VigilantE by Rocky Patel

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VigilantE by Rocky Patel


No I’m not retarded…thats how its spelled with a capital E at the end. Not sure why though? More than likely, most of you have never heard of this cigar by Rocky Patel. Those of you who have, probably have seen them on closeout at your local B&M, Cigars International or up on Cigar Bid.

The VigilantE was introduced by Rocky Patel at the 2005 RTDA (now known as IPCPR) and needless to say…it didn’t stick and thus its regulated to the closeout area. My guess on why it didn’t stick is because of pricing. Boxes would run $120-$200 a box which put it up there with boxes of Rocky’s Vintage stuff. The VigilantE is good…but not Vintage good.

Video runs a short 12:52 and along with reviewing the VigilantE I talk about the 2008 Media Awards,, my favorite cut being the v-cut and my “pink” shirt I wore last week.

Thanks for joining me again at my kitchen table…have a good week, check out my videos, join the fun (hit me up on Twitter or email if you ned an invite) and above all else, Long Ashes!


16 thoughts on “VigilantE by Rocky Patel

  1. I think these may have been blended by Rocky’s team, and may even be manufactured at El Paraiso in Danli…but they aren’t a Rocky Patel/Indian Tabac cigar.

    They are sold and distributed by a guy named Craig Cunningham under the Esteban Carrera group.

    Really not a bad cigar.


  2. Hey Skip! Thanks for leaving a comment. While researching this cigar I came across the Esteban Carrera link to these cigars as well but as I did more digging the size that Esteban offers are different. For example the Esteban Vigilante Petite Corona measures 5.5″ x 43 whereas this petite corona was 4.5″ x 44. Maybe not a huge difference but I’m sure some females will say an inch makes all the difference.

    But in all honesty, I have no clue LOL. I got confused. To me, if Rocky blended it, its a Rocky cigar just like if Pepin blends a cigar, its a Pepin even if Ashton owns it.

    You are right though…not a bad cigar at all.

  3. Hey Jerry, glad you reviewed this cigar.

    I’m a bit mixed on it. While I found it to be typical Rocky construction, i.e. excellent, I was really bored with the cigar. It didn’t have enough Corojo pizzazz for me and to my palate was a Mild Corojo cigar. And with a name like VilantE, I expect something more then the nice old lady waving to me on the corner type cigar it was. So I give this two thumbs down and even at close out discount prices, pass it up 🙂

  4. Thanks everybody for voting!… I don’t think… there was actually.. a vote…

    Jerry, you are HILARIOUS. Your videos always make me laugh man. I can’t help but wait for your videos to arrive on the site. It makes that day of my week seem so much better.

  5. Well, the verdict is in… Pastel Red is now recognized by Crayola as a legit color. Wait, no it isn’t. That was a pink shirt dude.

    You know I have an affinity for anything RP touches and I enjoyed this one too! I’ve only had one so I’d reserve my opinion until I try another. Great review Jerry!

  6. LOL enjoyed the review Jerry! Like Tony said, even when you ramble its entertaining and I have to agree with your wife too…your shirt was pink.

    I think this video was a little too short. I like your normal 15-17 minute review. that seems to be the perfect video length.

  7. Miss…hit…miss, no offense Jerry but first it was the Java Wafe that just didn’t do anything and then you hit a home run with your La Riqueza review last week. This week, same category as the Wafe.

    The rambling is great but choice of cigar is a pass. Like they say on American Idol, “song choice is everything” same can be said here. Good review, bad cigar choice.

    Just being honest bro…

  8. Jerry – Enjoyed the review just like I enjoy all of your videos. Sure this video could’ve been a little longer. Like Mitch said, 15-17 is about my threshold for watching videos online which is another reason to love your videos!

    Congrats on the award from the Cigar Alliance!

  9. Ha ha! The thing is pretty cool! I subscribed via RSS to your feed there. I don’t get to smoke much during the week so this way I can get my cigar fix thru you.

    So where would you rank these among the Rocky Patel line up? In fact a video you ranking your favorite Rocky Patel cigars would be kind of cool.

    I didn’t have any problem with the length of your review. 12 minutes of “The Great Torpedo” is better than none! LOL

  10. Nice find on…

    I’ve had this cigar a few times and you’re right. Its about a step up from a yard-gar. Something a little higher quality that you can afford to ignore while you do other things.

    I think your La Riqueza review was just an amazing review that its tough to follow a great video like that.

  11. Ok so I need to make a correction. I found these at a B&M near me and decided the price was too good to pass on. I smoked it while watching your review again and I have to take back my earlier comment.

    Your review was spot on and this is a pretty decent cigar and when you factor in price, its a great cigar. Thanks Jerry!

  12. Guys,
    I am the owner of Esteban Carreras cigars and Vigilante. Feel free to contact me for any questions you might have. That way you don’t have to just make stuff up.

    Craig Cunningham
    Pres. Esteban Carreras Cigar Co.

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