Old School Duke (Saturday Supplemental)

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Old School Duke (Saturday Supplemental)

This weekend’s supplemental video cigar review is of another interesting stogie selection I picked up at the latest IPCPR. The cigar is the Old School Duke and it’s an Ecuadoran puro. That’s right, and Ecuadoran puro. When the show’s most attractive booth girl offered me the chance to pick one cigar from Old School’s five different lines, it was a no brainer. Even if it’s as mild as an aged Macanudo, I had to give it a shot.

In my quick research for this cigar, I couldn’t find a place online that sells them. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Unfortunately, it means I can’t give you an idea of what to expect price wise. However, I did stumble across the Old School Cigar Company website. And while it didn’t let me know where I could buy more (if the review goes well and I want to), it did clue me in that this might not be as mild a cigar as I anticipated! Now it’s time to light up some Ecuadoran Ligero!

Stogie Nutritional Facts:
Size: 6 x 60 (toro)
Wrapper: Ecuadoran Sumatra Maduro
Binder: Ecuadoran Criollo 98
Filler: Ecuador Sumatra Ligero, Sumatra & Criollo 98 Seco, Sumatra Volado
Smoking Time: 1 3/4 hours
Beverage: Coffee, water
Price: Unknown ~$5.50

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11 thoughts on “Old School Duke (Saturday Supplemental)

  1. ahhh.. back to the videos eh?

    very nice, doesn’t really sound like my cup o’ tea but interesting nonetheless.

    great shirt!
    tho… I would keep to yourself how much you play with your “wii”.

  2. Ah shucks Brian, I always leave comment love on your vid reviews. I’m a slacker on the written ones, I admit it. And no one can compete with Jerry, so we don’t even try. Even Ed knows Jerry has everyone beat.

    Anyway, good review as always. This sounds like a smoke that you’d try if you happen to run across them. But probably nothing you’d seek out.

  3. Good review Brian. I’m in Union, NJ and the cigar shop here sells the entire line of Old School Cigars. In fact, they are the only store in NJ that sells them. On the Old School site, if you go to the Events link, you’ll see the shop that I’m talking about. Call and ask for Dave, maybe he can take an order over the phone and ship them out to you. Tell him Carlos sent you.

  4. Great review Brian. As long as the cigar isn’t as expensive as my $21 MC today that had pretty much the same burn issues I’d be happy! Keep up the good work. Cheers from Tokyo.

  5. Nice job, Brian, I especially like when you throw in “technique” stuff along with the usual review info. I’ve been using Ace Lighting for a few weeks and found exactly the same thing you mention: not so much difference up front, but truly huge improvement deep into the burn on a relight.

    Re price, I found a place in Texas that sells the Duke for $100/20, list was $110 (cigargold.com if anyone cares).

    Looking at the mfgr’s website, the MJH looks pretty interesting (another Ecuadorian puro, but double maduro).

  6. Rich,
    Point taken, I really shouldn’t discuss playing with my Wii in public.

    The Tom Half of Ed and Tom,
    Yeah, I figured you lost that lovin’ feelin’ for my reviews (gone, gone, gone, whoah-oh). I think you’re right, if you happen to find them they’re worth a shot, but given the choice between this and the much more expensive Gurkha Beast, I think you’d be better off selecting this cigar.

    Yep, I saw your review when I was looking around the net for more info. Nice review!

    Thanks to Eric, we now know they retail for aroun $5.50 a stick. Honestly, not too shabby at that price. (A buck cheaper for a robusto!)

    Thanks. Check out the website Eric mentions, they sell a 3 pack sampler for $15.

    Thanks for tracking down the info! Wow, that double maduro does sound good! Too bad the incredibly attractive girl at the booth (who I think is actually the daughter of the owner, so I’m behaving myself) didn’t mention that one before this.

    I have to agree, Ace’s method is now the only way I light cigars. Have you seen the forum discussion on his “passive total toasting” method? If you thought this way was borderline obsessive compulsive, you outta check that out. LOL

  7. Oh, yeah, I saw that thread and I’ve been designing a Massive Overkill Passive Total Toasting Machine(TM). It will have computer-controlled flame front temperature and rotisserie action to give every cigar the perfect light. Once this thing takes off, we can give all the SR forum members jobs and become as big as Microsoft.

    Hey, take a camera to the next show and stop teasing us, eh?

  8. My favorite from their line is the GR8. I always pick some up when I visit their shop in NY. Very shiny, oily wrapper, medium-bodied, and lots of unique flavor that I’ve never tasted in any other cigar.

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