Rocky Patel Spring Collection (2009)

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Rocky Patel Spring Collection (2009)

Rocky Patel Spring

Back from Las Vegas and I’m all re-energized! Thanks to my boy Brian Hewitt for sending me these Rocky Patel Spring Collection cigars. In fact lets all take a moment and visit his review and leave some comment love on how cool we think he is.

Video runs close to 13 minutes and to sum up the Rocky Patel Spring Collection, I’d have to say that its a toned down, softer version of the Rocky Patel Winter Collection. Similar in flavor profile but scaled back on the body and intensity of flavors. All in all, I favor the Spring Collection over the Winter since the Spring’s toned down body and softer flavors is more up my alley than its full bodied older brother.

Check out some reviews of the Rocky Patel Spring Collection from some of our friends:

Barry from – Rated it a 90
Lisa from – Wouldn’t hesitate to buy more
Charlie and Chris from – Thought the cigar was okay
Tom from – Thought it was pretty good
Chad from Stogie One’s – Had some burn issues


17 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Spring Collection (2009)

  1. I have the same mental block in callng the RP Spring Collection; Editon. I found this cigar to be enjoyable, albeit, a little on the boring side. I think the Winter Collection is a little more flavorful. I’m all about flavor.

  2. I smoked this one last night and my general impression was…boring!

    Started with some citrusy tang that eventually became grassy. There was a bit of spice at the beginning but once it was gone, it never returned. For almost $8, a big disappointment and not nearly as good as the Winter. I ended up with a rating of 4.5 out of 10 (once of the worst ratings I can remember giving a cigar). As with all cigars: your mileage may vary.

  3. Welcome back and nice review!

    This is one I will have to pick up and give a try. I never tried the winter because of everyone saying about the strength, so this might be more in line with my tastes!


  4. Interesting review Torpedo! I had one of these a few days ago and didn’t get the flavor profile you described. Mine was more hay and grass like.

  5. Where are the crocs? Rocky Patel makes my favorite cigar. I haven’t tried the spring collection. I hope to get by the store today and check one out. Nice review!

  6. Jerry – great review as always. I appreciate the link love in the article too.
    I could see how this cigar would appeal to a guy who prefers a medium bodied smoke. As opposed to the Winter, which was a nice full bodied experience.

  7. Let me start by saying that rocky patel has grown on me. I enjoy the vintage line, and the decade. I decided to pick up a spring, and summer collection. I am smoking the spring edition, and boy was it overpowering when I lit it. After a good 15 minutes it died down , and resembled the edge. I thought I was smoking a RP edge maduro ! The flavor is ok, but where is all the zing and zang?? For an 8-9$ stick here in fort Lauderdale , I expected more! Coffee and dark chocolate are all over my pallet now.. Construction is quality as expected from a rocky patel cigar. Burns fairly fast and has a great draw to it!

    I give this sucker a 6/10- better off taking the $ and buying a decade, or world reserve… You can never go wrong with those! 🙂 peace!

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