdown! The taste is unidimentional and somewhat sour with a woody finish. The caps on both ends are poorly and haphazardly attached and tend to unravel as they heat up, on the foot at least. Carlos Diez has stated that he wants to “take the company to the next level”. This is not the way.

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