Cuba Aliados Miami

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Cuba Aliados Miami


I always hesitate doing these types of reviews. I never feel comfortable or confident recording a review based on just smoking a cigar one time. There are too many variables when it comes to reviewing cigars and I always try to give a manufacturer the benefit of the doubt and a fair chance to impress me. Luckily for me, the Cuba Aliados Miami only needed one smoke to get it right and impress me.

Without hesitation I’m going to award the Cuba Aliados Miami The Great Torpedo Golden Seal of Approval. Its legit. There is something special about it. While its woodsy (cedar) and peppery flavor profile is a profile we can find in many cigars, there is something uniquely refined in the Miami that sets it apart from crowd.

Video runs a little over 11 minutes and its sadly the last video featuring my playoff beard. Congrats to all the Pittsburgh Penguin fans out there for taking the 7 game series over my Washington Capitals.


17 thoughts on “Cuba Aliados Miami

  1. Another fine review Jerry and I was curous about the Cuban Aliados. Not sure why? Is this a JR cigar? Maybe I’ve seen it in their advertisements. Too lazy to go look at one of their catalogues to see heh.

    I like lots of woodsy flavors so I’ll have to put this on my list of cigars to fire up.

  2. Nice review. I absolutely agree with how refined and smooth it tastes. The one I smoked at Cigar Fest was incredible. It’s a shame you can only get it at their Miami store.

  3. The cigar from what I can see retails in the $7-9 range. But based on your review, I gots to go get me some. LOL. I’ve been looking for some new cigars to take to Vegas next month and these cigars will be on my list.


  4. Dave: These are NOT a JR cigar. Cuba Aliados is a very old cuban brand that is owned by Rolando Reyes Sr, the original owner.

    Chuck: These cigars are available in many stores, not just the Miami factory! I have them in two of my shops in Vegas! They are a limited release, so they will not be everywhere.

    Irish Mike: Let me know when you come to town, we can grab a smoke.

    $7 – $9 is about what you will pay retail.

    There will be a Reyes Family Miami Edition coming out soon!!!

  5. I think first impressions are fine reviews. That is how I would usually decide if I like a cigar or not. I buy alot of samplers and singles at the B&M, if I dont like a cigar that first time there is almost no chance I will buy a second. I really like the Cuba Aliados Corojo #4 Cubanito Colorado. I will try to find one of these CA Miami’s around here. I see they are $8 a sigle at Serious Cigars.

  6. Thanks for the nice review Jerry! Shoot me an e-mail buddy, i want you to try the robusto size if your up for it. Sorry about your capitals, that must have been hard to watch.

  7. Ironically I had my first of these also on Friday (5/15) and found it to be very soft and spongy and a bit harsh. I will definitely give them another try if I come across one. This one was a gift from a friend who attended Cigar Fest.

  8. I wasn’t too impressed with the Reyes Family cigars I have tried thus far, but I might have to try one of these. Thanks for the great review Jerry!

  9. Jerry, I love the beard!! Awesome reviews btw, its guys like you that make cigar smoking a much enjoyable hobby. Keep up the excellent work!!

  10. Smoking one of these now….great first impressions.

    This is exactly what I was talking about last night….I haven’t smoked many Habanos that hold a candle to this one in terms of flavor and complexity.

    Very interesting mouth feel….

    Chief Hava

  11. Not many online shops carry these and other Aliados cigars but has them at very reasonable prices. Just ordered a box of the Miami robustos (my favorite size). I tried one from my local cigar store and I was impressed with the smoothness and construction. I found the draw was heavy and the aroma strong. I also tried their Anniversary edition which was good but not quite as good. I also like that they’re rolled in Miami This is a great cigar.

  12. Hey Jerry, I too am a fan of this cigar. It’s soooo smooth yet flavorful. Many cigars with largely NIC leaf are good, but not all are so rounded without any edges. This cigar tastes like a cigar that has already been aged quite some time even though I have had two boxes (churhill &toro sizes) less than 6 months. They are, in fact, a bit more than many of the Reyes offerings, but not alot more and well worth every cent. I hope they continue to make these as they really are great. I find these to be solid medium, but there is hidden strength you may not realize at first as the smoothness cloaks it a bit. The way you described the tast is excellent and I find no need to add my 2-cents on that front. Try these the first chance you get as they are the most refined Reyes offering I’ve yet to experience.

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