Dona Flor (Short Ashes)

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Dona Flor (Short Ashes)

Once upon a time, Stogie Review was contacted by a rep for Cigars of Brazil. This rep was a nice guy and offered to send all three of us a couple of sample products to do a review on. Brian (Tipton), Jerry, and I each did a review of one of the three cigars sent our way. Somewhere along the way, I set one of my samples aside and forgot about it.

More than two years later, while digging around for a cigar to do a short ashes review on, I found my Dona Flor sample in the bottom of a box of random cigars. Interested in seeing how this stick had changed over the years, I decided to fire it up and conduct a short ashes review.

Check out the original
review of the Dona Flor

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4 thoughts on “Dona Flor (Short Ashes)

  1. Good review Walt. I like your short ashes. I’ve not tried one but quite frankly, I wasn’t inspired by the original reviews I saw since the cigar seems to be one that you have to hunt for the flavors. My palate requires the flavors to smash out and erupt or I just plain miss them. So now, my opinion is even more solid based upon your review 🙂 I’ll pass on this one.

  2. Walt, I cannot view the video. I have tried opening it in Safari, Firefox, and IE and nothing. The MP3 works but not the video.

  3. Mike,
    Give it a try now and see what happens. When I tried viewing this morning I immediately got “More” and “Play Again” as if the video was finished. I re-embedded it in a non-iPhone friendly format and it seems to be working, although slow to start.

    If all else fails, it appears to play fine on


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