YQMA & A Quick Thank You

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YQMA & A Quick Thank You

I’m working on YQMA but I wanted to take a quick moment to thank the Stogie Review community…more like the Stogie Review family.

Its been a tough year for me. It would’ve been a tougher year if it wasn’t for all of you. From the many condolences I received to the personal e-mails to keep my head up and that brighter days will come. All of them have truly been an inspiration to me and have helped me get through many a tough day.

There are so many people to thank. I’d list all of them but I fear I would leave someone out. You know who you are and I thank you. I thank you for not only keeping myself and my wife in your thoughts and prayers but I thank you for keeping the spirit of my Little Robusto alive.

There isn’t enough I can say or do to show my heartfelt appreciation for the kindness, encouragement and inspiration the Stogie Review family has given me. So for myself, my wife and my Little Robusto, thank you for making the past year a little more bearable.

The Great Torpedo


6 thoughts on “YQMA & A Quick Thank You

  1. My father always told me that life is going to throw you curve balls and it’s how you deal with them that makes the man. From an very outside perspective you seem to be rebuilding your life as well or better than anyone I know under the circumstances. Feel free to drop me a line if you ever need to blow steam or are looking for a special smoke to brighten your day. While full of off color remarks on the forums I take the challenges of life very seriously and please know that if there is anything you think I might be able to contribute to improving your day to day struggles, I’m always available for ‘ya brother. Keep your chin up and brighter days are indeed ahead for you and your beautiful, loving wife.

  2. Jerry,
    You deserve all the love that you get here on the Stogie Review. You consistently bring the cigar review heat and do it in a way that makes me look forward to your next vid. Kinda like hangin out with a friend and having a bit o’ chit chat to go along with a good smoke (or not so good smoke!)

    Hell yeah! keep up the good work!

    Peace out Great Torpedo!

  3. Jerry,

    you’re a great guy and deserve all the love sent your way. I’m glad we were able to meet in person to enjoy a cigar last year. Your strength of character throughout the last year has been nothing short of inspirational and I know a great future is in store for you and your family. Take brother brother.


  4. Hard to believe it’s been a year. I remember the original post Walt put here about what happened. I felt sick to my stomach that day.

    It was great to see you come back to SR after such a life altering event.


  5. Cigar lovers are some of the most generous people I’ve ever met, but your sharing this incredibly difficult moment in your life shows a generosity that is truly remarkable. Words fail. Thanks for coming back, bro.

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