El Rey de los Habanos

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El Rey de los Habanos


The worst part of vacation is the part where you realize that the week has gone by too fast and you’re on a flight back home. Orlando was great! Got to visit Magic Kingdom and Epcot for the first time and got to hangout with a few cigar peeps.

While I was in Orlando I did in fact make a few purchases. You can actually see some quick videos of what I smoked and purchased in Orlando by visiting my new journal site at My Daily Cigar.

Video runs about 12:30 and I add the El Rey de los Habanos to the list of Great Torpedo approved cigars. While vacation is great there is something about sleeping in your own bed and showering in your own shower that no resort can compare.


61 thoughts on “El Rey de los Habanos

  1. glad to see you back jerry, nice review!

    i like to have the cigars on the top without cello, and usually leave the bottom layers wrapped up for extra protection if i were to travel with or gift those smokes.

    it is part a visual thing, but i also feel that the humidor just has a more rich aroma when it has naked smokes inside, and it seems the naked ones adapt to the humidity conditions inside the humidor faster as well.

  2. Cello on for me. I generally bring my cigars with me somewhere every time I smoke, and I just feel better when they are in my cargo pocket when they have the cellophane on. Cigars definitely look better with the cellophane off, but vanity isn’t getting the best of me on this one.

  3. jerry!!!!! welcome home buddy wow me and you are the same i think when you take the cello of cigar’s it make’s it lok so sexy and beautifull in your humidor like when you have 6 and 7 huge humidors and wine collers filled with all kinda cigars and you just look in the humidor it makes you look and feel like you a real cigar connisuier and collector lol….i just love the way they look without cello in the humidors. and the el rey de los habanos is a really good cigar i havent had one since xmas and i had to smoke it quick so i really didint fully enjoy it but hopefully you will send me a 5 pack lol….ohh and the reason i say we are the same is because i never smoke past the band eather unless its a damn good cigar like vegas robania rammon allones montecristo no.2 like cubans and shit like tatuaje shit and at that i really dont go past the band just cause i rrealy dont know i guess i just like putting them out right at the band lol….LONG ASHES MAN….hay send me that 5 pack lol

  4. Nice to see you back in Germantown, Jerry – I was getting jealous of your Florida exploits while sitting in the middle of a fucking blizzard in April in IL (ok…not a blizzard, but snow in April is annoying as hell).

    I take the cello off of all of my cigars except for infused cigars. The infused cigars are kept in a separate humi, but I keep the cello on because I feel that they’re more likely to pick up flavors than non-infused cigars. Taking the cello off, for me, is an aesthetic and humidity control decision. With the cello off, I feel that I can control the humidity of my cigars more accurately.

    As for your not smoking past the band thing, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that before with you. I’m a nubber kind of guy (if I had toothpicks with me outside, I’d jam one in the nub) and feel that I’m going to get my money’s worth from a cigar. If it’s bad, I’ll ditch it, but I like to fight through the end of a cigar to get a full impression of its flavor profile.

    As always, keep up the awesome work, man!

  5. Cello on… I am like a bull in a china shop and with the cello off I invariably damage my sticks before I get to smoke them. Thanks for the review I have been meaning to smoke one of these now you have lit a phire under my a$$!

  6. Hope you had a nice vacation Jerry!
    It really depends on my mood if I leave the cello on or take it off. Most of the time I leave it as I receive it. But if it’s a nice looking cigar I will take the cello off. I also don’t buy into the whole aging thing with cello.

    P.S.-That bug was for sure going to fly into your ear,lol.

  7. Great video review i’ve never seen the red label anywhere. Where are the available? as far as the cello on or off thing. I put them in the humidor how ever i get them if they have cello i put them in with cello if not i put them in uncello.

  8. Nice review Jerry! I personally prefer the cellophane to be off on my cigars, because I believe that the job of the humidor is not only to keep proper humidity, but also to allow the cigars to take up the character and aromas coming form the cedar lining. This combination is partly why i believe that the ciagrs have completely different flavors and aromas with aging, a part from the aging of the tobacco itself as a factor. Now, I have to say that all of Don Pepin’s cigars have not failed in simplified complexity whether it’s from the flavors and nuances to the bands on on the cigars themselves. I have not yet tried the El Rey de los Habanos line yet but everyone I have asked has said that they are quite nice.

  9. Hey Jerry,

    Great review on the “Red” label. I think you hit the nail on the head when you stated that anyone can enjoy this cigar. I feel with all of the brands/blends that Pepin puts out; this one is over-looked. My local B&M have had these for a while and I tried the last year. Great smokes. Great taste but not the pepper-power of the blue label.

    In regards to cello on or off; I too am a cello “OFF” guy. I do it for a couple of reasons: 1) I think they can acclimate better without an additional layer on top 2) Easier to spot issues such as mold or beetles -knock on wood- 3) I like to crack open a box and get the full aroma of a blend. Don’t get me wrong though; it’s a PITA to take them off all at once and you run into potential tearing/damaging of cigars. Yet, for the reasons above I think it is worth it. Plus it is fun to burn all that cello in the stinky. =)

    Great review… keep them coming!

  10. Nice review, the El Rey de Los Habanos is one of the few Pepin made stogies I haven’t tried. Anyway I understand that cellophane is a porous cover allowing your cigars to age, and it does provide a means of protection for your stogies. I personally have two large humidors specifically for aging, so the stogies go ‘naked’- reason being the aging process is not slowed down. And I also do the same for the smaller humidors that hold the smokes ready to go (since they are already aged or stabilized- thus have the cellophane off). Keep up the great work, glad to hear you and the wife got home safely.

  11. Hi Jerry
    I put them in my humidore the way i get them from my cigarshop. If i’m gonna store them for a long time i use a siccor to cut some slits in the cello in the head end ,and cutt of the long end near the foot. Then you get both protection and air to the cigar. I agree that the cigars look’s the best with cellofane off. I hope you had a nice hollyday in Orlando with lots of god cigars.
    I Had a Cohiba Robusto last night and i had big problems with it, it’s burn was wavy canoing and hard to keep going, have you ecxperiens’d this? This should be a god cigar, it’s not a fake one.

  12. Jerry,

    I like to leave my cello on if that is how I bought it. I leave it one because it protects the cigars better when I rotate them in my humidor. Also, whenever I forget to check the humidity, the cello keeps me from freaking out because I believe that the cello helps it keep its perfect state, even if the humidity might be too low or high for that period of time.

  13. Jerry, nice review. As for the cello, I tend to leave it on, if I get enough of the same stick I’ll go with a “concoction” of both on and off for later comparison of aging and such. I usually leave them as they come. I don’t care if it looks pretty or ugly or whatever. Peace Out!

  14. Nice review! I like the look of them with the cello off, but I also like to write the date of purchase on the cello so I know how long they have been aging in my humidor. So most of mine have the cello on – if they had it when I bought them.

  15. Welcome back, hope you and the misses had a great time!

    I tend to take the cello off, but every once in a while I will leave them on – like the Opus X’s for more protection.

    I think the cello on would be better for trades, but it just looks a lot nicer with them off in the humidor.


  16. Hey Jerry! Another great review, thankx.
    I agree with you about the visual quality of the cigar without the cello, but if it comes to me in the cello then I just leave it alone, figuring that it helps protect it a bit. Also since I have a bunch of different types of cigars in my humidor I’m always paranoid about them getting to friendly & rubbing off on each other…

  17. I personally like to take the cello off, and then dress my cigars in fishnet hose, garter belts, and tiny little stiletto heels. Oh yeah, baby. 🙂

    Seriously, I move my cigars around so much–I’m always rummaging around in my humidor. I would rather just leave the cello on, to protect them.

    Thanks for the review. I was glad you had smoked 4 or 5, and that you shared the comments you got from other people who smoked them. I don’t think a review is very accurate, if it is just based on one cigar.

  18. I am so glad you finally reviewed this cigar!! Thank you very much. I also prefer my cigars with the cello off. Mostly because I enjoy the look of the wrappers, particularly those that are very smooth with an oily sheen. Tends to help me choose which one I want to smoke next….Usually have to force myself to smoke the ugly ones (though it doesn’t require too much booze…! Like other things used to in my youth). Though I must admit that the appearance of the wrapper often has no impact at all on the flavor.

    Thanks for another great review.

  19. Hi Jerry,
    Great review. Sounds like an awesome smoke. This is the only “color” I haven’t tried yet. As far as condom or no condom?, I like to keep the cigars in the cello. I think it protects them, help keep some moisture and at the same time if you’re placing them next to cigars that don’t have them it’ll help keep them from “marrying”.

  20. Hi Jerry;

    Celo on for me. I have a lot of different sticks in a very small humidor so want to slow down any flavor transfers.

    And congrats on doing past the band! I always do unless the stick heads into dog rocket territory. Always give ’em a chance to prove themselves!

  21. It varies for me as far as the cello on/off debate. In the winter months here in Michigan I almost always leave the cello on. Yes, partly because it provides that added protection, but the other reason is in the winter I smoke most of my cigars at the local watering hole or cigar bar (never in the house.) This usually occurs later at night after I have been out for the evening, so it’s not unusual for my cigars to sit in my vehicle for 7 or 8 hours. I do of course have a small travel humidor and also a nice leather Xikar cigar case, but leaving the cello on retains that little extra bit of ambient humidity lingering within the sleeve (I’d like to think so, anyway.) One thing I will do is cut off or flare then end of the cello prior to putting the cigars in my humidor; just to aid in the air circulation.

    I’m a smoke-to-the-nub type of guy. Several reasons for this: As you discovered, Jerry, there is often a confluence of last-minute flavors that come to fruition as you get down to that last quarter. Also, simply put, it gives you that much more smoking time. The one thing I recommend – and I’m sure a lot of you do this already – is once you remove the band, blow out through the cigar as hard as you can. You’ll want to do this over an ashtray because it will sputter and spark like a Roman candle. Then relight the cigar, if need be, and continue smoking. This move blows out all the stale smoke and tar that has built up and “freshens” up the cigar.

    Good day sirs!

  22. Wow! Past the band. Way to go. Nice review by the way. I’m generally a cello on person. I have taken the cello off of a few to test the aging theory.

  23. Cello off for me for the ones on top and the ones at the bottom have it on. Got to try one of these smokes, looks like the perfect saturday morning cigar.

    Marc E.

  24. Another great review. I discovered StogieReview about 4 months ago, and it seems I am on this site every day. As for the Cello, I always take it off. I guess I’m just playing with fire when I’m removing the cello and having some of my more fragile cigars rolling around in my humidor, but it looks SO much better. I grew up in a house hold with a father and grandfather who had beautiful humidors and very large collections and I have great memories of cracking the lid and seeing row after row of beautiful shinny cigars. The smell and look of a well stocked humidor with cello removed just takes me back to days of old. So in conclusion the enjoyments I receive from a cigar isn’t only achieved when I smoke it, but every time I open my box and see the exposed cigars aging and maturing to perfection. Keep up the great work Love the Site. LONG ASHES…

  25. I like the cello off. The cigars look so much nicer without the cello. I think the cigars will acclimate to the humidity faster because of the absence of the cello. Also, I’ve noticed that the Cubans don’t use cello so they must be onto something.


  26. Great review BTW. Actually i have never seen this one…Thanks for making me require yet another DPG!!! My budget thanks you LOL

    As far as the cello on or off, i really do like the appearance of cigars with the Cello off. In my 300 ct humidore, all the cigars on the TOP shelve are cello removed, as they are the pride and joy of my collection and they dont get shuffled around much at all. They look so much more attractive with no cello on them.

    The cigars under the shelve are mixed. I have 2 boxes with random cigars in them and i have removed the cello off most cigars in those boxes.
    The ones that are in there loose however i leave the cello on because off all the shuffling around and it is mostly for protection purposes.

  27. Great review,

    Cello on, unless is comes without. I usually just throw em in the humidor, but I am just lazy like that…

  28. Welcome back Jerry and thanks for the review. I just had one of these yesterday. I’m having a Tatuaje red label today. Is it just me, or are these two fairly similar?

    Yes – always smoke past the band…the meat is sweetest near the bone!

    I’m a cello off guy. I like them to age faster, so I can smoke them faster, and cello off seems to achieve that.

  29. Great review Jerry. Generally, I am a cello-on guy, but I honestly don’t have a great reason. Originally, I did it to keep the sticks protected in-transit, but now I suppose it is jus a force of habit.

  30. Jerry,
    Since I only buy 5-6 sticks at a time, I tend to leave the cello on. It would seem as if the hydration that is in the cigar from the store humidor would stay with it longer (about a week or so is the usual time to smoke through them for me) if the cello was left on. Just a theory, but it make sense to me. Don’t care either way though. It appears as if the really good sticks are naked it the store when you buy them though. Thanks for another good one.

  31. Nice review, Jerry. I never really never gave much thought to the cello on or off question before but I just leave them on because I to lazy to take them off ha ha!

  32. that was one huge freakin’ fly! What? Do you have mutant bugs down there in MD?

    Cello off for the same exact reasons as you…looks prettier!

    dk out

  33. Nice review as always jerry! I like to keep the cello on unless it comes without. I like the protection and I like them to “stew in thier own juices.” I don’t want cigars to loose any flavor as a means of “aging.” Thats my two cents.

  34. That red label sounds like a nice cigar Jerry. As far as the cello goes, I used to always take it off because I agree with you that it much more visually appealing when looking in your humidor but as much as I like the way they look naked I recently have been leaving the cello on for protection. Too many times I have caused some damage to wrappers when digging through my humidor. Even though it may be slight damage it still bothered me as I was trying to be careful and it still happened. Another reason is that when doing trades or sending bombs I like to know that the cigar is protected and will arrive in good shape.
    Thanks for the review. I definitely think this is a cigar I would like to try sometime.

  35. Hey Jerry! I like to keep the cello on if it come with it. That way it is protected in my humidor. By the way I really like Corona cigar in Orlando. I’ve been there a few times and it is a really great place!

  36. Hey Jerry welcome back from Orlando and I liked your personal blog video’s especially the ones from Corona Cigar.

    I’m in the cello on camp. I used to be a cello off person, but I like the cello for handling and protection of the wrapper. I do clip the ends off so that moisture moves more easily in and out of the cello wrapped cigar.

  37. welcome back! Glad to hear I’m not alone in the cello off camp for the same reason, I just enjoy the natural textures and look without that glossy wrapper. I’ve never experienced any damage that made me think i should have kept that cello on. ML

  38. Glad you had a good time on your trip. Nice review. I generally leave my cello on, though I agree that they do look more appealing with them off. I leave them on because I like to put the date they went into my Cooler or Humidor and the price. I have a horrible memory and wouldn’t be able to keep things straight otherwise.

  39. I agree with the cello off. Welcome back to the north east. Is Germantown considered the nroth east? Any way congrats on the little one on the way.

  40. Wow, stop at the band? The best part of a smoke is past the band. 😉

    Great review as always Jerry. Personally, I leave the cello on simply cause I’m lazy. I get smokes in the mail or from the shop and dump them in the tower until it’s time to smoke them. Plus since the tower is so full half the smokes drop to the ground when I open the door the cello provides some protection. 😀

  41. Another great review! I picked up a robusto sized “Red Label” from my local B&M last weekend…haven’t had the chance to fire it up yet, but am looking forward to it.

    Cello? If it comes with cello I leave it on. No particular reason other than maybe too lazy to take it all off. I do keep them (cello and naked) segregated in storage though.

  42. Jerry, thanks for the review! I used to be a strictly cello-off kinda guy, for the visual reasons you stated. Recently, however I have left it on so if I need to stick one in my pocket it helps with the protection factor.

  43. I leave my cigars as I’ve bought them. So if a cigar has cello on it, then the cello stays on. Only if I need more space I remove the cello because the extra cello at the foot of the cigar takes up a lot of extra space…

  44. Cello off for me. Love the look and smell when you open the humi. Still get the aroma with cello on but there is just something different.

    Great review. Nice to see you smoking it down to the nub.

  45. Jerry,

    Bout time you smoked past the band!

    I’m a cello on guy, mostly because I store most of my smokes in a few big coolers so it keeps them somewhat more protected plus I sometimes grab one and throw it in a pocket before heading out.

    Another fine review!

  46. Great review!!! I leave the cigars the way they are when I buy them. I just throw them in the humidor when I get them home.

  47. Well done Jerry. By your description, this cigar sounds a lot like the Pepin Tobacco Baez., which I love. I’ll have to give the El Rey de los Habanos a shot.

  48. Nice, tempting review, Jerry. I prefer cello off in the humidor. I think that it allows the cigars to breath in the humidity in a more balanced fashion, and “equalize the pressure” where that is concerned. But, I get it, for those peeps who keep cello on. I will keep cello on if a cigar is particularly different from the cigars that are around it in the humidor just to keep things from comingling (if that actually happens).

  49. I’m a cello off guy,because i think of a cigar like a fine wine or whiskey,it needs to breathe so i can get the full flavor profile…Great review by the way.

  50. Jerry,

    Great review…I have not smoked the El Rey yet, but I am a big fan of DPG. I have purchased boxes of the Blue Label (2 sizes), Black and Cubao labels.
    I used to only do cello off until I discovered that in doing so, it seems as if some of the more distinctive and somewhat delicate flavors of certain cigars was compromised in the humi by the stronger profiles.
    Interesting comment about the delicate wrapper on the El Rey….I found and had similar issues with the DPG black (figurado). Sensitive also to over humidification and quick temperature changes.
    Anyway, onward through the haze and keep up the good work.

  51. Great cigar to pick–used to really dig the Red label but after a few blew up on me at the midway point, I haven’t picked them up lately (although, despite the huge wrapper splits, I kept smoking and enjoying the flavors).
    I am almost always a Cello-on kind of guy. Main reason is I always write the date on the cello so I know how long a smoke has been in the humidor. I write the date on the band sometimes, but for me that ruins some of the aesthetic appeal that you talked about.
    On a separate note, wasn’t something about an aged Bolivar review mentioned on here a while ago???

  52. well, sorry that I have not tried jet this cigar, but promess will have one tomorrow…. love your review and a Don Pepin Fan myself…. but I kept myself running back and forth the Black, the Blue and Vegas Cubanas…. just want to make a comment about the Cello. I am a Cello-on kind of girl ;o)…. but agree with you, cigars look better with not Cello and the only reason I like to have it on is not for my personal smoke but for the store….. people tend to get the cigars and touch them like they where making bread…hate when they do that…dont really know what they are looking for by touching the cigar that way….. anyway, just to make sure the customers dont brake my dearest cigars….I am a cello on girl! By the way, next time when coming to Florida, if you have a chance have a cigar with us.

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