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Cigars in Quarantine

Over the past few weeks, the world has become a very different place. Gone are the laughs at your local cigar lounge and, worse yet, the company of family and friends. During stressful times in my life I’ve always used the local cigar lounge as a way to decompress. A place to bust balls, make […]


Whiskey and Cigars

Back in later September, Gilbertsville Cigar Factory hosted an event with Island Jim. In addition to the usual cigar event, there was also Live Music by Dan O’Brien and a Whiskey Tasting from Manatawny Still Works. I always enjoy these events because its a great opportunity for my wife (who doesn’t smoke cigars) and I […]


For Walt

It has been a crazy 2013 so far for us here at The Stogie Review Family. It is hard to put into words all the emotions. What we wouldn’t give for the problems of the past where our biggest worry was whether the server would stay up for IPCPR. Walt and I have formed a […]


Another Final Goodbye

I must have stopped and started this post a million times. The particulars don’t matter too much. I learned when we lost the Little Robusto that the “if’s” and “why’s” can drive you mad. My older brother died this past weekend. He was four years older than me which came in handy my high school […]


November 30th

Last November I penned a post about the 5 Things I Know To Be True (Cigars Edition). November is always a crazy month for me. Lots of highs and lows filled with a roller coaster of emotions. There is the thankfulness for family and friends around Thanksgiving, the sadness of the Little Robusto and today, […]



My dad spent 30 years in the Air Force. As you can imagine that meant a lot of time away from home while me and my brothers were growing up. Other than my dad there have been two influential father figures in my life. The first was a man named Terry Kreft who taught me […]

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