CAO Brazilia (Short Ashes)

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CAO Brazilia (Short Ashes)

In this weeks video, I have for you a Short Ashes take on the CAO Brazilia. The vitola smoked was the GOL, although I wanted to smoke the Box Press but somehow managed to loose my last remaining stick. The video runs about 20 minutes in length.

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14 thoughts on “CAO Brazilia (Short Ashes)

  1. Great review walt, sucks the cigar kept going in and out on you. The Brazilia is my favorite CAO.


    1. The CAO GOL is one of my everyday cigars.

      Nice mellow full bodied tast, excellent construction, draw, and burn on every stick I’ve smoked.

      Always maintained a full inch ash on the first third every cigar.

  2. Great cigar, recently won a box of the box pressed from cbid. Great value on a terrific smoke!

  3. Walt your review is spot on, I have had the same issues with most of the CAO’s that I have smoked.
    I am done with them.

  4. I agree bigcat, CAO and RP seem to have the most issues. I smoked a Brazilia two days ago and while it didn’t have a “hole”, like Walts”, it had a tight draw which limited the flavor. Also, CAO has a vitola: 4 X 38 of the Criollo, Italia, Brazilia and Gold that I purchased when I only have a half hour or so to smoke and there were issues with those, although I attributed that to the small ring gauge. How come there are some mfrs that never have draw issues and then others like CAO and RP have more than the norm?

  5. Nice review, sucks it wasnt a good cigar for you 🙁

    I have had those holes also in cigars. I cant remember exactly which manufacturers they were in, but they reminded me of one of those draw pokers was run through it!


  6. on a totally non cigar note i quite liked mental so far, possibly because theres another brit accent in there and it reminds me of home.
    As for the stogie, not tried too many CAO but i do have 30 or so CAO gold sat in my humi that i got for free so they all just taste fantastic…. odd huh ? 😉
    thanks for the review

  7. Funny thing.. I smoked my first CAO Italia today and I ran into the identical problem. First Italia. Im going to give another one a shot though.

  8. I had a CAO Brazilia Gol last week and I have to say I enjoyed the box press much better. The GOL was a disappointment.

  9. Tried a 6 X 60 Brazilia quit awhile ago. Found it lacked flavor and complexity. I like a full bodied cigar but this seemed harsh and too “peppery” , especially considering the lack of complex flavor. Maybe it was because it was such a large size as I found that something seemed to be lost with other cigars Ive tried in this size. I had no desire to try another Brazilia though. I saw this box press and I liked the construction so I gave it a chance. Much more complex -good flavor-creamy-not harsh. Draw could have been a little more dense but overall Brazilia redeemed itself with the box press. Also no significant burn issues with the box press.

    1. OK towards the end of the smoke the draw improved and became more dense last 1/3 was nice BTW I had the same burn issues as the reviewer with the larger size.

  10. I had my first CAO Brazilia last night (Amazon vitola), and didn’t have a great experience. The flavor was wonderful, but I had construction/burn issues.

    From the start, the cigar seemed to give more smoke off of the foot than the head. I agreed completely with Walt’s description of the cigar feeling very “airy”. There was some sort of construction issue, because a trench developed in the side of the ash for the first 2-3 inches in. Then a little after halfway through, the wrapper started coming apart.

    All in all, disappointing, because the flavor was great. I probably wouldn’t buy another. 🙁

  11. Just tried the Gold tonight and I couldnt draw from it at all whatsoever. How can they allow sticks to go out like this? I tried everything to fix it. I tossed it in the trash and grabbed another, this next one was tight also but at least the ambers lit up a little and produced enough smoke to be visible on the exhale, I really liked the flavor alot, its too bad I couldnt enjoy it. The final third drew a lil better, like I said I loved the flavor and hope one of the 3 I have left has a perfect draw. I cant wait to get a good draw with this cigar (GOLD) and pair it with a Dunkin Donuts toasted almond coffee, which IMO is a great complement to most cigars.

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