Cuvee Blanc by Cusano (Guest Review)

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Cuvee Blanc by Cusano (Guest Review)

Its long overdue for todays post, but its better late than never. Today we have yet another guest review. This time its the Cusano Cuvee Blanc by our friend Nathan.

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8 thoughts on “Cuvee Blanc by Cusano (Guest Review)

  1. The review was good, but the poor video quality is distracting and leads me to skip forward a lot in your reviews, other than that a very nice review and nice location for the shoot.

  2. Thanks Tony. I’m aware that my system is quite inadequate. I think I might be switching to written reviews, as cashflow prohibits buying a rig lol.

  3. no waay! I really enjoy these cigar reviews, in this case it seems to be American Front Porch on location? Video reviews are always leaps and bounds better than written reviews and truly gives a live guage for the cigar review….Its well worth the effort and very much appreciated!

  4. Nate, keep the video reviews coming!!! Love em’. Great idea going on-location. That looks like an awesome humidor and a cool place to hang out and smoke one.

  5. Nate,

    I always say this… But do what you do. Video trouble and all, I enjoy the reviews. Sure, I’d prefer you to go get a nice camcorder, but the relaxed attitude and realness makes up for the bad equipment.

    Now, if you decide to do written reviews ALONG with the vids, then I’m all for it 🙂

  6. Yep, keep the vids coming. 😀

    Not my type of smoke but that place seems awesome. Wish we had something similar around here.

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