Nub Connecticut 464T

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Nub Connecticut 464T

Nub Connecticut

Sorry for the late posting of my review. I wish I had something to blame it on other than me being such a slacker but I am what I am. Anyway, its my pleasure to bring you what is, hands down my favorite Connecticut cigar. Many of you know that I’m always talking about the Rocky Patel Connecticut and how I always reach for one of those by default. Well, the default value has changed as I now reach for the Nub Connecticut.

I’ve said it many times before how I wasn’t really a big fan of the Nub at first. Mainly because I just didn’t get it. Then I attended a Nub Event in my neck of the woods and after that, I was sold. Most folks at the event and those I’ve talked to enjoy the Nub Habano much more and don’t get me wrong, its a great cigar. But if your flavor and body profile are similar to mine, the Nub Connecticut is one fantastic, anytime cigar.

Video runs 15:23 and I try to explain how the Nub Connecticut is the richest medium bodied, Connecticut wrapped cigar I’ve ever had. I say that here because I’m not sure how well of a job I did trying to communicate that point in my video.

Once you’re done enjoying my Nub Connecticut review, head on over to to check out my Cool Thing of The Week as well as viewing my greatest sports accomplishment in over a decade.

Long Ashes!

Cigar Nutrition
Length: 4
Ring Gauge: 60
Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $119(24) / $26(5)

Liked It: Yes
Buy It Again: Yes
Recommend It: Without Hesitation
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26 thoughts on “Nub Connecticut 464T

  1. Awesome review, Jerry. I am so excited to smoke the nub Connecticut 464T as well as the ?360? (I think that’s the number). I just hope my local B&M gets them in soon. They keep telling me they’re on back order. *sigh* But anyway, great review and long ashes!

  2. Jerry,

    Great review, and I could really tell you like this cigar! Like you, I thought this was all hype about the Nub, but I guess I’ll try these after hearing you.
    Don’t be so hard on yourself, calling yourself a slacker when you were ill,(which I know from following you on twitter), ain’t getting it! If you’re ill, you’re ill and we will understand!

  3. Great review Jerry. I was a fan of the RP conneticut as well. So based on your review I will have to look into the Nub version. I have only had the habano Nub so far. Also its nice to see you lighting up on camera again. Screw those cigar snobs!!

  4. Jerry,

    Great review on the Nub. My wife and I just got five last week and we were blown away. Both the Habano and Conn. are excellent -looking forward to trying the Cameroon.

  5. Jerry-
    I totally agree with your review. It blows the RP conn away. I was suprised at the fullness of flavors. The RP is good for beginners and a decent morning smoke, but this Nub is one of my (if not the) favorite conn wrapper smoke now.

    As for meeting RP, you will find he’s a very cool guy. I’m hoping we can get him to come to Ed’s soon!


  6. Jerry,
    As always great review.. I too was not a fan of the Habano.. I am more of a Mild-Medium guy.. but keep my options open and try new products. Also a fan of the RP conn. and much of his line.. meet him a few times and he is really down to earth. Love his vintage 1999 conn. Anyway.. have a great time in Vegas.. oh one last thing.. how about review the RP legion series soon. Bob…

  7. I just tried the Nub Connecticut last week and was very, very impressed by the depth of flavor and character from a Connecticut-wrapper cigar. I had tried the RP Vintage 1999 Connecticut a few months ago and was totally disappointed by the lack of flavor and complexity; I paid $8 for this? I could have just picked up 3 La Vieja Habanas for the same price and been much happier.

    So I was very wary of the Nub Connecticut. I smoked both the Habano and Cameroon first and enjoyed both, saving the Conn. for last–and I was surprised to like it almost as much as the Cameroon (the Habano is still the best). Great stogie!

  8. Jerry the video is so crisp! Are you using the same camera?

    Can you post your current set up again?

    Also what settings do you use to export your videos?

    I am exporting to iPod format, then using the flash video encoder to shrink it down.

  9. Good review, I have enjoyed both the Cameroon and Habano, and was very impressed with both. I haven;t really been of fan of connecticut wrappers, but this review tells me I should, and in the near future as well. thanks!

  10. Jerry,

    Great job and you are right on the money with this one! In regard to lighting it maybe we could use a tiki torch (LOL). Hey, have a great time on your trip and lets tee it up again soon!

  11. Jerry,

    I e-mailed you about my experience with the 460 earlier and you def brought up a couple of things in this review that I kinda missed since my cigar palate is young. I’m glad that I bought a box of these babies because out of the dozen or so cigars that I’ve tried, this is my favorite so far. Great job!

  12. Nice review Jerry! Like Justin I’d like to know your setup as well since your videos seem to have better picture and sound quality than the other videos. Walt still has you beat in actual cigar content and seems to have a more refined palate than your’s. I better stop now LOL. 🙂

  13. For a cigar to overtake the loyal RP Connecticut, it must be something special

    I agree though, I tried my first NUB not too long ago and man, what an awesome cigar. The Nub Conn is just more complex than the RP. Great review as always!

  14. My 1st experience with the NUB connecticut was not that good… It only had a dry woody taste with no creaminess and not that much depth of flavor, but after seeing this review I am gonna give it another try, maybe my initial cigars were not properly humidified or something. Anyhoo, great job as always Jerry!

  15. Nice review Jerry. I prefer the Cameroon but I’m just not a fan of connecticut wrappers in general. But to those wishing to try Nubs get onto cigarbid, they have a twenty cigar sampler that’s at $55 right now which is still a pretty darned good deal.

    Can’t wait to hear the news from Vegas. 🙂

  16. Base on your review jerry i picked up 2 of these and they were awesome. I normally smoke a fuller bodied cigar but these guys just had so much flavor it was great. Thanks for the recommendation.

  17. Jerry,
    I’m with Justin here… What video settings are you using? I suspect your awesome lighting rig also adds to the crisp image, but I’m still curious what your settings are when you export your vids.

  18. Smoked my first Royal Buttera Vintage this morning. What a pleasant surprise this stick was. Connie wrapper and a perfect first smoke of the day.

  19. Jerry thanks for sending me a couple of these to try! Your review is spot on (not that I’m a pro like you).

  20. Jerry,

    I’m actually a bit surprised to hear you say that you now favor this over the Patel Connecticut . While I agree the flavors are slightly better, there is another major reason why I still prefer the Patel smoke:

    -Your smoking style seems similar to mine, in that I like to keep the cigar in my mouth much of the time. A big part of my cigar enjoyment comes from that nose spice you get coming off the cigar as it sits in your mouth. This is really not possible with the nub unless you like tons of smoke directly in your eyes. The Patel Connecticut toro is perfect for doing this, which would explain why I always have at least two boxes of these on hand at all times.

    It is for this reason that I just can’t get into the Nub cigars. They taste decent but the size is just not a size that fits with my smoking style very well.

    I also think that the Nub concept is more of a fad/trend that will pass after it’s uniqueness is discovered. Many people like the fact that most cigars do not start at the “sweet spot” and slowly work their way up to full strength. It’s kinda like working out, you don’t start out at 100% right off the bat, you work your way up to that level. The body prefers gradual changes, not sudden shocks. Just my opinion though.

    Long f’n ashes buddy!

  21. I just got a mixed bag and it had some rocky’s in it and the other day grabed one out of my humi with out looking and took it in the car with me and were do you think i was when i got to light it ? That’s right in connecticut is that wacky i looked at the ring and buged out. Not the nub but reguler one it reminded me of an ashton from the 90’s light waffer flaver with hints of nutty almund stedy flaver till the end. I would consider trying the nub if i get the chance.

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