Christian Eiroa Discusses Cuban Embargo with Fox Business

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Christian Eiroa Discusses Cuban Embargo with Fox Business

Last week I was chatting it up on Twitter when I saw Dylan Austin, Marketing Director for Camacho, make mention that he was with Christian for a TV Spot they were doing. Unfortunately, the air time just happen to coincide with my scheduled plans and I had no choice but to miss it.

When I got back home, I dropped Dylan a note asking when it would be available for online viewing. I was told that as soon as the footage was sent to them by Fox Business, they would post it for viewing. It took a few days for it to become available, but here is Christian Eiroa of Camacho Cigars discussing the Cuban Embargo.

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2 thoughts on “Christian Eiroa Discusses Cuban Embargo with Fox Business

  1. IMHO, I just dont see it happening until there is no Castro in charge. I might be wrong, but with Castro in there, i will be a SLOW process. I also agree wiht the 2 panelists about how high on the priority list should it really be? Why dont the Cubans revolt? Will the army follow Castro or the people? I dunno, I live in the US, so I do not have to battle that every day – well poverty maybe ( thanx Bush and Obama ), but nothing compared to what the Cuban people have to endure!

    Also, do you think the Cuban-Americans would flock back to Cuba? – good question of the day right there 😉

    I just dont see them leaving the money and comfort they have gained in the US to go back to a country where they will have to start all over again. Again, might just be me.


  2. As soon as Castro dies, all embargos will be lifted. At this point, it’s a matter of pride for the Cuban government to say that nothing changed in Castro’s lifetime.

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