Por Larranaga (Guest Review)

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Por Larranaga (Guest Review)

This weeks guest review comes compliments of our good friends Tom and Ed. In this video review the Por Larranaga is featured.

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14 thoughts on “Por Larranaga (Guest Review)

  1. At the 2/3 break I noticed that Ed’s San Andreas version had a V-notch cut. I don’t see many people use that. Do you prefer that in general, or do you recommend it for particular blends, or was it just the closest cutter at hand?

    Very enjoyable review. I have enjoyed other Por Larranagas, and will give this one a try, too.


  2. Thanks for answering my question! I’m glad your hair doesn’t start on fire when you purge (whether it be cigars or yourself) πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the great review!

  3. Thanks guys for checking out the review.

    Ed has been sticking with the V cutter for awhile now. Usually when I go out, I’ll take the scissors with me, but at home I use the V often. I think the V cut can enhance a cigars profile due to the focusing of the smoke area. But that’s just my opinion.

    I don’t have too much to offer to the cigar community, but if I can offer any advise about hair, I feel obligated to do so πŸ˜‰

  4. Great review again guys, i really get a kick outta watching them.
    You guys should do a review on that NUB Conn. id like to hear eds take on them and the Nub “theory” of short cigars with huge ring gauges.

  5. Hey guys great review…I like that you both smoked different versions!!

    quick question… is that the “Cuban Grade” or just the regular Por Larranaga?

    Thanks… and keep it going!

  6. I really enjoy y’alls reviews, they are always fun to view.

    How awesome it must be to run a cigar shop, man what a gig!

  7. Rich M,
    This is Cuban Grade version since they mentioned Cuban Importers as manufacturer.

    BTW, Cigars International has them at $40-$50 per box right now. I’ve ordered a box after the glowing review from Tom and Ed. At $2 a stick, you cannot go wrong, IMO.

  8. Thanks again all for checkin out the review and all the comment love.

    Just a reminder… If anyone wants to pick Ed’s brain more, feel free to send it to me on my blog or here.

    Frogman – Maybe Ed can do the conn. and I’ll do another style nub.

    Rich – Danashan is right, it’s the cuban grade.

    Tbone – I’d love to have Ed’s gig! I’ve often threatened to buy him out when he retires in 6-7 years. Now only if I can get the money…

    Danashan – WOW what a great deal! I may have to check it out. Don’t tell ed πŸ˜‰

    Weak link – I’m too am thinking about getting a box now to replace the RP Conn. in my morning rotation.

  9. Excellent!!! after seeing the review I went scouting for these, and just couldn’t believe the price CI was offering them at… so I had to ask πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the reply, and thanks for helping me spend yet another $40 on cigars!

  10. Tom, don’t give me a reason to come to Tampa! I’d pony up some cash to help.

    You would have to do your best to keep me out of the inventory though.

    My only stipulation would be to have SEC football on a few tv’s all fall long.

    sounds like Heaven to me.


  11. I’m a little late on this cigar i guess it’s old news to everyone but me. I just smoked one and thought it was great i bought a 5 pack of the maduro from Cbid about 9 months ago. I’ve been trying to smoke all my shitty cigars to make room in my humidor and since the 5 pack was so cheap i didn’t think it was gonna be any good. I don’t know if its all the garbage cigars i’ve been smoking or the 9 months of aging in my humi but wow. The construction was awesome better then some cigars I’ve paid double for it was jam packed full of tobacco it had a beautiful white tight ash the draw was excellent. i think Ed was spot on real nutty real creamy just a touch of spice consistent through out the cigar it never got harsh even down to the nub which i definitely got to. I didn’t want to put it down well worth the money i spent on it which is hard to say about a lot of other cigars. I just wish Cbid would get more of these the only place that has them right now is J.R. cigars and I’ve never delt with them. Sorry for the long comment i was just blown away and really impressed by this cigar and had to rant about it.

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