El Titan de Bronze Grand Reserve Cameroon

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El Titan de Bronze Grand Reserve Cameroon

I’m a sucker for Cameroon wrapper cigars. Something about a Cameroon wrapper that calls me. Maybe it has to do with how delicate the wrapper is or the exotic flavors. My exposure to El Titan de Bronze is limited to one Redemption that I got during a box pass but while I was here in Philadelphia I came across the Grand Reserve by El Titan de Bronze while visiting the Black Cat Cigar Company.

Maybe not the most serious review…maybe I should revisit it when I’m not distracted by historical monuments or looking over my shoulder for “the man”…or maybe, I really should pass on the Grand Reserve Cameroon.


3 thoughts on “El Titan de Bronze Grand Reserve Cameroon

  1. Jerry,
    Philly smoker here and I have never had a problem smoking at the Hall, and i smoke there frequently when I sneak out of the office for the afternoon. I hope you made it to Holt’s while you were here too. As much as I try to like the Black Cat most of my shopping has been done at Holt’s because of their selection and knowledgeable staff (although Sam at the Black Cat really knows his stuff when you can talk to him). I used to get all my 601’s at Black Cat but now I prefer a shady shop in South Philly with a bunch of very large guys in sweatsuits. The only thing that get’s me over to the cat these days is that Titan de Bronze–I might even go pick one up this afternoon now that I have been reminded of them.

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