Trinidad INGENIOUS Edicion Limitada 2007

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Trinidad INGENIOUS Edicion Limitada 2007


Back with another Habanos review. Trust me when I say I have a back log of these to do. Look forward to a Cohiba Pyramids Edicion Limitada 2006, a Punch Punch and a very lovely aged Bolivar but this week I have the first and only Edicion Limitada made by Trinidad.

The Trinidad Ingenious Edicion Limitada 2007 features a maduro wrapper and a filler thats been aged for two years. I’ve read some mixed reviews of this cigar and I have to agree with the majority.

Video runs around the 14 minutes mark and while I didn’t have any burn or construction problems and for the most part enjoyed the flavor profile, I don’t think I got everything that this cigar has to offer. Its flavors, while enjoyable, felt under developed for its Edicion Limitada status and its hefty price tag. I do see some potential in the Trinidad Ingenious and I’m excited to revisit this cigar in 8-14 months.

For this week’s giveaway, 5 pack of Camacho Cajones, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post by @ChiefHava -> Camacho Cajones Backstory

The winner for last week’s contest is Carolyn G. Carolyn G has won six (6) Ambos Mundos robusto cigars (3-Sumatra, 3-Habano).

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31 thoughts on “Trinidad INGENIOUS Edicion Limitada 2007

  1. Jerry,

    Did you put the rest of that cigar down when you went inside to watch Hockey? Clip it… Chunk it?

    Just curious as I am often bummed when I have to put down a stick that cost more than $10 pre-maturely for whatever reason.

  2. people- if the Embargo is to end soon then you have to realise one thing : Cuban tobacco is not your standard Dominican or Nicaraguan Tobacco. This stuff has to be properly aged – the ELs are not really ready for smoking , give them a year or two and they will blow you away

  3. Nice review Jerry. I’ve smoked cigars that I anticipated to be great only to be a little disappointed in the lack of complexity. Solid smokes, just boring. Price has a lot to do with it also.

  4. Jerry,

    I agree 100%, its good, but “LE” good? No. Worth the price? Probably not, i rather smoke a Bolivar Royal Corona $8. BUT if you do want an awesome cuban Trinidad go after the Fundy’s (lancero) its worth EVERY penny. Another good one is the Coloniales which is an extreme bargain $7/8 a stick.

    None of the LE’s from 07 did it for me, but i think out of all of them this one was the best and the one with the most potential in about 6 – 12 months.

    Great job 🙂

  5. Nic pic there Jerry! While I’ve never had these and my exposure to Cuban cigars is very limited I found your review very enjoying as usual.

    Sorry about your Caps…tough loss.

  6. Nice review Jerry. Keep these short reviews coming. I actually have time to watch these.
    The ChiefHava info on the Cajones is pure gold. A nice bit of research included in that.

  7. nice job…what do your neighbors think of all this?

    “There’s that weird guy again…smoking and talking to his computer!”

  8. As always great review Jerry. Keep them coming. Course we’re going to show you some love when all you guys put in such hard work =].

  9. Just had a questions is there a chance anytime in the future reviewing the Diamond Crown Maximus cigar by the Fuente,Olive,Newman families. if your willing I would gladly send you one.

  10. Thank you sir for another nice review. I think a few more years of age would do this cigar wonders but I agree that it falls a bit short for an LE. From my time in Bmore going to O’s games, I remember these Yankees game where suddenly it seems like the entire town is wearing pinstripes, annoying indeed.

  11. Anders you could be right but everywhere I read it describes the Ingenios as:

    First ever Edicion Limitada from the Trinidad Family. Tobacco aged for 2 years, with dark/maduro wrapper. This Cuban Lonsdale will suit smokers who enjoy subtle, slow smokes. As the name suggest, Edicion Limitada, these cigars are produced for one year only and in limited quantities.

    Based on the info I found from several sources, its a maduro wrapper.

  12. Hi

    yes, this is very strange, but now i have checked my own three boxes, nothing about maduro on them. I then checked with two cigar merchant, only caring cuba cigars and both said no. They are dark, as the Partagas Série D Nr. 5 Edicion Limitada 2008, but they are not a maduro, nor the Serie D Nr 5.

    I also checked the habanos homepage, not that much information, but nothing about maduro
    which they give for the Cobhiba maduro (where they really point out that its a maduro)

    I also notice (never used cigar-wiki, i just dont trust them to many stupid people out there) that many homepage, and not that trustworthy cigar shoppes say its maduor and what i think they mean is that it has a maduro color to it, but there is plenty of cigars with maduro color but still not a maduro fermentation.

    So sorry to say, but you didn’t smoke a maduro cigar, still a very good cigar

  13. Anders –

    Unfortunately if you checked out Cigar Wiki you’d see that its updated by La Casa Del Habana and Habanos S.A. and not by your typical user like most wikis.

    Its interesting how we both get different stories. From my sources and other Cuban boards I belong to they say that its a “natura”l Maduro so to speak where they use the highest leaves on the plant and are left to ripen longer. That people confuse Maduro with Dark when in fact, translated Maduro simply means Mature. Unfortunately now one can say how long they have to ripen to be considered a maduro.

    Interesting stuff…I think I’ll just go with what Pete Johnson says about Maduro cigars…he simply says “it’s broadleaf, leave it at that. We don’t do anything to make it darker like most do, so if you think it’s maduro, fine, if not, fine. It is what it is.

    Too much confusion for me and I don’t like to think this much. Thanks for providing more info…as always, I’ll leave it up to the reader/watcher to decide for themselves.

  14. Your usual great job Jerry! You need to mark this as your Cinco de Mayo 2010 smoke, that will put you about where you want to be for aging!

  15. Will you please e mail me back the trusted site you use for the Cuban cigars you have been reviewing. Love all your reviews btw.

    Thank you…

  16. A very good Trinidad is the Robusto T. This EL is the one Trinidad I have never tried! I am not a big fan of the Edicion Limitadas. I have smoked them all, from the very first DIC 00 box codes. The Montecristo Robusto from that original release (they came out in Spring 2001, a month or two AFTER the Habanos Festival) is my all time favorite EL. The reason I don’t generally like them is that they rarely taste like the Marca they are supposed to represent; ELs taste like OTHER ELs, lol. They are often rather one dimensional, with that sweet “EL” flavor profile overwhelming all other flavors. But some HAVE been good, most notably the Montecristos and just a couple of others. The 2007 R&J Escudo was phenomenal.

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