YQMA #36 – Segment One

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YQMA #36 – Segment One

We’re back again with another episode of Your Questions, My Answers. Episode 36 is just Walt and I as Brian was on the road but I think Walk and I do I pretty good job. My apologies up front as you can here the static interference from my iPhone (Skype wasn’t working out for me).

Segment one runs 38:49 and we tackle a question from John about what to do with a bad burn and if the smoker has any recourse with the retailer or manufacturer. We then take a question from across the pond from “D” in the UK about cigar pricing.

Walt and I venture out a bit and talk about the impact lifting the Cuban Embargo would have a non-Cuban cigars. Then its onto cigar packaging thanks to a question from Paul and close up Segment One with a discussion on how important cigar lounges are in a B&M.

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8 thoughts on “YQMA #36 – Segment One

  1. Great 1st segment guys!

    As regards to the UK prices. In the UK the tobacco tax is between 250 – 300% which is why we pay so much for cigars. For instance, an Arturo Fuente Rothchilds Natural which is about $3 – $4 in the US is approx $18 in the UK. On top of that, all the great cigars you have over in the US are near impossible to get in the UK. Which really sucks!! Now my rant is over lol.

  2. Walt, what is this new tobacco ban your talking about that is going to happen in PA? I don’t remember when you mentioned it b/c I was working while listening, but remember you saying it somewhere in Seg. 1 or 2 in this YQMA.

  3. Jon,
    Our Geverner has signed a bill that goes into effect on September 11th. Bans smoking in public places with the exemption of places that make more than 20% of thier revenue in food sales.

    The ban is pretty relaxed but I think it is just a foot in the door to a much more restrictive ban in the future.

  4. Yeah sounds like it’s that kind of thing. I thought that bill was already in place, but I didn’t realize it doesn’t apply until 9/11.

  5. Guys, Great segment as always..I think a lounge is very important considering the movement to ban smoking almost everywhere. I travel some for work and since most Hotels etc are baning smoking rooms etc. I look for a B&M in that town that has a lounge so I can smoke while traveling for work. I dont smoke in the house the GF doesn’t agree with the Smell , so I usuall head over to my local B&M (which has the largest humi in ATL.). Nice group of owners , etc.. plus it is only 3 miles from my house so kinda easy to just pop over after work. Yes it tend to spend to much time there.. price I pay I guess for it being so close.

  6. Jerry,

    I think at the time you visited Mexico you didnt get a chance to skome TE-AMO NICARAGUAN ROBUSTO World Series CIGARS which will change your negetive opinion about mexican cigars. They taste great.

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