Tatuaje Noella Reserva

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Tatuaje Noella Reserva


Hmmm maybe thats Reserva Noellas…whatever, it don’t matter. Its not important. What is important is that these Noellas are bang’n. Imagine if a Tatuaje Black and a Tatuaje Brown got together, hooked up and had babies. Pete Johnson describes the Tatuaje Noella Reserva as a “little monster” (in reference to The Frank in his Monster Series) but I call them a flavor bomb! If I were to play a game of Thermonuclear War, I’d want this flavor nuke on my side. It be game over for my enemy!

Unfortunately only 5,000 of these were rolled. I’m blessed that I have 22 of these flavor bombs left. I actually feel a bit guilty having that many. This is one of those cigars that should be experienced. So who knows, if you watch the video there maybe a way for you to disarm my nuclear arsenal and leave me with only a dozen flavor nukes.

Video runs 13:20 and like I say in the video, if there was a Tatuaje heaven the streets would be paved with Triunfador, La Riqueza and these Tatuaje Noella Reserva! Don’t get any better than that my friends. Long ashes!

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141 thoughts on “Tatuaje Noella Reserva

  1. haha that cigar you had before eating the cookies from Safeway was the Graycliff Purple label I think. Great review as always Jerry!

  2. I never thought one of your reviews would make run to the kitchen for cookies ,but since I dont have the tatuaje to smoke I had to settle for second best.Keep the good reviews coming.Your my source of entertainment all week long.

  3. I’m pretty sure that this cigar gets the highest review from you of all that i’ve seen so far. It’s extremely generous of you to part with them in order to hook up some lucky bastard. Keep up the great reviews, I always look forward to watching them!

  4. Its funny, on the latter half of the video review you are as giddy as a 16 year old kid that just got laid. “It’s the fuckin life!” haha.
    You had me with the cookie comparison, now to find this elusive stick…

  5. Hey, it wasn’t the Cohiba EL 2006 I have been begging for, but a great review. I can’t find full boxes of these out there anywhere. Just the robusto. Enjoyed thoroughly – just curious, do you sit down at all??

  6. What a nice day to smoke a cigar. This is a really good review. A cross between a brown and black label sure sounds appealing. I was also surprised at the straight burn line. It seemed as though you had a fair amount of wind.

  7. Great review! I wish I had that great weather to smoke cigars outside. Sounds/seems like a great cigar, dying to try it.

  8. Great review bud, i’ve had the chance to smell one of those bad boys. The sent the foot has is very unique. Im not even sure how to describe it.

  9. Thanks for another great review. I also really appreciate you making my Pepin whoriness even worse with yet another stick to try and find 🙂

    Look forward to your next one buddy…

  10. One more great review by the Great Torpedo! Here is yet another PJ smoke to add to my ever growing wish list. Thanks for the review, Jerry!

  11. Oh man that sounds like a good stick. Great review two, always nice to see you so excited.

    also have to say i know exactly what you mean by the great weather, ive been able to have 3 days of outdoor smoking in Rockville, just wish i had one of those to smoke.

  12. Oh ya, got to love Pete Johnson. And this cigar got a “seal of fuckin approval” LOL!!! Nice. Is that like on a scale of 1-10 getting an 11?

  13. Thanks for the review and a good laugh. Sounds like a great smoke, I need to keep my eyes open for this bad boy. Must be nice to have 68 degrees to herf in. We had 6 inches of snow yesterday and rain today…only in Wisconsin.

  14. I just got a box of ramon allones specially selected and they rule! I dont think I have the balls to smoke one in front of the white house though. I also just got a triunfador and I cant wait to try it because of your review. Your the man Jerry! Thanks for the reviews.

  15. Wow. Sounds like you need a glass of cold milk around when you smoke that. I gotta say though.. having seen the orgasmic enjoyment you experienced smoking this Tatuaje, it was almost more entertaining watching you suffer through the 5 Vegas Knuckle.

  16. Nice review Jerry. I really like the regular ones. I wonder if anyone around here carries these ones. Hope so!

    I had the opportunity to smoke quite a few cigars this past week, as the weather was nice on my visit to Ohio. Nice weather and cigars mix very very well.

  17. Great review J, now I just feel silly that I didn’t look fo rthis brand at all (even a different line) while in Cuba I did not hunt for any Tatuaje. I stuck with getting the boxes of Partagas serie D #4, and Siglio 3’s. After this review I think I need to get back there

  18. Nice review Jerry! Im glad youve been on the site a lot recently….

    Btw, I read your post about Janny Garcia finding out the 5vK. That must be very awkward when a roller/owner finds out there cigar wasnt on par…

    Pete on the other had should be very pleased =D


    Ha great vid. I could tell you were liking it when you suddenly started swearing profusely. Fuckin excellent

    u da man jerry

  20. Damn your reviews of cigars that are highly unavailable! Do you get pleasure out of reviewing cigars that we likely won’t be able to find? It’s pure torture! 😉

    I really need to buy some of the Tatuaje line, I have not tried any of his stuff yet.

  21. Great job Great Torpedo,

    Anyone, I repeat anyone, can sit/stand in front of a camera and do a cigar review. But not just anyone, can sit in front of a camera and be so FREAKIN ENTHUSIASTIC as you are. That’s what keeps me coming back for your reviews. Thanks again.

  22. Man, you just keep putting out awesome review after awesome review. I wish the weather in sunny Illinois was as nice as it is over there…I’ve been unable to go out and smoke for close to a week. It’s kiling me!

    As always, great review, loved the swearing…haha, and keep up the good work, man!

  23. Great review, I got my old lady out in the kitchen baking cookies until I track one of them puppy’s down 🙂

  24. Great review by the Torpedo. Seems Pete has a new stalker. I need to save up some nickels and get me some of Tatuaje’s finest.


  25. I can always tell when there is a contest…there are always 100 friggin comments after a post! lol

    Great review and now you got me dying to try one of these. Back in college I was into music that was hard to find around here…and the bands I liked always released albums in ‘super limited’ packaging that I would die for and kill for.

    Seems like this is my lot in life. Now I am about cigars that are super limited and hard to find! Why can’t I catch a break. At least my taste in women isn’t as refined! lol

  26. Great review! – Keep up the good work & send me some!!! Haahaa!!!

    I think Pete will be making some more- There are no ‘special’ components, just extra-darek Conn broadleaf over the reg Noella…. awesome combo!

  27. 200 boxes and none for me… Boo Hoo… So far I am going to need to win the Torpedo lottery to smoke some of these bad boys!

    Seriously brother thanks for the review!

  28. Man, now I’m kickin’ myself for not picking up some of these when Pete Johnson was in town last month! I enjoy your reviews and this cigar sounds like a must-smoke!

  29. LOL! Jerry, I think you nee a new seal of approval. This one should be Seal of Fucking Approval!
    I really need to get on the ball with Tatuajes now if I can find them. I only tried one long time ago and didn’t think it was all that. I need to revisit that now!

    Keep up the good work!

  30. I laughed, I cried, I rubbed my eyes in disbelief at yet another cogent review. A few too many f-bombs though…

  31. Hi Jerry
    Great Review , I love to try these cigars but i cant get them or any tatuaje’s annywere in Norway. I am looking into Stogie rewiew every day for news.And i love it, good work .Looking forward to the next rewiewe.

  32. Great review Jerry !

    How did you get a hold of these ? I swear, Michigan never has any of the hard to find cigars. Basically what I am saying is you should feel bad 😉

  33. Jerry…… Great review as always…. your reviews always keep me informed and also entertained trying to keep up with the number of f-bombs you drop. Looked like beautiful weather and a perfect cigar for an afternoon on the front porch. Keep up the great work….enjoyed as always!!

  34. Great review Jerry,I take it that it’s a WOW cigar and the burn on it looked great also. Man, sounds lie a great cigar.

  35. Hey Jerry, what a review! I’m running out now to try to find these.
    The last review, the one on the Triunfdor, I went right out to my store and the guy ask what I was looking for and I told him and I said you might not have them and he unlocks this cabinet and he had a box! He said he and one other store had one box. I hope he has a reserva there also.
    I do have one question that I been wanting to ask, on those pigtail cigars. what’s the proper way, bite off the pigtail or snip it?
    Anyway if I don’t find them I hope you put me in the running for a fiver.
    Thanks again and keep up the GREAT reviews.

  36. Hey Jerry,
    Love the review! I am Tat junkie! I had a West Coast last night. Honestly, have you ever had a Pete Johnson stick that wasn’t at least memorable? I love them all. Thanks for all your work on Stogie Review. I recently joined Twitter. I don’t know what the hell I am doing. I feel kinda like a stalker! Anyway thanks again for the giveaway opportunity.

  37. Great review Jerry! I love the regular noellas, but have never tried these. Thanks for the info.

  38. What up Jerry,

    You are just a Mad Man with all reviews lately. Why must you keep adding cigars to my want to try list? Just kidding thanks for all the hard work you put in on the site I love having something new to check out everyday.

    PS pick me I can’t find any of these at my local B&Ms.

  39. Jerry, I enjoy all your reviews because they don’t seem scripted. Seems like you’re just enjoying a cigar and letting us know what you think, plain and simple…oh and the occasional f-bomb keeps it light…like you said, it’s your site so you do what the heck you want. Peace

  40. Seems to be a really good smoke that is fpr sure but taste is subjective so you should require any winner to submitt a quest review on these. And here is a good oportunity to get a review in Swedish as well of of course an English version will be done as well. The choice is yours ; ) . Stogiereview is for sure a good place for first of all reviews and also for inpisration of trying new smokes. Thanks for a gerat site and good content.

  41. Really enjoy your reviews, always straight to the point. My first Tatuaje was the Havana VI angeles, a great petit corona, that was feisty straight of the box 2 years ago. I still have some and the cigar mellowed and turned into a nice medium smoke. I wonder what aging would do to these noellas reserva (assuming anyone could resist the temptation of smoking them all)? I’m looking forward to your upcoming habanos reviews!

  42. Man, Jerry- You’re making this Tatuaje whore jealous. I was late to the punch in picking some of these up and am now considering a life of prostitution to drum up the funds needed for Pete to make some more for me. Which reminds me, I should start doing squats again.

    Great review, as always.

  43. Great Review Jerry! These sound like something I’d really be interesting in trying, especially when you compared them to the brownies/cookies…my search begins lol

  44. Oh man this cigar definitely piqued my interests, not to mention my humidor is running dangerously low.

  45. Jerry,

    Why does Pete seem to release only a certain amount of cigars that are out of this world? Next time you sit down to rap with him, ask him that question for me. Anyways great review as always.


  46. Jerry,
    You do some great reviews but man I enjoyed watching you get pumped with the flavor of that Reserva Noella. The further you got into it the happier you got and it seemed to really make your day. The broadleaf is one of my favorite wrappers. I usually smoke Maduros and those chocolate flavors you described are what I really look for when searching out cigars. You damn near got me salivating when you started with that “chocolate bomb” that hit towards the half way point.

    I think giving away two fivers = GOOD EXECUTIVE DECISION!!!

    Keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed. (man this is gonna be a tough week).

    Long Ashes back at ya!

  47. Ok Jerrbear, you got my really wanting some of these now!!

    If you hook me up with a fiver I’ll give a couple to Ratters from the fan forums since we herf together all the time and that way you can share the love with even more people!

  48. Jerry,great review,how about a milk stout to go with that cookie of a cigar! Keep up the great work.
    Long F@*ki&g ashes!

  49. Jerry, I thought this cigar was going to bring a tear to your eye! Great review, I love the enthusiasm. Now I gotta find me a couple, or win the contest…

  50. Good thing my girfriend brought home some girl scout cookies! So good you couldnt even talk. lol great review

  51. Great review as always Jerry. I have to give these a try soon. Pete seems to be hitting a home run with everything he touches. BTW, nice work on the interview as well. Keep up the good work!

  52. PICK ME. PICK ME. PICK ME. LOL. Seriously though Jerry to give away cigars like that is extremely generous. This is just one more reason why you and your reviews are so loved on the Stogie Review. Your recommendations are always spot on. Hell I even ran out and bought a box of those damn cookies after the Graycliff video and they are now something I get all the time. Anyways keep up the great work and long fuckin ashes.

  53. Great review Jerry. Never mind Eric and Ratters, they have enough great cigars down there in Cali. How about breaking some ground and being responsible for introducing the Tat Reserve to Canada? lol.

  54. This was my first time on your site and I enjoyed your review. I’ve only had a few Tats but have really liked them, in fact I seem to like Nicaraguan cigars in general. I will have to try and get my hands on a few of the Noella Reservas, they sound awesome.

  55. Enjoyed the video. Another one I need to try. Thurs I turn 50 if that helps my chances:)

    I was one person away on the Winter Blend giveaway ;(

  56. The noellas are my favorite Tats. Hard to imagine a better smoke. Seems like Pete is covering everything with CT broadleaf lately.

  57. Love Pete Johnson’s stuff, especially the El Triunfador. Would love to get a chance to enjoy these.

  58. Aloooohaaa

    hey jerry have you ever tried tim tam, man those are the bomb!!!

    dont know how many cigars i bought (or didnt buy) based on your reviews but you never let me down

    pete johnson is suppose to be here in hawaii april 1, hopefully he will bring some ‘exclusivo to hawaii five -o’s’

    excellent review


  59. wow… your enthusiasm about this cigar is infectious!

    I had the exact same reaction to the J21, (will do a review of it soon), I hope to get my hands on some of these!

  60. now that was one cool cigar review. You were really into the cigar! That made my day just to watch! Thanks!

  61. Great review Jerry! Looks like you’re getting some nice herfing weather. It’s been in the 70’s for the last week…I’ve been able to keep the door of the Havana Cabana open during my nightly smoke.

  62. My buddy told me he had heard great things about this cigar but I had totally forgotten about them. Glad you reviewed them, great vid.

  63. JERRY!!!

    Nice to see you are reviewing more Cubans… it looks you guys may be able to travel to the motherland soon and smoke in Havana and Varadero!

    Great interview with Pete, the guy has more projects in the works than the government.

    Do you need my mailing address for the Tat fiver? 😉 just kidding bro…



  64. Bro! I love all of petes stuff, I wish I could get ahold of some of these. Great review!! I am totally digging you doing more reviews brotha.


  65. totally love your reviews

    hey jerry you got me salivating to try and get one of those cigars.Thanks for your great reviews finally someone that tells it like it is,and actually appreciates a good smoke

  66. When I die I want to go to Tatuaje heaven, a magical place where I expect to meet Mark “If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go.” Twain and we will dine on cookies from Safeway.

  67. you look like uncle phil from fresh prince of bel-air, but sexier.
    nice job Jerry on the reviews keep them coming!

  68. damn i thought i was back in puerto rico or something with the intro song lol

    good job 🙂 gonna try and hunt some of these down to see wassup.!

    PS: that episode with the cookies you were talking about, we tried to look for that video the last time i went over the house LOL

  69. Great Review as usual Jerry. I hope my B&M get a box of these so I can at least try one. Missing out on PJ sticks suck! The Monster to name one…Anyways, keep up the good work!

  70. Dude settle down with the F-bombs! I can’t watch these video reviews with my wife anymore cause you’re talking like Eddie Murphy in RAW! LMAO. Good review man, I can tell you loved that cigar.

  71. Thanks for the review Jerry. I’m liking the Cuban cigar reviews also and would like to see more of those.


  72. Jerry you are one generous generous man for offering yet another great giveaway. Thanks for another awesome review. We need even more Jerry reviews!!!!

  73. twist my arm to leave you a comment… fine. Love your reviews, man. And those safeway cookies are still some of the best you can buy from a store.

  74. Jerry,

    I’ve wached many of the reviews on his site, and this F”n review had me laughing out loud. I have never left a comment before, but after watching 23 minutes with Pete and this review I think you’ve out done yurself.

    Great shit…….I can’t wait for the next review.

    You have to add a PSD 4 to your reviews soon.


  75. I’m guessing you liked this cigar.

    I don’t normally watch all through video podcasts, but I couldn’t help catching a good vibe off how much you were enjoying the Noella… Can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of smoking the non reserva or the Monster, but I am certainly intrigued.

    Keep up the good work on the smokes and the reviews. Loved the interview with Pete as well.

    And, yes, I do hope I win because these sticks sound like heaven.

  76. Inspired! Anyone who watches has to find out what it is that could that to you. This one goes down in the all time great reviews. Thanks.

  77. Jerry,
    I love watching you review a cigar, because you really tell it like you see it, and there’s nothing better than hearing you rave about a cigar that you really love. The only thing that might be more fun is to hear you go off on a cigar that you hate (like the knuckle; that was hilarious). Anyway, to have a box of these and be willing to send nearly half of them away to others, that is truly inspiring. Keep up the reviews, and you’ve got about a truckload of karma.

    p.s. about the F-bombs, please ignore the complaints about your language; that’s one of the things that I like about your reviews; the fact that you just talk like you normally would among friends. Keep being yourself, brother, and keep up the great reviews. Don’t ever start thinking too much about what you want to say; you’ll end up writing for CA or some shit like that.

  78. Wow, that was a hell of a glowing recommendation. Great review, as always. I love the site, and am happy to see you guys out reviewing and smoking fine, fine cigars, as we all would love to do. You guys have a real enthusiasm, and it carries through to us viewers when you either really love or really hate what you smoke. Keep up the good work!

  79. I am with you on the Triumfador and La Riqueza…Few sticks can beat those, if any….maybe the Pepin JJ…these must be awesome. Thanks for a great review

  80. Jerry,Had a rough week at work and came home watched your review and you had my mouth just watering ,love the TATs,keep up the great work,Gary

  81. Jerry,
    You picked these up at The Humidour in Timonium correct? Do they normally carry a wide range of Tatuaje or were they brought in for the event?

    I’ve only been to the shop once when Sam Leccia came to town for a Nub event. I just happened to be in York, PA for a wedding and spent the morning at the shop. Great place and Feeney (Finney, I can’t spell her name…lol) was an awesome host with an awesome shop.


  82. Reggaeton?

    Nice. HaHa your video reviews are the shiznit man. I picked up some Triunfador’s on your recommendation and they were pretty frikkin tasty, so now I’ll hunt some of these down.


  83. Another great review Jerry! My all time #1. stogie experience was smoking a tatuaje havana VI on a brooklyn rooftop over looking the Manhatten skyline with my best friend. Looks like that smoke lives up to Pete’s other blends and you really enjoyed it! Long fuckin ashes as you would say!

  84. Great review Jerry! I love how “happy” you are when describing this cigar. The smile is like my 2 yr. old when I tell him we are going to the ice cream shop. F’n hilarious.

  85. Wow, what can I say. Great review. Any cigar that is a baby of the black and brown, well, I wanna taste! I want to be the godfather of this sucker!

  86. Jerry,

    I just got started with cigars not too long ago and it was your reviews that got me really interested. I really enjoy your reviews because they are always entertaining and have good information. Every time I watch a review of yours I end up adding a new cigar to my need to try list, and the way things are going I’m not sure if I will ever get to a lot of them (poor college student at the moment haha). Anyway keep up the good work and I look forward to future reviews.

  87. the El Triunfador may be an orgasim but before you have ejaculation on needs the Tatuaje Noellas Reserva foreplay.
    tastes great and less calories than chocolate.more ladies out there should explore cigars and this would be a good start.

  88. Hey jerry, Awesome review!!! I just watched your review of the El Triunfador after this one and I just bought a 5’ver of those. Maybe I’ll be lucky and get a free 5’ver of these too 🙂 RIP Little Robusto

  89. You know.. I used to not like watching video reviews. Some of the drag on and on, but yours are quite enjoyable and has lit a fire under my ass to consider doing them.. but i tend to mumble so it might not be any better then my typo flawed reviews.

  90. Thanks to all for entering the contest and special thanks to some of you tricky folks who tried to enter under different but similar e-mail addresses using the same IP. LOL.

    The two winners are:

    Craig & Jabba – Guys looks for an e-mail from me.

  91. Jerry I have to say I’m smoking my third one of these now and have to agree with you dead on they are freakin amazing. Quite possibly the best cigar I have had in a while.

  92. Great review. I haven’t tried any Tatuaje smokes yet, but I’m going to look for this at my local shops.

  93. Nice review Jerry. I am drooling from your review. I had to get out my smaller humi and start sniffin DPG stogies to satisfy. Thanks

  94. Nice review Jerry! Definately made that cigar sound delicious. Maybe I will stumble across one some day.

    Congrats to the winners!

  95. Great smoke, right Jerry? I picked up a box of these myself, and I’m not positive, but my understanding is that the box date is the date these were boxed, not rolled. I think they were actually rolled in 2006, but that they weren’t all boxed at the same time. Cheers!

  96. hi jerry i allways mail you but you never get back to me but please this time you must it’s very very importent!!!!!!! i have to say im one of the bigest cigar collectors and im a huge huge tatuaje whore i have everything from pete johnson by the box’es not box boxes lol…anyway please man pleas ehelp me out im a tatuaje whore in need of seious help you said you feel bad cause you have a box and i cant get my hands on one im smoking one no the regios and i have the noeallas in my humi i should have smoked the smalll guy cause by all this is my favorate tatuaje cigar ever as well as the black and el triunfador and cabiguan guapo but this i hate to say in on the #1 sopt for tatuaje please let me buy a few from you so i can let some age please man help me out mail me back asap at ericstevens_910@hotmail.com PLEASE PLEASE lol long fucking ashes oppss my ash was to long and fell lol

  97. I got a box recently and I’m smoking one right now. I feel harshness and an overwhelming earth flavor, which disappoints me. But I’m smart enough to know maybe it needs age. Tatuajes in general are worth it to me (in particular I am digging the lancero brown label a lot right now) so I’ll be patient with these reservas and see what’s what in 6 months.

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