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Brand: Purple Label Torpedo
Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Not Specified
Filler: Dominican
Size: 6″ x 52
Price: $2.85 Purple Label - 1I think I have tried all of the house labels and this one, along with the Red Label, is one of my favorites from them.

The wrapper on this guy is a nice and pale. Its slightly veiny and firm to the touch. The wrapper smells wonderfully sweet and I think I smell some nutmeg. It really smells great. The pre-light draw on this is smooth with no problems whatsoever.

It lit really easily, but I think I am a poor lighter of cigars because it burned a bit unevenly. I tried to fix it, but I think I really screwed it up…check out the pic. The smoke smelled like baking brownies…regular brownies, not those ‘special’ ones. 🙂

The first draw on this bad boy was sweet and remained throughout the first third, I was picking up some walnut flavors and hints of licorice. As I smoke more and more sticks, I am finding that I really enjoy those with that licorice…really nice.

Into the second third I was picking up a bit of a vegetable flavor. This is going to sound weird as I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but the best way to describe that flavor was bitter greens…like arugula or something. I kind of liked that angle of the smoke and further into the second third, I was getting some woodsy, cedary notes.

“welcome back…your dreams were your ticket out” yep, I’m transitioning into the final third now and that licorice flavor has returned. There is also a bit of pepper that tingles the back of the mouth.

In my opinion, the best part of the cigar is the finish. I have finished the cigar 15 minutes ago and I have a real nice amaretto flavor on the palette.

Overall, I enjoyed this stick. For an inexpensive smoke, this is a good one and I recommend you add a few of these onto any order. Skoal!

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  1. Great review. 😀 I’ve never tried one of the house brands cause I never go there. They’ve always seemed on the pricey side for me.

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