Man O’ War (Guest Review)

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Man O’ War (Guest Review)

This Guest Review comes courtesy of Rich Meade
from the Stogie Review Fan Forums

Man O’ War (robusto)
Wrapper: Ecuador (viso)
Filler: Nicaraguan

Location: Smoking room/Office
Paired with: Sweet Tea and Water

Man O' War - 1

Nice construction, wrapper is a deep chocolate brown and has a slight reddish tint to it. There are a couple veins but they are short and not too prominent. The cap looks a little rough, appears to be only double capped, and its not particularly smooth. The wrapper has a nice oily sheen all the way around it. Tightly packed with tobacco, and no softspots to be found. The label is impressive. Very attractive, nice graphic of a helmet flanked by 2 swords. I can’t help but think that this graphic was inspired by the movie Troy as the helmet and particularly the swords look a lot like Achilles’.

Man O' War - 2

First impression:
Slight tobacco aroma from the wrapper, more rounded sweet tobacco smell from the foot, much like raisins, notes of cedar from the head. Cold pull gives cedar and slight black pepper notes, and a little twang of nut. I find the draw to be perfect, but some may find it a little on the tight side.
Light was smooth and easy. First puff is full of toasty nuttiness, I think pecans. Smoke is dense and potent on the tongue. Unfortunately the ash doesn’t appear that its going to be very firm….as at just under 1/2 an inch it plopped onto my keyboard.

Man O' War - 3

First 3rd: (30 min)
Ample amounts of flavor, including leather, pepper, tiny hint of cocoa, an of course nuts. The finish is creamy with medium density, dominated by what is best described as walnut flavors. The wrapper leaves a nice thin coat of oil on the lips, and a slight tingle. When blown through the sinuses, I pick up a little spice, and cocoa. The Man O’ War gives off a nice potent aroma. Its not offensive (to a smoker), but I’m already getting complaints from the girlfriend…so it is strong, It lets people around you know that you are smoking it. The burn is good, a little wavy, but nothing to worry about. Ash is a very light grey, not quite white. After that first ash mishap, I am hesitant to see how far it goes, but it seems a little more rigid now.

Man O' War - 4

Second 3rd: (50 min)
Picking up a little more cocoa, leather flavor is diminishing. Finish is getting a little cleaner, but still nutty, actually leaning more towards a black walnut flavor. Body isn’t increasing like most cigars, it is staying pretty consistent. As far as the nicotine, its not too terribly strong… just a slight buzz.
Near the 2 inch mark (80 min) the cigar starts to get bitter, and unfortunately the flavors are getting dominated. A brief purge rid me of the bitterness for a couple puffs, but also of the last remaining flavors.

Final thoughts:
I’m not typically a “full bodied” smoker, but I really enjoyed the Man O’ War. It has bountiful amounts of flavor that fills every puff, yet isn’t a powerhouse that can only be enjoyed on a full stomach. The flavor is consistent throughout the smoke, with very subtle changes. Some may find it a little boring, but it had enough character to keep my attention. Its advertised as a “full body” cigar, which flavor wise it definitely is, but lacks the punch of nicotine I typically associate with a “full body” smoke. The only real criticism I have is the unpredictable nature of the ash. I have had 3 of these now, and the strength of the ash varied from start to finish on each and every one I had. If you try one of these puppies…I recommend keeping it over an ashtray once any significant ash accumulates.

Did I like it: Yes… great full flavors
Would I buy it again: Definitely
Would I recommend it: Yes…Good example of a Medium strength, “Full Body” cigar, and particularly if you like walnuts!

enjoying cigars since 2005

8 thoughts on “Man O’ War (Guest Review)

  1. Nice review, thanks. Makes me want to pick some up! I’m looking forward to the Black Walnut taste.:)

  2. Great review Rich!
    I had my first Man-O-War a few months ago after picking up a sampler. I loved it! So have all the people I’ve given one to. I’ve seen a few reviews that call this full bodied so I guess I need to modify my definition. I found it to be medium bodied and full flavored.
    Now if I could only keep getting them at $2.50 each…

  3. Great review. I smoked this the other day and I swear that after I removed the band, it looked and tasted very similiar to the Illusione. Not that it’s any cheaper mind you as far as the MSRP goes, however, that being said, as doc8466 noted, you can pick the Man-O-War up on Cbid and the Illusione’s no chance heh.

    I will say, the Illusione’s burn better. My Man-O-War had some minor burn issues but I tend to keep things a tad over humid so I don’t mind 🙂

  4. doc8466, thanks for letting me know they are on Cbid. heh, just placed my bid. man, I have too many cigars. Oh the problems I have. Number 50 right now on the list, looks like I’ll have to smoke 20 more cigars before this batch arrives. Ohh, the challenge!!!

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