Petite Tatuaje

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Petite Tatuaje

Petite Tatuaje

Not sure how many “small cigar” reviews we’ve done on The Stogie Review. While I’ve tried a few of the small cigars out there, I’m normally not a fan. My experience has always been less than noteworthy. They always seem to burn too hot and too harsh for my liking. When I bought a cab of the Petite Tatuaje I did have a little reservation as it came to about $3 per cigar. A cab of 50 is a lot of cigars but the Tatuaje whore in me surfaced and said what kind of Tatuaje fanboi would I be if I didn’t have these in my collection?

Video runs 8:39 and I think if you’ve had bad experiences with small cigars like I have, don’t let that steer you away from the >Petite Tatuaje. It definitely stands a part from and above other small cigars. If you’re a purveyor of small cigars or a Tatuaje whore then you won’t be disappointed in these little “appetizers”. It might be a small cigar but it packs big flavor.


67 thoughts on “Petite Tatuaje

  1. Nice review Jerry! I am a Tat Whore, and this is the one Tat I haven’t tried. I love smaller smokes, as most of my smoking is done on my lunch breaks at work, so I need something quick, that tastes good. One of my favorites is the J. Fuego Corojo #1 gran reserva Minuto. its about 4×38 and its a perfect little smoke for lunch. I’ve been meaning to try a few of these tats, but my local shops sells em for $4.00/stick, and I just can’t justify that.. And I don’t really want to buy an entire cab until I can try a few first. As usual, nice review, and sorry you had to go back home from your vacation bro!

  2. Nice review Jerry. You are a give-away MACHINE! I have had a few little cigars. Some CAO Flavours, which I thought were disgusting. The only others was a couple tins of the Cohiba Blacks. I remember enjoying them quite a bit. I typically don’t pay much attention to the little ones because… well, I just don’t.

    Nice review Jerry. See you on the forums!

  3. I’ve had a few tiny sticks. I picked about 10 up from a little B&M a couple months ago and they weren’t bad, they burned extrememly hot, so I really had to slow down smoking them, but like you said Jerry, they are good for when you just don’t have time to smoke a “regular” cigar. I found that they work wonders when on a 20-30 minute trip around town or to/from work.

  4. Hi Jerry,

    One of my favorite small cigars is the Hoyo Petit Robusto (4 inches, 50 ring).They are full of flavor but at the same time very smooth and well rounded. The drawbacks are construction is just average and it needs to be aged for at least six months. Great to smoke in the summer with top shelf blended scotch (a single malt will overpower it).

    As usual, great review. Thanks.

  5. I’ve had a lot of small cigars recently. I’ve been reviewing all of the ones I’ve had so far in the Fan Forums under the “Tom’s weekly cigarillo thread” I agree that some have a tight draw, but some like the montecristo white, the Cohiba Red, and some others arent that bad. Also some burn hot due to the small ring gauge, but in my experience you just have to keep it between 1 and 2 puffs per minute.

  6. Nice small cigar review Jerry! I’ve tried small Ashtons, Padrons, and Hoyo de Monterreys. I would have to say my favorite “small” (if you would consider it small) cigar is the Montecristo #4, a nice 45min to 1hr smoke.

  7. I’ve only experienced little cigars within the flavored arena. My feelings toward small cigars is like my feelings towards mopeds. I secretly want to buy one, but would not want to be caught with one. I don’t know , it is just how i feel.

    To counter this feeling, I am sure the Tatueje name will tell the haters of small cigars to STFU! It’s like when some of my buddies were talking crap about me smoking Drew Estate Krush until they tried it and thought it was good. All I have to end with is to say more smoking, less hating.

  8. Great review, I have never tried a small Tatuaje or any other Tatuaje although I have had a lot of Pepins cigars lately. small cigars are just perfect when you don’t have the time for something bigger and to give away to new Bs . my favorite is the macanudo robust, they come in a tin of 10 same great flavor as the bigger sizes which is what you’re looking for. I’m pretty sure they are machine made but they burn great, a bit hotter than I like but the flavor is still awesome.

  9. Awesome review on the petite. My experience with small cigars i had a romeo & julieta from a tin that somebody gave me it was okay. I also had the petite cabaiguan cause it was 3.50 at my local b & m and i had never tried the cabaiguan. It was good lasted longer then i thought and had a great taste can’t complain.

  10. I’ve tried small CAO flavors before and they were okay. The small Bacarrats are absolutely vile. My favorite small smoke by far though is the small Ashton maduros. I highly recommend those.

  11. Hi Jerry
    Nice review as always.I have a couple of Don Diego Aniversario Petit Corona inn my humidor and i think they are very good. Bought them inn Turkey a couple of year’s ago, and i have been smoking them when there is not so much time to spare. I think they have been better every time i smoke them,have to get a new box soon if they can be found. Had a RASS after work last night and its just fan f— tastic again and again.

  12. Hi Jerry. One of my favourite smokes is the Bolivar Petit Corona…I am going to be nice and not say anything bad about Tatueje cigars just incase i win the prize! I suppose I should actually smoke this crap before I cane it too much…damn, there I go again. Take care and God bless.

  13. great review jerry. i smoke allot of small cigars bc well i usually dont have allot of time. or i dont feel like freezing my ass off bc its cold as hell here in ohio lol.well in the winter months at least .neways most small cigars i smoke r of the infused type and well they burn too hot and end up being really harsh and straight up shitty ha.on the upside of things i did try one of these and really enjoyed its full robust flavors and good burn and construction for a small cigar. deff worth freezing my ass off for 20 -25 min haha. deff my fave small cigar by far. PS i let my girlfriend take a few puffs she said it tasted like dirt i guess she picked up the earthy notes haha what ya think..

  14. This is by far my favorite small cigar. I now smoke one of these almost everyday at lunch. I tried a ton of different ones looking for that lunch time cigar and this is it. The spice and flavors stack up to any large cigar.

  15. Thanks for the review Jerry. I don’t have much experience with small cigars. I think I’ve had a few Fuente, Don Lino, Zino, and Partagas. My favorite though is Cohiba Pequenos. Those are really good small cigars.

  16. I have never had a small cigar nor a Tatuaje, so I can not compare to anything. Oh, well I have had a smaller sized cigar (Opus X Perfection #4 and #5, and a local companies), but they were either too powerful or too nasty (wait, didnt i send some of those out these past 2 days 8o) ) to mess with much.

    Nice review of a brand I will have to try some day!


  17. I lied – I had a Diablo Picante – you may now shoot me.


    At least 2 others will be trying them also 😉

  18. Thanks for another very nice review. The only small cigars I have tried were a couple of tins by Arturo Fuente. I was surprised at how pleasant they were to smoke. I am not sure what I was expecting, but I suppose I thought it would be more cigarette-like, without much flavor. I was happy to discover that they were very nice smokes, but just in a smaller package. Granted, they didn’t have any complexity, but they had plenty of flavor, burned great etc…just like a normal stick, which is usually a belicoso or torpedo for me.

    Thanks again.

  19. Jerry,

    I’ve only tried a few small cigars before, but the best I’ve had so far are the Plasencia Organica Nesticos from Famous. A box of 25 of them came free when I purchased my humidor, and I am really enjoying them. Perfect to smoke in the car on the way to a herf, or when you just don’t feel like sitting outside in the cold for 2hrs. I’ve also had a Tatiana flavored cigarillo, but they were terrible. I would really love to try some of these Tatuajes, as my local shop doesn’t carry this size, and I find myself in a lot of situations that I don’t have time to really enjoy a regular sized cigar.

  20. It’s been some time since I enjoyed a small cigar – Macanudo’s – but I have been meaning to revisit them. Great for these harsh Michigan winters/springs were you might want to have a quick 20-minute smoke in the garage, or any other time you don’t have an hour to invest in a Robusto but still need your “fix”.

    Yeah, you’ve inspired me… going to pick some of these minis up this weekend!


  21. Hey Jerry, another great review. Being a student at PSU i am somewhat of a fan of small cigars because of the limited time I have but do enjoy the bigger ones during the summer. My favorite small cigars have to be the CAO Brazilia and the 5 Vegas Shorty. Having a love for Tats too i always had an eye on their petites but never read or viewed any reviews for them but seeing yours I will have to pick some up.


  22. Hi Jerry; I used to smoke smaller cigars at work because I didn’t have a lot of time. The thing I learned is you can’t drag on ’em like a 660. Shallow puffs mellow the flavors and the heat.

    Love to try the Tats, though. It’s been a while since I’ve had something that size!

  23. Hey Jerry,
    Love your reviews and the site. Been smoking cigars for a bit more than 15 years and I am a huge Don Pepin Garcia fan.While my farovite remains his Cuban Classic Black Label figurado, I do also love the de los Habanos. As for the celophane issue I am with you 100%. I much prefer it off for the aesthetics, but in addition to that, for me the experience of opening a humidor full of well aged quality cigars and getting that incomparable aroma that comes with it, is something that I feel the celophane would take away from. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your future reviews!

  24. Jerry,

    Big fan of the small cigar.I only get 1/2 chow break at 415/am.So the small smoke works for me.I smoke the CAO tubes they get me by till I can get home to smoke a bigger brother.Glad to see you enjoyed your vacation.
    Keep up the great reviews.

  25. Thank you for reviewing these guys
    i have wondered about them since i first saw them. I think for 50 tatuajes for 150, at any size that is a good price.
    I dont have alot of exp with short/small cigars because i normally , like you dedicate my self to an hour of smoking. However the times have come up where i wish i did have some shorties, like when the wife is going to be gone for 45 minutes and i have enough time to squeeze something in real quick before i get in trouble..LOL or in the car on the way to work
    So far my favorite small smokes are the Oliva Special G, thats a great short one and the DPG fire cracker !!
    Both are great when your in a hurry or just warming up!!
    I am a tatuaje whore tho, or at least a wanna be one !! and think you made those sound awesome! i must try now!
    thx again

  26. For a quick smoke I have been smoking the Sol Cubano corona 5×42. They are decent and get the job done. I have had the Macanudo ascots and they were even quicker.

    Nice review!

  27. Nice review Jerry. I have found the same thing with the smaller or petite version of certain cigars. They tend to burn hotter and taste a little harsh so I tend not to smoke them too much. The only one I’ve had so far that I really enjoyed is the Tat Cabaiguan Petites (4-1/2”x32). I picked up a fiver of them and they were fantastic. I’d love to give that Petite Tatuaje a try.

  28. I like the Plasencia Organica Nesticos, they run about $2/stick, but Famous had them on sale for about half that!

    I smoked a Tat Havana VI Artistas with Bob & Dale a few weeks back and it was great. Maybe since you are such a Tat Whore you could do a Tat series of reviews.

  29. Thanks for the review, Jerry. Rocky Patel makes a Vintage 1992 in a petit corona size that isn’t half bad. But if you’re really pressed for time, CAO sells a cigarillo tin with their Cameroons. Normally, i think cigarillos are nas-tay, but this one is actually decent.

  30. I used to smoke the Acid Krush all the time. I’ve enjoyed the Rocky Vintage juniors also. In the middle of winter in Chicago sometimes 15-20 minutes is all I can handle.

  31. I think you really nailed the small cigar profile with your comments Jerry. In my experience they were always very rough tasting. Very harsh and over the top peppery. I have tried the Partagas Black as well as the Olivas in the O and G line. The G’s were actually OK but the rest were almost unsmokable.

  32. I tend to like the smaller cigars – I have crap for an attention span, so they suit me a little better. My favorite smaller cigars are the CAO VR Mural and the 5 Vegas Series A Anomaly. Glad you liked the wee Tatuaje!

  33. Nice short and sweet review Jerry.I never saw the mini Tat’s in any B@Ms that I go to,but I picked up a brand called Elogio from Fullers Pullers that have tons of flavor and strength. I think in the same price range.I can’t wait for spring to show up myself.It was 32 degrees this morning in PA.

  34. Tatuaje means “tattoo” in Spanish, and the name reflects Pete Johnson’s tattoos. since i have tattoos and love Tatuaje cigars they are my favorite also, but have not tried little cigars but would love to Jerry

  35. Dude that video was Smilky…. I love those small smokes with a cold bud light…..I usually buy a house blend out here in New York from Cigar Cigar in Sayville, Long Island. It’s called mi Novia Dominicana aka my Dominican Girlfriend…. Never had a Tatuaje Brown but I love LA Requiza… Do you really give smokes away or just love lots of comments…. just curious…..hehe if you have em, smoke em….. keep up the dope videos….

  36. Another good review, Jerry. I’m a fan of tats but I’ve never had a small smoke before so I can’t really say, but they sound great from the way your explain them, I might have to try some small smokes sometime.

  37. Great review. I had some experience with small cigars. I tried the Acid Blonde and didn’t like those. I also tried the Brazilias which I do like especially if I need a quick smoke.

  38. Great Review Jerry.
    I have only a little experence with small cigars, but the Tatuaje Petit was the first small I ever had. Made me have a respect for the little things. They make great quick smokes for when I dont have the time to devote to a full cigar, or when its too cold out to stay out for an hour.

    A small cigar was my first experence with flavored cigars as well when i picked up a tin of the CAO Gold Honey’s.

    Unfortunatly the Petit is my only experence with Tatuaje, and I only had a 5 pack.

  39. Great review Jerry, I enjoy CAO Brialia Cariocas as well. The Italia Piccolos aren’t bad, but they really don’t give the blend it’s due justice like the larger vitolas do.

  40. Jerry,
    It’s windy and cold in north central FL today so your not missing much 🙂 Have not had any mini’s although you did get me into the lancero size. I think overall the smaller ring guages burn much better and are more (responsive?) to wind, humidity, etc… I think they burn better overall and give you that same flavor as the biggies. I’d love to try some.

  41. You should try the Camacho Machito, comes in tins of 8 at one to two bucks a stick depending on where you get them. Great 15 minute smoke with the flavor and power of its big brother. They do get a bit hot at the end, but it’s well worth it.

  42. Jerry,

    Great review. I have to agree, seems a tad pricey but then again, there are times when a small cigar is all I have time to smoke. I’ve tried the CAO Extreme (bit harsh). I’ve also tried the CAO Criollo Pampa size. Those are great and are less then $2 a pop.

    But I’m a Tat fanboi and when I’m at work, I really only have time for a 20 min smoke so hey, I’ll have to put these bad boys on my list 🙂

  43. Thanks for another great review Jerry. I have tried the Don Pepin Black Petite Corona & the Tatuaje Angeles…if you’ve tried those, how do you think these stack up against them?

  44. Jerry,

    I have had quite a few different small cigars including the Tatuaje you smoked, which is a good cigar. I do like to keep a few in my humidor. They are good for a quick morning cup of coffee or when working out in the yard. I know they aren’t a small cigar, they are a cigarillo, but my favorite is the LFD Daiquiri Maduro. I also like the CAO tins of the Brazilia and MX2.

  45. Nice review.

    I too bought a cab of these. I smoke the Padron Corticos, the Camacho Mahito’s and the DPG Blue Demi-tasse.

    I like the DPG Demi-tasse cigars the best out of all the little cigars I have smoked.

  46. Hi Jerry,

    Interesting review. I’ve smoked a few small cigars and like you found them harsh and hot and generally not a good value. Based on your review I may give the Tatuaje’s a try.

  47. Nice review! I have smoked a few small cigars in my time and have not been a fan. Usually, they burn too hot/fast and don’t have much flavor. Now it sounds like I just haven’t tried the right ones. Thanks.

  48. Smallest cigars I have smoked are the Rockey Patel Missiles. I could have used one of these little guys tonight. I smoked about a 1/3 of a freebie that was helping maintain humidity in my humi. It should have stayed there.

  49. Nice review as always, Jerry. I’ve had some smaller cigars and just don’t really like them in general. I’ve had some CAO things that were ok, but I’d rather spend my $5-$10 on a nice stogie vs. 6-8 little things that I don’t much like.

  50. Nice review. I like the Cohiba Red Dot Pequenos and miniatures and the Cohiba Black Pequenos. They are good for a quick fix. I tried the miniature CAO Golds and did not like them.

  51. Nice review as always Jerry. Wow so many comments.

    This is going to be straight and to the point, but it’s my honest opinion:

    I wonder if you would be receiving as much feedback if there weren’t all the giveaways. Some of these posts have a definitely tone of “beggary” the way they are worded. I think it has degraded the quality of the feedback and the comments left. This part of the site no longer seems interesting since there are no more question/comment and answers because of how many people jump in and spam just to get in for the “freebie”.

    Oh, and please count me out of the giveaway, my comment love can no longer be bribed 🙂

  52. Nice quick review of a quick smoke. I enjoy the petit coronas often for their brevity, but I agree that good ones are hard to find. My faves are the bolivar (isom) and por larranga (isom).

  53. I find bill h comment a bit funny since he’s entered the contest for the El Rey de los Habanos and a few others of these month+ giveaways. Jerry asks a question of us, we leave a comment as our reply. This time he wanted to know what our experience has been with small cigars.

    Jerry is known as the “comment king” even before he started giving cigars away. Sure maybe not at this level but enough.

    You’re entitled to your opinion but it just seems odd for you to say something now after you’ve entered other giveaways.

  54. bill h – its cool man…thanks for sharing your honest opinion. I always appreciate honesty. The giveaways are fun to do. At this time, I honestly don’t have the storage for all the cigars I have/get. So its a win-win for everyone. I don’t have an overflow of cigars and you guys get a little treat. Think of it as a reward for all the years of loyalty to us.

    Vic – I don’t know about being the “comment king” but I enjoy comments just as much as anyone else. Sure the comment number gets inflated with a giveaway but that doesn’t mean your comment has to be restricted. You’re always free to express your view on SR as long as its done in a tasteful and respectable manner.

  55. Vic,

    yes i’ve entered other giveaways in the past, but sometimes the effect of something doesn’t jump out at you immediately until closer examination.

    i would prefer to see a separate thread in the forum where people could plead their case as to why they should be the giftee (which is basically what the comments have devolved into). it would also be nice to see who is actually being selected, and maybe they could offer some additional feedback once they get the cigars so we can see how experiences differ. i don’t recall ever seeing anyone report back or see any info on who actually won any of them. maybe i just missed all that though?

  56. I respect what your saying bill h. However, bear in mind that I think for many of us, we all have the same problems Jerry has in that half our cigar pleasure comes from collecting cigars and inevitably, we run out of space. While it pains me to give away cigars to people that probably could smoke a cow turd and oooh and ahh the same over the experience, I basically have no room.

    So, having a contest creates some fun and excitement on the forum page. It adds to the reputation of cigar smokers being generally gracious and willing to share in the passions with others.

    However, that being said, I have to agree with you 100% that it would be nice of those that get cigars to post a user review on their experience. So, note to self, create a user review on the RP Maduro’s heading my way and post it up on the stogie review forum area LOL!!

  57. Another great review. I have not tried any of the small cigars but I have some in my humidor now calling my name…

  58. Nice review. I have always been interested in trying the Petite Tatuaje but I can’t seem to justify the price. For my money, nothing beats the JDN 1979 Antano Machito for a small smoke, even though that little thing can last me 60+ minutes.

  59. I could not agree with you more Jerry. I smoke the petit Cabiguans often and their a great smoke. I think the Tatuaje petits are far more flavorful than the regular in the tin smokes … which would maybe explain the pricing (higher quality tobacco).

  60. Another great review Jerry. I really like some of the smaller Cuban cigars. The Party Shorts, San Cristobal etc. i have had some burn issues with the CAO Brazilia Pirhanas but I still enjoy the flavor.

  61. Hey Jerry! We watch your reviews while we are on shift at our liquor store! Keep up the good work! You’re a fuckin’ winner!!!!
    Yours truely – The Timer’s good times crew

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  62. Jerry, another great review my friend! I have never tried any small cigars. I really need to pick some up though because a lot of the time I dont have and hour or more to smoke a cigar.

  63. I first had one of these at lunch when I only had 30 min. And it was love at first puff. They pack a lot of nice flavor for a little cigar, I liked it so much that I bought three more to go with the intention of buying a box at a later date. Definitely a winner.

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